Best camouflage tents on the market

Best camouflage tents on the market
Pavlo Lysyy August 03, 2022 6 mins read time

In recent years, camping has significantly increased in popularity due to the notable pandemic restrictions in 2020. According to Statista, only in 2020, the number of participants in camping in the United States has reached 47.94 million people – that’s a 19.8% increase compared to 2015 activity. Once you have decided to start your trip, a good camp tent will definitely become the first thing you’ll want to take with you. Apart from the colorful, eye-striking options offered on the market, more and more shoppers today prefer accommodations with a magnificent camouflage pattern. In this article, we’ll discuss the best accommodation options offered on the eCommerce market, as well as explain why camouflage tents are your top choice for any trip.


#1 All-Season Tent with Stove Jack "UP-2"

If you’re looking for a roomy tent in a camouflage pattern, this option can be a decent pick for your upcoming trip. The “UP” series accommodation unit is well-known across the US and Canada because of its proven reliability, durability, and functionality. The recommended model features 1-4 accommodation options, which are exceptionally convenient for both short and durable vacations without any loss of personal comfort.

The customers who’ve already tested it after the purchase claim that it’s a decent product for all-season camping. The shelter allows accommodating up to three people on camp beds or up to five people in sleeping bags on the floor, which is really convenient. Also, the owners admit an extra sturdy construction and functional design: apart from sheltering, it features many storage options for various items like lightning, power banks, books, and other at-hand accessories. Finally, this camouflage tent can be a great choice if you travel by car, but it’s also possible to install it in more remote areas like forest locations or rocky mountains.

The best features you may like about the “UP-2” include:

  • 2-Layer, umbrella-type construction that is weather and fire-resistant, and is extremely easy to set up
  • 3-Layer waterproof floor with heat insulation enables comfortable staying regardless of the weather, season, and location of your campsite
  • Excellent ventilation with 5-layer windows
  • Tension rope hooks with light-reflecting material
  • Removable mosquito protectors
  • An option for the safe stove jack settlement
Pricing: For the roomy “Up-2” all-season campsite with a stove jack, you’ll pay $1,599. However, if you need more affordable or functional options from this brand, feel free to check the other models here.

#2 Crua Outdoors Cottage Premium Quality 6-Person Shelter

Crua’s tent will be a great investment for travelers who are looking for a large accommodation that fits for all year round camping, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also has an enclosed sunroom, with three large windows and a skylight, so you can still enjoy natural light, even if you need protection from the elements. Sturdy and durable construction will ensure secure sheltering regardless of the weather outdoors. All Crua Outdoors products carry a full two-year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship, which means the brand is fully confident in the quality of each item sold.

What we really like about Crua’s accommodation items:

  • Blackout & noise dampening design
  • Sturdy construction and extremely durable material in the forest green color
  • Excellent climate control achieved with the advanced thermal insulation
  • Super-sized windows and skylight bug mesh
  • Extremely roomy, with a comfortable accommodation of up to 6 people

Pricing: A roomy, 6-person accommodation from the Crua brand costs $2,999, which is really a decent investment into a must-have traveling item for long-term vacations.

#3 Ogawa Outdoor Camping Tent

A Japanese brand Ogawa has recently introduced a nice variation of camouflage accommodation for camping, hiking, and outdoor lifestyle. A stylish and classy combination of classy sand beige and dark brown, though doesn’t feature the “camouflage” style, still easily catches the shopper’s attention and leaves nobody indifferent. Ogawa's camouflage camping accommodation is pretty roomy, with an overall capacity of up to 5 travelers. The tent has large windows and a UV protection layer and is extremely lightweight, thus ideally fitting for camping and seasonal trips.

Though it is claimed to be a 4-seasonal option, it’s still more fit for late spring, summer, and early autumn because of the thin polyester material it’s been designed from.

Some of the best features to know about Ogawa are:

  • Extremely easy to set and use, which is appreciated by thousands of its owners
  • Carefully made details and sewing
  • Stylish design
  • Waterproof & breathable material

Pricing: Being a leading Japanese brand offering various accommodation items, the current product pricing is $1010 per one. Overall, that’s really affordable for a lightweight and compact traveling station for short trips.

#4 WHITEDUCK Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

If you’re looking for stylish and functional accommodations but not really ready to opt for the traditional camouflage patterns, then try the item from Whiteduck. A beige-colored camping space fits any season, is waterproof and breathable, yet features a great accommodation capacity for up to 10 people!

What’s more, it has a pre-installed heat-resistant silicone-coated stove jack with a 5” & 6” pre-cut pattern to protect the canvas fabric so you can safely cook inside the canvas tent or use it to stay warm on a cold night!

The things we like about Whiteduck’s accommodation include:

  • The built-in stove jack
  • UV-reflective guy ropes
  • Premium mesh on doors and windows for a durable and comfortable use
  • Complete frame and tool kit included
  • PFC-free finish for water, mold, and UV resistance
  • Detachable zip-in/zip-out floor

Pricing: Whiteduck’s camping accommodation will cost you $1,599 per one set, but you will never regret the purchase once you’ve tested it during the trip!

#5 PlayDo 4 Season Tent with Stove Jack for Camping

Similar to the previous option, the accommodation offered by PlayDo is also designed in sand-colored tones and will be a decent option for both winter and summer outdoor adventures. The item will ideally fit for family trips and sports activities like camping or hiking, as it’s lightweight and is extremely easy to assemble. Moreover, this accommodation featuresthree doors and five zippable windows, ensuring excellent ventilation and convenient mobility for all travelers. Apart from traveling, the brand also claims its product as an excellent garden play space for the kids.

However, the brand has admitted that the accommodations aren’t manufactured to withstand extreme weather conditions, like typhoons and desert conditions, which might be critical for some travelers.

The best features customers like include:

  • Heavy-duty SBS zippers
  • In-built 5-inch stove jack
  • Waterproof PVC groundsheet connected to the canvas
  • Double roof cotton canvas tent works well for cold months
  • Top screen vents, elastic cable holes, and rain caps – the ergonomic design is laid out in detail
  • The poles are included and come with the carry bag for a convenient storage

Pricing: The pricing for the PlayDo camouflage waterproof accommodation is currently standing at $1,094, which is really affordable for a stylish campsite to live in.

Why Choose Camouflage Tents?

Unlike traditional eye-catching patterns that were highly popular in the 2010s, military-style tents can easily fit into the camping location. Additionally, this category of accommodation equipment is extremely easy to maintain: the dark-colored patterns are less vulnerable to stains and require minimum effort for cleaning. Therefore, you’ll save tons of time for other, more pleasant activities instead!

What is more, in the spring, summer, and autumn seasons, military patterns are much harder to spot from a long distance. A so-called “masking” effect can come in handy for traveling and hunting activities, giving an excellent chance to observe the animals at the shortest distances. Needless to say, such a pattern is less likely to attract wild animals that can possess a potential threat to the life of travelers.

Also, most of the first-class camouflage accommodations are water and fireproof, and also feature the stove jack settlement option for a comfortable stay on freezing days. So, you will always have a warm shelter after another active day outdoors!

Finally, camouflage tents are universal, can fit for weekend lake trips and are durable travelings, and are mainly designed to have enough room and functionality for each traveler.

Pick Up Your Best Camouflage Campsite Here!

Investing in a durable, functional, and universal campsite is an excellent chance to improve your traveling experience and increase your comfort while traveling. This guide was created to help you discover the top-rated options currently offered on the market and the best features they provide. To make the most of your campsite, it’s essential to look for a roomy, waterproof, and weather-resistant option that ideally fits your outdoor adventures regardless of the season and the number of companions traveling with you.

Now you know the best features to look for when picking up the right accommodation for different trips. Already interested in getting one? Contact us to get first-class assistance in choosing your best tent right away!



🏕  What is a camouflage tent?

Concealment shelters refer to the type of products that feature a so-called concealment effect, allowing them to integrate into the local environment effectively. Typically, they are designed with a “masking” pattern of green, yellow, and brown colors, but the monochrome variations are also for sale.

📦  Are camouflage tents better?

Concealment shelters are an excellent option for various outdoor activities, like hiking, backpacking, picnic, and hunting. The masking effect helps to effortlessly integrate your settlement within nearly any location, such as parks, forests, or lake campsites.

💡  Can I use camouflage tents for all seasons?

Sure! Concealment shelters are constructed of durable polyester fabric and fiberglass, weather-resistant, and are typically designed for 3 seasons or full-year use.


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