Cube tent: who is it for and why should you get one?

Cube tent: who is it for and why should you get one?
Pavlo Lysyy August 03, 2022 6 mins read time


Cube tent: who is it for and why should you get one?

Cube tents are direct competitors of "umbrellas". Their stable construction not only allows to shelter from adverse weather conditions, but also serves as overnight accommodation for travelers. Most often cube tents are used by fishermen and tourists. But this article will suit any person who likes contact with nature and appreciates comfort. 

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It is easy to recognize a cube tent, because its name was derived from its shape The roof of the product is flat, straight. The walls are slightly convex. The main competitive advantage is rightly considered the height of the ceiling, because a fisherman can stand upright inside the tent.

The light cube tent is particularly popular, which is more suitable for summer tourism or short stays on the ice. Due to the low weight, it is possible to quickly unfold it. The options for winter holidays may have a heater, as well as a more stable construction.

Installation of equipment is done by means of a five-point mechanism, just like in the "umbrella". This system minimizes installation time, which is especially important in winter, when the length of the daylight hours is relatively short.

You can buy a model according to your own preferences and budget in our store Our range will surprise even the most demanding customer! Highly qualified staff will help make the right choice and place your order online.

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Main advantages

Cube tents have a number of competitive advantages which distinguish them from the usual "umbrellas". The main task of such model is to provide comfort and convenience to the owner. After all, we most often associate trips to nature with uncomfortable, cold tents and discomforting sleep.

Pros of the product:

  1. Easy installation. The construction is designed so that the user spends minimum time on folding and unfolding. A modern light tent cube is equipped with protection against accidental folding and theft. For this purpose, there is a lock installed at the top of the tent, which fixes the frame.
  2. Large amount of useful space. You can estimate the area under the tent with the naked eye. Compared with other models, the cube can accommodate more people, sleeping places and it is even possible to make an improvised kitchen inside.
  3. Low weight. Light cube tent is used for summer travel, as it is made of thin textiles. The more severe the weather conditions are, the heavier the equipment will be. But even such a cube tent will have less weight than its competitors. This parameter is extremely important during hiking.
  4. The possibility of insulation. If you plan a trip in winter-spring period or fishing on ice, then tent cubes can be insulated. There are articles with several layers of tent, but they can always be supplemented with thermal insulation.

When buying a tent, it is worth remembering that the light permeability of square models is quite low due to several layers of awning. It is necessary to arm a flashlight or any other lighting device for comfortable use.

There is a misconception that light cube tents are less practical because of poor wind resistance. Of course, the shape of the product is less streamlined, and therefore it has less wind resistance. But this nuance is smoothed by a more robust structure of the frame and reliable fixings. Responsible manufacturers add particularly reliable fixing systems that remain stable even during strong gusts of wind.

The equipment has two small zippered entrances. In this way the hiker can easily enter and exit. Windows are also provided, each of which has its own purpose. For example, the ventilation holes provide air circulation. The windows on the sides are needed as an additional source of light.

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What a tent should be like?

Tent is an important component of any light cube tent. Not only the comfort of the camper, but also the entire experience of the trip as a whole will depend on its density and moisture resistance. The manufacturer should specify on the label:

  • material;
  • index of moisture resistance;
  • weave density of threads.

Taffeta or Ripstop material are used for sewing modern models. They are recognized as the most durable and light variants.

There is a common misconception that all products are sewn from tarpaulin, but this is not true. This material has long become obsolete and is not used in the manufacture of tent cube because of its heavy weight. It has been replaced by light polyamide, bright oxford and lavsan.

Also the textile production affects the durability of the product. Cheap fabrics are more likely to be damaged, which inevitably leads to a repeat purchase.

Cube tent for winter fishing

The main users of the product are fishermen who prefer winter fishing. "Cubes" allow them to create a comfortable and warm area around the hole, and also give them the opportunity to spend the night inside if necessary.

Good thermal insulation is achieved through a two- or three-layer awning. This coating also repels moisture and protects against condensation.

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Light cube tents are in particular demand because they are easy both to transport and to install. These models are suitable even for beginners who have no experience in assembling a construction. They are popular for their mobility, because they are perfectly placed in the trunk of a car and can be moved from place to place if necessary.

The process of fishing requires a sitting position, but it is also necessary to take care of the health of your back. To do this, you need to periodically stretch your legs, and the height of the ceiling from 170 to 220 cm will allow you to easily do it.

Another important advantage is the capacity. Light cube tent is great for relaxing with a group of friends due to the large area inside.

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How to choose good and light equipment?

Budget is often first on the list of priorities among customers when choosing a tent. Of course, a product of decent quality will not cost cheap. High-quality tent and durable construction of the premium class have a rather high price, but at the same time they will serve the owner for many years, accompanying them in bright and unforgettable travels.

Choosing cube tents, pay attention to:

  • size;
  • weave density of the fabric;
  • frame material;
  • brand;
  • price.

Light cube tent is designed for use in extreme conditions. The strength of the materials determines the resistance to rain, snow or wear, as well as the ability to resist the wind. It is common to use a membrane fabric for sewing, allowing the tent to resist precipitation and to remove unnecessary moisture from the inside.

The frame of cheap products is often made of plastic. This material makes the model light, but extremely fragile. When installing such a tent, you need to be very careful, follow all the rules and transport the equipment with extra care. There are also constructions made of fiberglass, but their main disadvantage is the great weight. Such a tent will be difficult to transport in your hands or carry over long distances. The best and most reliable option is still aluminum. This metal is quite durable and light.

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Dimensions are chosen depending on the purpose. For tourism with friends, larger pieces are better suited. It is important to remember that you should not only sit there, but also arrange your life, sleep and just move around. The more people inside, the more space you need to spread out. If you are a hiker and are looking for a light option, then pay attention to the miniature goods with a ceiling height of 170-175 cm.

The brand name on the label is also important. Companies with years of experience value their reputation, and therefore create functional items of high quality. If you are a beginner and do not know it well, it is worth paying attention to the reviews of experienced users. You can also entrust the choice to experts who are aware of the latest trends and innovations, and can assess the pros and cons of the equipment.

The price of a light cube tent varies by size, number of options, tent thickness and manufacturing materials. We do not recommend choosing economy class models, because your impressions of the rest will depend on the quality of travel equipment.

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Another important factor is the color. The multi-layered material can poorly transmit sunlight into the inside of the equipment. That is why it is worth paying attention to the light and bright products. Perhaps they will be a bit more difficult to care for, but the functionality during travel will increase many times over.

Always make your purchases at specialized stores. Contact the managers of our store to save time and money!



🏕  How to save money when buying a light cube tent?

Budget is certainly important when buying a tent, but you shouldn’t save money on such equipment. This will inevitably affect the durability of materials and service life of the model. The best option is to buy a small model with an aluminum frame and durable fabric.

📦  How to choose a light cube tent?

Each customer bases their purchase on their budget, but it's also important to evaluate:

  • reliability of construction;
  • density of fabric;
  • dimensions;
  • fixation system.
Another important factor is seasonality. If you are a winter fisherman, the tent should have additional insulation and windows for air circulation.

💡  What is better: a cube tent or an umbrella?

Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. Light cube tent is a guarantee of coziness and comfort in all circumstances. High ceilings are also an important feature, because they allow you to stand upright inside.


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