Best Cabin Tent

Best Cabin Tent
Andrii Kovalenko February 17, 2022 6 mins read time

Cabin Tents: How Do I Choose One?

The term “cabin tent” is self-explanatory: it means that this item has the appearance of a cabin. There are good reasons for campers to buy it. And just like for any other thing, there are facts that may discourage one from buying this product. Let’s go over the pros first.

The pros

  1. Cabin tents have vertical or nearly vertical walls. This provides more inside space and height, which gives some freedom of movement to even tall people.
  2. A spacious canopy can accommodate a whole group or a family. There is always an opportunity to use part of the space as gear storage. Many products come with dividers, so you can create several smaller rooms.

The cons

  1. They are large in size and,- therefore,- too heavy for backpackers to carry around. They are more suited for car camping.
  2. They can be hard to pitch without using help and hence are more suitable for groups or families.
winter cabin tents

Things to Consider When Buying the Cabin Type

Weight and dimensions

These are the most important criteria. You want to know if your portable home will be able to house the expected number of people and amount of gear. Besides, you need to be sure it is not too heavy, so you can get it to your camping site. Always take into account your vehicle’s size and whether the trunk is big enough to handle it. For instance, you have a family of four. Most likely, a four-person tent will not be the right option, because you need room to store your gear as well. In this case, it will be advisable to purchase a five- or six-person tent: extra space won’t harm you anyway. Some canopies are big enough to house three or four queen-size airbeds. Be sure that your canopy has an optimal middle height, so that all members of your family can stand and move around freely. If necessary, find out how tall they are and select a canopy with a respective height.

Frame type

Campers look for canopies with easy-to-set-up and high quality frames. Some manufacturers offer heavy duty yet user-friendly frames that withstand strong winds and serve for years or even decades. When choosing, look for one with a frame that is made of high-quality materials.

Camping with privacy

While choosing, be sure you can divide your space into the needed number of rooms. There are tents with permanent and detachable dividers. You may want to separate the living area from the sleeping area, provide a separate room for your children, and/or make storage for your gear.

Doors and windows

There are various products that satisfy campers’ diverse preferences and tastes. Some canopies have just one door, while others have a door leading to each room. Many campers appreciate an opportunity to get in and out without having to cross the entire space. There are cabins with bay windows, picture windows, and a mesh roof. Some campers want to spend a while marveling at the surroundings or stargazing at midnight, so they would appreciate these features. These canopies come with rain flies, either built-in or detachable, so one can close a window at any time to protect the inside against rain. Windows and vent openings ensure sufficient air circulation and ventilation. This is important if you are planning to use a wood stove.

core 9p instant cabin tent

Stove areas

Some people cannot imagine camping without a wood stove. There are canopies that feature a stove jack—a rimmed flue pipe opening in the ceiling. They come with fire-resistant mats that are placed in the stove area. It is a number-one criterion for those who plan winter camping and need to keep the place warm when it gets cold outside. Using a wood stove requires a bit of skill and caution.

Available Options

Manufacturers introduce products with advanced features and traits that ensure comfortable camping. There are quite a number of options, so you can check and decide which one suits your needs better, and purchase it right now. Here are a few examples.

Coleman Cabin 4-10 Persons

This one is big enough to accommodate up to 10 individuals in sleeping bags and up to 4 individuals, each sleeping on his/her individual queen-size airbed. The divider can give you some privacy. However, there is only one entrance. The frame is made of Polyguard—heavy-duty material—and includes telescopic elements. Therefore, one can set it up without using someone else’s help. The frame is wind-resistant. The canopy is crafted with the use of Weathertec that provides a tub-like floor, inverted seams, and protected corner welds. These protect the inside against wind and water. The Dark Room feature helps to block sunlight, have a good daytime sleep, and prevent the area inside from heating up too much on a hot summer day. The Coleman Cabin is great for car camping, but not for backpacking or hiking, because it is large and heavyweight.

CORE 9P Instant Cabin Tent

This one is an example of the manufacturer’s effort to ease the set-up process. It features telescopic poles that are already attached to the canopy. This makes the set-up easier and less time-consuming. It comes with a carrying bag and is easy to pack. However, it is very heavyweight and therefore not good for hikers and backpackers. The Core 9P is big, measuring 6.5 feet high at the center, 14 feet in length, and 9 feet in width. It has a D-style front door and a T-style side door, as well as floor vents that ensure effective ventilation. Thanks to an electrical cord port, you can arrange lighting and fix all cords safely.

heavy duty cabin tent

Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Tent

The Wenzel features a sewn-in divider, which you can close and/or open when necessary. Besides, there are gear lofts and hanging pockets. These provide excellent storage opportunities and prevent you from overstuffing the living and sleeping area with gear. Thanks to the pin and ring connections, it is easy to pitch. There are four large windows and a D-style door. The vertical walls, the area of 14×14 feet and the height of 7 feet at the center create a lot of space and give you the freedom of movement.

OZARK Trail 8-Person Family Cabin Tent

This portable home boasts an area of 20×10 feet and can house up to 10 people on up to three queen-size airbeds. It comes with two detachable dividers, so you can make three rooms (you can use one as gear storage!) each one with a door. You can leave and enter the canopy without having to walk through the rest of the space. There are six windows, so you can enjoy the scenery while staying inside and keep your place ventilated. It is easy to set up for even one person. Users say it is good for camping in various types of terrain and weather. However, some complain that the frame is weak and not quite so durable.

All-Season Premium Outfitter Tent with Stove Jack “Cuboid 4.40”

best cabin tents for camping

This unique and innovative canopy can accommodate up to six campers and provide a storage area. It boasts a unique design, featuring one wall that you can raise and make a kind of terrace. There is a mosquito net that will protect the inside against insects. There is a detachable wall, so you can separate the space into a sleeping and a living area. There is enough space to place 4 beds (with two stoves) or 6 beds (without stoves). The frame is made of aluminum alloy B95T1, and the canopy is made of Oxford 300 PU 4000 (the outer layer) and Oxford 210 PU 200 (the inner layer)—strong and water-resistant materials. The air space between these provides excellent isolation. There is a detachable floor that keeps the interior dry and warm, especially on a cold day, and five-layer windows will keep it ventilated.


🏕  Why are - cabin tents called so?

They have a specific cabin-like appearance. They are larger than dome-style canopies and offer more space, sometimes with two or more rooms. They are heavyweight and therefore nice for car camping, but not for hiking.

📦  Will I be OK with a four-person cabin tent?

It depends on how many individuals are going to camp with you. If you are traveling in a group or family of four and are taking some gear along, this one may be too small for you. Buy a six-person canopy to ensure there is extra space.

💡  How do I create separate rooms?

Most such tents have sewn-in or removable dividers. You can arrange the divider as recommended by the user guide and use the space in your preferred fashion. This can be very convenient if you need a separate place for storing your gear or would like to provide separate space for your kids.


Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell said:

A myriad of options indeed

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Jaeden Mcmillan said:

I love your articles, always read them for guidance

Bobbie Winters

Bobbie Winters said:

Cabin tents are definitely not the best choice for backpackers – wayy too heavy

Grayson Reeves

Grayson Reeves said:

Cabin tents are awesome for camping with your friends – very spacy and private

Nick Schofield

Nick Schofield said:

Cuboid 4.40 is my personal favorite for sure

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