Camping with family and friends: choosing a 4 person tent for different purposes

Camping with family and friends: choosing a 4 person tent for different purposes
Pavlo Lysyy September 21, 2022 7 mins read time

Outdoor recreation with family or friends is the best pastime, which is often chosen by people living in modern cities. Camping can provide the comfort of any company: for 2, 4 persons and more. You should take a lot of different things with you, but one of the most essential attributes in camping, fishing, road trips, picnics and weekend getaways is a tent. It is important to choose it correctly. Quality tent will help make your vacation comfortable and enjoyable in any weather.


Features of modern tents for 4 people

A tent is a temporary dwelling, which can be quickly assembled and disassembled. The construction consists of a base and fabric material. A tent protects from bad weather and rain, the sultry sun and wind, provides a safe recreation and sleep in nature. It is simply indispensable for backpacking.

Tents differ in size, shape, weight, number of entrances, degree of proof, as well as the presence or absence of a vestibule. An important parameter is the capacity of the product: you can find on sale 1-, 2-, 3-seat tents, as well as those designed for 4 people. All of them have their own characteristics like:

  1. Type of fabric cover. These are most often synthetic fabrics made of polyamide and polyester fibers. Polyamide fabrics - capron and nylon - are characterized by strength, durability, low weight and little hygroscopicity. However, when they get wet, they stretch and sag. Polyester fabrics such as lavsan and polyester have better durability and resistance to sunlight, but they are the best and therefore more expensive.
  2. Waterproof – the degree of protection of the interior of the tent against the ingress of moisture and rain. The waterproof level depends on the material and can range from one thousand to ten thousand millimeters of water column.
  3. Weight. The optimal weight is when there is 1-1.5 kg per sleeping place. So, a two-person tent will weigh up to 3 kg, and a 4 person tent - already about 5 kg.
  4. Type of construction. It can be one-layer or two-layer. In a one-layer, the frame is covered with water-repellent synthetic fabric. Such camping accommodations are light and compact. However, condensation is often formed in them. In two-layer tents, the inner layer is a sleeping place. It is installed separately from the outer layer and has a mesh coating for better air ventilation. On top, an outer tent is mounted, which protects against moisture. Due to the passage of air between the sleeping and outer tent it will be fresh in hot weather and keep warm in cold weather.
  5. Quality of joints. The latter can be stone and welded.The process ofluing the seams is carried out with a special polyethylene tape. It is not reliable, and it is used on lower quality fabrics. Welding is the best, it is a better way to connect the seams, providing long-lasting use.
  6. Frame material: aluminum and fiberglass. The first one withstands low temperatures, which makes it possible to use the tent in winter time too, i.e. 4-season. The fiberglass frame can be used for 3 season from spring to fall included.
  7. The shape of the tent, too, can be in the form of a hemisphere, half-box, tent or gabled.

Considering all these characteristics, you can choose the best tent for 4 people for a comfortable stay in any weather all year round.

In what cases a camping tent with a large vestibule is suitable

A camping tent is characterized by large size and vast space inside. There are models with a larger vestibule for the field kitchen. These tents are suitable for long stays: camping on the river, camping in the middle of the forest, 4 man fishing, expeditions, backpacking, etc.

Camping models for 4 people have a lot of living space, there are two-room variants with a vestibule in the middle, there is a spacious vestibule on a separate arch or a separate frame. It is convenient to place several backpacks and other things, you can organize a kitchen in bad weather.

Please note! All of our camping tents are double-layered, so campers and their luggage are guaranteed reliable proof from rain outside and condensation inside. The floor is made of thermopauling - waterproof, a material resistant to abrasion, allows you to use the tent for a longer period of time.

It is also important to understand that the models for camping are large-sized, and for their installation you need a large flat area. Such tents are ideal for camping or stopping for a long vacation.

Advantages of a camping tent:


  1. Large sleeping area where you can change your clothes while standing upright, and a spacious vestibule.
  2. It can comfortably accommodate 4 man tourists and their things, everything will be placed with maximum comfort.
  3. Budget option. Inexpensive camping tent costs about the same as a professional camping tent of similar capacity. Sometimes it is even cheaper.
  4. Universality. When you buy a camping tent for 4 people on the outer frame, it is possible not to assemble a living compartment in it. The tent on the frame can be used in sunny weather as a tent at a picnic or a judge's tent at competitions.
  5. Attractive stylish appearance, a variety of designs and colors will please any tourist.

Cons of a camping tent:


  1. The weight and size of the tent, unless you are going on vacation by car.
  2. Limited use. Because of its weight and volume, you can't go camping with a camping tent on foot or by bicycle. It is difficult and long to assemble and disassemble on a daily basis, and you will have to find a large flat area of land to set up, which is not always possible.
  3. "Field accommodation". Life in a 4 man tent resembles life in a communal apartment: you will have a common place to store your belongings. There is one kitchen for everyone and there are difficulties with personal space.
  4. Apart from the frames, there are no other spare parts available for these tents. If any repairs are needed, it will cost considerably more than for a small tent.

It should also be taken into account that after the hike, the tent needs to be dried and cleaned, which means that you have to unfold it completely so that there is access to every corner. The drying of a large tent at home will require additional space, but not everyone has a separate room for this.

What you should pay attention to when choosing tents for 4 persons

The comfort and safety of outdoor recreation depends on the right choice of the tent. Therefore, it is necessary to choose it carefully and responsibly, without rushing. To do this, take into account the following criteria:

  1. What you need it for - camping and recreation with family or 4 man friends, hiking or expedition.
  2. Seasonal use - 3 season or 4-season.
  3. Capacity and size. The standard is the width of the sleeping berth up to 0,6 m. For comfortable stay of a company of 4 person the width of the tent shouldn't be less than 2.4 m.
  4. Weight. This is an important indicator, especially for hiking trips. Weight depends on the equipment, material and size of the tent. Some models are designed with a slight narrowing to the front entrance side, which also reduces the weight, and it does not lead to a loss in the size of the sleeping space. The reduction in floor area and height has almost no effect on comfort, but can significantly reduce the weight of the structure.
  5. Frame material. Fiberglass base is a material of low quality and low cost, especially when it comes to black opaque fiberglass. Aluminum frame weighs less, its strength is higher, but it also costs more.
  6. Waterproof. All modern tents are waterproof to one degree or another. But you should remember that the proof of the outer tent should not be less than 4000 mm, and the bottom - 6000 mm of the water column. If the water resistance is lower, there is a chance of waking up in the morning in a puddle of water.
  7. Construction features. It is better to choose models with a simpler design. They are quick and easy to assemble and install. The optimal option would be a tent with a frame of 2 crossed arcs, and if there is a tambour and a canopy, then with 3 arcs. We also recommend buying a double layer tent for 4 person, it is more reliable. d
  8. Fireproof coating will help ensure safety in fire-prone situations. 
  9. Seams also play an important role. They should be quality glued or welded, and the corners - reinforced. This will protect against possible damage of the coating material and guarantee the product a longer service life.
  10. It is desirable that the tent for 4 man has two entrances. This will ensure the fresh air flow and ease of movement. One entrance is convenient when it is located at the end side. So, any hiker will be able to safely go out or in without disturbing others.

Also, when choosing accommodation for hiking and recreation in nature for 4 persons, it is necessary to consider such small but important points as the location of mosquito nets, boards and the availability of additional loops for the tension of the awning.

Mosquito net should be attached high from the threshold, so that strong wind does not blow into the interior room. This is especially true if the canopy is made of a combination of fabric and mesh. Additional loops provide a better stretching of the tent and help maintain the shape of the tent in strong winds. The location of the sides on the bottom cover should also be high, if the bottom edge of the tent does not reach the ground.

Camping for a vacation with family or 4 man friends requires serious preparation. And the longer the vacation, the more thorough the preparations should be. However, we are confident that our recommendations will help you gather everything you need and spend time outdoors with maximum comfort and pleasure!



🏕  What are the features of 4 person tents?

Tourists and travelers are well aware that the 4 person tent is the attribute of the outdoor recreation, which can comfortably accommodate 4 man. It is suitable for active tourism, backpacking with family, friends or colleagues. Large interior space and roomy vestibule are the main features of such tents.

📦  How to choose the best 4-man tent?

Before buying, you need to understand what kind of recreation you need a tent for, decide on the size, weight and model. It is also important to consider the seasonality, the number of layers, material, installation method and other criteria.

💡  What models are suitable for 3 season?

When choosing a tent for 4 person for recreation in the period from spring to autumn included, you should pay attention to the models with a frame of fiberglass. If you plan to rest in winter as well, it's better to buy a product with an aluminum base.


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