Best Multi Room Tent

Best Multi Room Tent
Andrii Kovalenko February 21, 2022 7 mins read time


What is the Best Multi Room Tent for Me?

There is a good supply of tents that cater to needs and desires of hikers, fishers, hunters, and vacationers. They differ in size, shape, and quality. To compete successfully, manufacturers do their utmost to develop and implement advanced and reliable solutions and make people want to buy their products.

Why is size important?

Size is a number one criterion to consider for all buyers. There are tents that can house one or two persons, and tents that are big enough to house eight persons.

If you are going on a long camping trip and taking your large family or bunch of friends along, you’d appreciate an extra square foot. There are canopies with two, three, and even four rooms. Or you can buy a tent with dividers, so you can divide your home. This can be a good option if you need dedicated rooms for children or a bit of space for your gear.

Besides, you need room for your gear. Even if you do fit in eight persons in sleeping bags, you may discover there is no space left for gear, a stove, animals, or other important things.

Last, but not least, is weight: large ones are more heavyweight. Therefore, they are more suitable for car camping. Backpackers should look for lightweight options, so they are better off with smaller one- or two-room tents.

multi room tent

Why is shape important?

Shape is an important factor, and your choice depends on how many people you are going to travel with. Large cabins are more likely to catch wind, so they are hard to pitch on a windy day. Smaller tunnel-type ones are less susceptible to wind, yet they have a lower sleeping capacity and are less convenient for tall people. Some campers do not care much about shape at all.

Now that you know what you want, let’s look at options that are available right now.


This 17×10-foot tent offers enough living space to house up to eight persons. It is 6 ft high at the center and therefore good for tall people. With square footage totaling 170 ft and a divider, one can divide it into three spacious rooms.

The main entrance features a weather-resistant zipper cuff and a mesh window that will prevent tiny rain drops from getting inside. The window and the vent opening at the bottom will keep your portable little house ventilated even when it rains heavily.

The manufacturer uses WeatherTec with the floor taking the shape of a bathroom stall, welded doors and corners, and inverted seams. The system won’t let a drop of water in!

Mountain Trails

The 18×10-foot tent stands 6 ft and 5 in tall and can house up to 10 persons. With two entrances and a divider at hand, you can create two separate rooms. This can give you some privacy and/or an opportunity to store your gear outside the living area.

The Mountain Trails is easy to pitch thanks to its pin-and-ring system. The fiberglass frame and shock-corded canopy make it weather-resistant. Besides, it is quite lightweight for its size and can be carried in the backpacker fashion.

Mesh ceiling vents and windows will keep it cool and insect-free in summer. They will ventilate the interior if you are planning to use a stove. The package includes a rainfly. The Mountain Trails is an excellent family tent that is big enough to house two airbeds.

All-Season Premium Outfitter UP-5

tent with rooms

This spacious umbrella-type canopy can accommodate up to 8 persons in sleeping bags. It is great for every terrain and season. It features a wood stove spot that is protected with a fire-resistant silicon-coated mat that withstands a temperature of up to 2192 °F. There are several five-layer PVC windows with mosquito nets. All this will rid you of winter cold, summer heat and bugs and ensure an exciting and comfortable camping experience.

The two-layer canopy guarantees protection against bad weather. The outer layer is made of Oxford 300 PU 4000, an innovative water-resistant material. The inner one is made of Oxford 210 PU 2000. There is a space of air between the two layers that mitigates condensation and keeps the warmth from your stove in for hours after the fire has burnt out. The floor is attached above ground level and protects campers against water, bugs, and snakes.

The frame is made of an advanced and durable alloy. It will not bend during transportation and will withstand a strong gale. Unlike coal plastic frames, this one boasts exceptional durability and remains strong after multiple uses in extreme cold. Tension ropes have light-reflecting elements and therefore are visible for drivers from a good distance.

This one offers everything for safe and comfortable living. However, you should take fire and carbon monoxide precautions when using a stove.


The OZARK Trail is one of the largest tents. It can accommodate up to 15 persons in sleeping bags and up to 5 large airbeds. The manufacturer has placed great emphasis on comfort. It features 3 sewn-in dividers, so you can make up to 4 rooms. This allows you to comfortably store your gear and provide privacy for everyone during a trip. There are 12 windows all in all and an entrance to each room. The canopy has a cord port, so you can use appliances inside. There is a mesh ceiling and a rainfly that will keep you dry on a rainy day.

You get a 20×20-foot area and a 6.5-foot height.

The canopy is large, reliable, and durable. It withstands strong winds and gives a lot of comfort. The biggest downside of this product is heavy weight, which comes as no surprise, given the dimensions. For this reason, it is better suited for car camping rather than for hiking.


This tent offers an 18×10-foot area and can house up to 12 persons in sleeping bags without much gear. If you use dividers, you can make a 3-room little home. The frame includes telescope poles, so it takes but a few minutes to set it up and/or take it down.

multi room tent

It has a T-shaped and D-shaped door and a mesh ceiling. The entrances have awnings, and the ceiling has a rainfly, so you can stay comfortable in any weather. There are large windows, bottom vents, and a cord port.

Wall pockets and gear lofts will help you arrange your gear without taking up much of your living space. This product is good for campers, not for hikers, because it is large and therefore heavyweight.

Capri 400

This tunnel-type tent is famously user-friendly. It features air beams instead of poles and therefore is easy to pitch and pack. Thanks to a system of tension bands, the canopy withstands strong gales. They connect firmly and add strength and stability to the entire structure. The angled shape of the tension bands makes the structure even more wind-resistant.

The Capri 400 accommodates 4 persons. It is not very large and therefore can be good both for campers and hikers. It provides a living and sleeping area at the back. The former has two windows at the sides with curtains. The latter is made of a darker material that blocks sunlight. The front extension offers extra space. There is the main entrance and a D-door on the side.

The 20×8.6-foot tunnel-shaped canopy tapers slightly toward the back, both in width and in height. The Capri 400 is 8.6-foot wide at the front and 8-foot wide at the back; the height is 6.67-foot and 6.4-foot respectively.

Outbound 8-Person Dome

This is one of the brightest multi-room examples with 14×8-foot space, a front porch, and an attractive and weather-resistant shape. It is 6 ft 4 in high, so it is convenient for people regardless of body height. The front porch is comparable to the tent itself in size (14×5 ft). The most remarkable thing about it is its light weight. Yes, it is all but 18 lbs in weight, which makes it great for backpackers. You will not have difficulty hiking with the Outbound behind your back or car camping, as it won’t take up much space in a car trunk. Thanks to the fiberglass frame, it is easy to pitch and take down.

The canopy has a D-door and two windows and a mesh roof. It is big enough to accommodate 8 persons in sleeping bags. However, in this case there won’t be enough space for your gear.

Slumberjack Adult Overland

multi room camping tent

This tent offers an attractive combination of good dimensions with moderate weight. It provides a 19×9-foot area and a 6.2-foot center height with a packing weight not exceeding 30 lbs. The package includes dividers, so you can build yourself a three-room apartment in the wilderness. The Slumberjack Adult Overland is a tunnel-type canopy.

It features a large entrance, which, in combination with windows, provides sufficient ventilation. The windows can be closed from the inside. The front door leads to the living area, and there are two rooms on either side of it, each one with two windows.

As you pitch it, you move consecutively from one set-up stage to the next. However, it is advisable to use another person’s help.

multi room tents for camping

Coleman Tenaya Lake Lighted

This one attracts those who go on trips for hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, etc. It features built-in LED lights, which solve a lot of problems at night. It has an attractive appearance, features a hinged door and WeatherTec that protects the inside against water and wind. It offers enough space to house two large airbeds and house up to 6 persons in sleeping bags.

All seams are inverted. The package includes a rainfly. There are a built-in closet and wall pockets for gear, so you won’t have difficulty storing your things.

The Coleman Tenaya Lake is easy to pitch, as it has color-coded stakes and poles. However, you may have difficulty pitching it alone.

multi room camping tents

Summing it up

Based on these descriptions, you can decide, which type is better for you. It depends on where and how you are going to hike or camp and for how long you are going to use your tent. Size, transportability, weather-resistance, durability, and price are paramount criteria of choice. This is just another you-get-what-you-pay-for thing. Whatever your preferences are, you should look for a product that offers the best combination of comfort, usability, sleeping capacity, and quality that meet your budget capabilities.


🏕  What is the best type of tent?

It depends on where, where, how, how regularly, etc. you travel and how big your team or family is. Tents differ in shape, size, and materials, which they are made of. A large family or group will be better off with one with an extra square foot.

📦  Are all tents good for hiking?

No. Hiking implies traveling a distance by foot. You cannot carry a large and heavy one in a backpack. But you cannot house a large group in a small one either. In this case, your group would be better off with several small tents to provide enough sleeping space for everyone.

💡  Should I divide my tent space into rooms?

Many high-quality products come with dividers. If you need some privacy or a separate room for sleeping or gear, you can divide your area. There is a variety of modifications with a possibility of dividing the area into 2, 3, or 4 rooms.


Victor Hall

Victor Hall said:

I value my personal space, so multi room tents are my favorite!

Mack Justice

Mack Justice said:

UP-5 is my all-time favorite

Billy-Joe Cortes

Billy-Joe Cortes said:

UP-5 is very spacious and cozy!

Justin Farmer

Justin Farmer said:

Definitely wouldn’t recommend taking a heavy tent on a hiking trip

Jeffery Sanchez

Jeffery Sanchez said:

I am so blessed to own dividers!

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