Fabric For Our Tents

Fabric For Our Tents

Anton Shupletsov January 17, 2021

All about OXFORD material

OXFORD cloth is an innovative material suitable for a variety of uses. It’s in high demand for camping equipment manufacturing, and sometimes furniture manufacturing.

In today’s market, there are many types of OXFORD brand cloth, but the original OXFORD cloth is unique in its characteristics.

OXFORD is a synthetic material with a special type of weaving called "gunny" or Panama weaving. The canvas fibers are intertwined to resemble staggered squares. The material is then coated with polyurethane or polyvinylchloride to ensure water-resistance. In most cases, OXFORD cloth is manufactured from polyester or nylon, so while it’s not a natural fiber cloth, its synthetic components provide significant advantages for camping, clothing, and equipment manufacturing.


History of OXFORD cloth

Material with a woven pattern resembling a reed basket appeared in Scotland during the XIX century. In contrast to a typical woven pattern, in this fabric, the warp and weft threads overlap not singly, but in whole groups, resulting in a surface covered with relief squares.

Oxford fabric is divided into several types depending on the thickness of the thread underlying the fabric: 210 den, 240 den, 300 den, 420 den, 600 den, and 1800 den.

In addition to strength, Oxford boasts other characteristics such as resistance to chemicals and reagents, durability, wear-resistance, and water-resistance. If the material is made with polyester, you can also add heat-resistance and light-resistance.

Oxford cloth is used in the production of different types of tents, canopies, backpacks, bags, shoes, and workwear.

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