Best cube tents on the market: enlisted and reviewed

Best cube tents on the market: enlisted and reviewed
Pavlo Lysyy December 15, 2022 9 mins read time

Cube tents are not new to the market but are still not as widespread as tunnels and round-shaped models. If we check Amazon or other e-commerce platforms we can see that there are fewer square-shaped models, which is unfair because these products have some terrific qualities.

1) Plenty of room

Firstly, almost all cubes allow to stand inside the shelter and move around in it at full height, since most of these constructions have a height of 5′9″ (1,8 m). At the same time, the vertical walls create the effect of a large space. So if you're tall enough or feel uncomfortable inside a small space this kind of camping accommodation may work well for you.

2) Easy-peasy

These shelters are usually easy to set up, pack, and unpack. Most of them are classified as instant pop-ups which is an amazing perk for single tourists or inexperienced campers. You don't need to use a lot of physical strength to build up your temporary home, just pull the hooks on the outside of the walls.

3) Warm & Fresh

Some of these items have two or even three layers of fabric, which makes them warm enough for extreme weather conditions. Bigger walls often have many windows. Together with bigger space and additional air, this helps to achieve better ventilation.

4) It just looks cool

After all, we're living in the Instagram era, so we have to highlight the influence of fashion trends and good looks. Cubes are usually pretty futuristic and neat on the outside which may be important for some campers.

7 best cube tents of the market:

Let’s dive into the world of square-shaped havens. We checked out some of the reviews and made a list of the most popular models for unforgettable camping.

1) Gazelle™ T3X Hub

According to the seller, this model easily accommodates up to three people with its comfortable 76" x 82" interior. The T3X setup is pretty instant - you can do it in under 90 seconds. One of the buyers mentioned that the item is very spacious inside for a solo traveler: 'I found it a comfortable place to hang out in bad weather’. They have also camped in it with a friend and they had plenty of room for a center aisle.

Measuring 57" long collapsed it will fit in the backseat or trunk of most vehicles. The T3X makes the perfect car camping tent with its compact size and quick assembly. The floor has Velcro attached all around, so there are no gaps for bugs, and you can simply undo a small section, sweep the space clean and Velcro it back.

According to the reviews, there is a lot of storage in this model: a mesh storage bag about 14 inches square on each wall, two triangular mesh storage stuffers on the upper walls, and mesh storage on the roof.

It seems like one of the cons of this item is the doors - many users mentioned that. One of the tourists said they were not happy with the entering process: ‘I am on the tall side therefore I love the height of this tent but the doors need to be made larger, like a standard tent. These doors are on the corners and they don't open very wide. I have extreme difficulty getting in and out. If you are a taller person, consider this while choosing a shelter for your next adventure.

Seasons 3-season
Capacity 3 person
Wide & Length 76" x 82" (1.93 m x 2.08 m)
Maximum Height ‎68" (1.72 m)
Item Weight 28 pounds (12.7 kg)

Our verdict: best for a relaxing weekend in warm weather with your not-so-tall friend.

2) E-Z UP Camping Cube™ 6.4

cube tent

The Camping Cube by E-Z UP is a popular choice for warmer seasons. It's marketed as an easy to set up camping product with plenty of room inside. The initial product is a canopy that transforms into a cozy shelter in mere seconds. The 10x10 (ft) shelter is an additional accessory that latches onto an existing canopy.

The item has a large entry door with a screen protecting you from mosquitos and bugs. There are 3 pockets for power cords and a smaller door for your pet.

As you may guess this cube does not require any tools, and clips/hooks onto the instant pop-up frame in under a minute time. As a 3-season 10x10 tent, it's not supposed to be used in windy conditions or cold temperatures. It's constructed out of light material so it's very easy to carry the item to your camping spot. The shelter's layers block out harmful UV rays, and the seams are stitched well and taped up throughout.

You can accommodate up to 6 persons in such a haven. There will be also enough space for your pet, mattresses, and camping gear. Mesh windows and doors ensure proper ventilation throughout the cube, so it's super convenient for hot days.

Seasons 3-season
Capacity 6 person
Wide & Length 111" x 111" (2.82 m x 2.82 m)
Maximum Height ‎76" (1.93 m)
Item Weight 14 pounds (6.3 kg)

Our verdict: a good choice for a fun summer day with your friends or family.

3) RBM Outdoors Cuboid 2.20

tents cube

If you’re looking for a high-quality cube haven that can keep you warm even on the harshest winter night then you should check out Cuboid 2.20 by RBM Outdoors.

Cuboid 2.20 can accommodate up to three people. An average person can freely stand inside of this tent and you can even fit your equipment and furniture there. A unique feature of this camping item is that one of the walls can be opened up into a roof in front of the tent, creating an additional canopy construction. This canopy area could be used as a terrace or additional storage space.

The tent’s patented instant frame opening mechanism is made from aviation aluminum alloy B95T1 which can handle frost, strong wind, and low temperatures. Such high-strength material provides the entire frame with increased durability and corrosion resistance and restores its initial shape even after bearing a heavy load.

camping cube tent

That cube construction won’t collapse down because of the heavy rain and will keep you dry and warm due to the water-resistant and innovative material of the outer layer – Oxford 300 PU 4000 and high-quality inner layer – Oxford 210 PU 2000.

Just like any other RBM Outdoors items, Cuboid comes with a wood stove. It features fire-resistant glass and fire-resistant cloth underneath, so it’s perfectly safe to use for your cold-weather camping. You also don’t need to worry about condensation problems – the air space between the inner and outer layers significantly decreases condensation and effectively retains heat.

Cuboid 2.20 has a fire-protected pipe hole, 5-layer windows which you can use in different weather conditions, reinforced zippers on the doors, and lots of storage options for your walls and ceiling.

Seasons 4-season
Capacity 3 person
Wide & Length 91" x 91" (2.31 m x 2.31 m)
Maximum Height ‎75" (1.90 m)
Item Weight 51 pounds (23 kg)

Our verdict: the best choice for winter camping enthusiasts.

4) Eskimo QuickFish Pop-Up

cube tents

Eskimo brand offers many different sizes of square-shaped models, but we decided to focus on the fully insulated QuickFish shelter that fits two people inside. According to the seller, the IQ Insulated Fabric is 35% warmer than comparable non-insulated products.

According to the seller, the pop-up construction takes just 60 seconds to set up. Just like any other cube pop-up, you should pull this one from each side and you're ready to enjoy fishing. High-quality metal hubs and solid fiberglass poles have the durability to work for years. However, we’ve seen a review that said it’s not easy to set this construction up if you’re alone. One of the buyers mentioned that his item kept collapsing in the wind: ‘I had to take the rope off his sled to peg it out. Note to self and others, buy 4 extra bolts, and some paracord with the side loops and BOLT THE SIDES OUT. Any wind and it’ll push the sides in.

This model also has vinyl windows which can give you clear views outside and can be removed for better ventilation. Another advantage is that the manufacturer used only YKK zippers to secure the doors. These are premium quality zippers that won't break in extremely cold weather.

Seasons 4-season
Capacity 2 person
Wide & Length 60" x 60" (1.52 m x 1.52 m)
Maximum Height 80" (2.03 m)
Item Weight 34 pounds (15 kg)

Our verdict: warm shelter for experienced fishermen who know how to work the pegs.

5) VEVOR Ice Fishing Shelter

cube camping tent

This model is designed for cold-weather fishing and it's supposed to keep you comfortable & safe inside while you’re enjoying your winter hobby. Such a shelter could be a good choice if you want to spend some short-term quality time with your friend or significant one. Why short-term? Because it’s not insulated or properly equipped for keeping it hot inside - there is no stove or pipe included in the package.

The product is created with 300D Oxford fabric, which is resistant to rain and wind. This haven is marketed as one for long-lasting use and one of the shelter’s advantages is an easy setup. It requires a couple of minutes to get your accommodation ready for camping even if you’re doing it alone. The construction contains solid and flexible poles that make the tent easy to assemble and reassemble. Five web handles also allow easy moving around.

If the item’s weight is important to you, then you should keep this product in mind – it’s much lighter than other models in the article. Although it has some cons, you can easily put it away with one bag and carry it on your back. So there should be no problems with the item’s transportation from place to place.

A couple of tips from the manufacturer: make sure your item is dry before putting it away for long periods. Keep it safe from mice and rats and store it in a dry cool place.

Seasons 2-season
Capacity 2 person
Wide & Length 73" x 73" (1.85 m x 1.85 m)
Maximum Height ‎66" (1.68 m)
Item Weight 14.9 pounds (6.7 kg)

Our verdict: a good option for the ice fishing day.

6) Clam® Stealth Sightfisher Shelter

camping tent cube

This pop-up winter shelter is made with durable 600-denier fabric with 11mm poles and hubs for extreme winter conditions. It comes with an oversized skirt for ample snow banking, tie-downs, and ice anchors. There are 60 grams of insulation per square meter and a full thermal trap for heat retention and reduced condensation.

The shelter provides plenty of space: a 4-sided hub with 36 square feet of fishable area and lots of headroom for 2 to 3 people. According to the manufacturer, the item packs down in hte bag easily and has triple-layer corner pockets that provide gear storage. The packed size measures 54x10x10 (inches).

The weak side of this tent is the zippers. Some reviews mentioned those got broke easily and some buyers were disappointed with the windows that didn't open properly.

One of the reviews mentioned that the tent is far from light and takes some getting used to while carrying it, however, it works fine in a harsh climate: 'Overall it has stood up to 40 mph winds that pull spikes out of the ice.

Seasons 4-season
Capacity 3 person
Wide & Length 60" x 60" (1.52 m x 1.52 m)
Maximum Height ‎65" (1.65 m)
Item Weight 38 pounds (17 kg)

Our verdict: toasty shelter for the winter trip that needs a bit of improvement.

7) Guide Gear Hub-Style Shelter

cube tents for camping

Let's review something bigger for a change. This cube shelter is doubled in size and offers plenty of space for up to 6 person. The height is also perfect for taller people and allows you to freely stand inside. One of the buyers mentioned: ‘I’m 6’1 and I can easily walk through the whole tent without bending down or hitting my head’.

Even though it's huge, the construction allows instant setup. Don’t be afraid of the stormy weather - ice anchors help to keep your accommodation stable.

An insulated roof is a great feature that keeps heat indoors. Another perk is a 10" integrated floor skirt. The wind can't get in from the icy ground and you're safe to spend a night in such a haven. According to one of the reviews, this model lacks YKK zippers, however ‘the zippers they used seem to be just fine, work great and don't skimp on quality’.

There is bad news for those who like to cook indoors - according to the manual, you’re not supposed to do it inside this model.

This Guide Gear Hub is presented with dual doors placed on different walls of the haven so you can enter from each side. There are lots of windows for better views, and ventilation (besides twin air vents) - a window for each of the 6 person, which is pretty cool. Each of these has multiple configurations and clear PVC layers so you can easily monitor your hatches and tip-ups.

Seasons 3-season
Capacity 6 person
Wide & Length 72" x 144" (1.83 m x 3.65 m)
Maximum Height ‎76" (1.93 m)
Item Weight 59.4 pounds (27 kg)

Our verdict: your choice for an autumn weekend with a big family.



🏕  What cube tent is the best for the winter camping?

We recommend you Cuboid 2.20 model by RBM Outdoors. That item offers plenty of space, enough for 3 people, and can keep you warm even in extreme weather conditions. It’s made from quality materials and comes with portable and safe stove and pipe and instant set up system.

📦  Are there any cube tents for a 6 person company?

There are some square-shaped models that are doubled in size, for example a hub-style shelter from Guide Gear or Cuboid 4.40 from the RBM Outdoors.

💡  Should I use a cube tent for a solo camping?

Absolutely you should. Square-shaped constructions often have a pop up set up system which is a super easy and quick way to start your adventure while staying alone. Just pull the hooks outside of the walls and you’re almost done. This is a good option for inexperienced travelers.


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