How to find an all weather canopy tent of your dreams?

How to find an all weather canopy tent of your dreams?
Pavlo Lysyy October 17, 2022 6 mins read time

Today, more and more people prefer active recreation, including trips to the countryside in a large company for several days. You need a tent that can withstand the harsh winter cold for comfortable accommodation in any weather. We will describe the selection of the most suitable all-season versions of canopy in our article.


Purpose of all weather tents

All weather tent has several applications. In particular:

  • accommodation of tourists all year round;
  • reliable shelter for a family or group of travelers;
  • winter hunting or fishing;
  • field kitchen or food storage;
  • field bath during an engineering or geological expedition.

You can find many tent options from various manufacturers on the market. However, these options are strikingly different from each other.


All weather tent is a unique product, because it can be used not only in summer, but also during the winter. However, such a canopy must have special fixtures, which will help to operate it under different conditions. They are divided into:

  1. All weather tent with a stove. The presence of a stove with the possibility of continuous burning is one of the important signs, because the availability of heating will make it possible to use the canopy in the winter period. There should be a place inside the product to install the stove and build a ventilation system. The stove is usually accompanied by a fireproof mat, smoke detector and a carbon dioxide sensor. However, when heating at night, you should not forget about safety precautions.
  2. All weather tent with mosquito nets. Such options are usually used in all-season canopy in summer, so that being outdoors is not uncomfortable. However, the construction itself does not consist exclusively of mosquito nets, the manufacturers have made multi-layered doors and windows. This will help to achieve good ventilation and, if necessary, protect tourists from windy weather.
  3. All-season tent with a removable floor. This is also an important parameter. Zippered floor will help to achieve tightness, and in addition, this element will allow you to use the all-season canopy to organize a hiking bath. The tightness of the product will prevent abundant moisture penetration during the rain season.
  4. All-season two-layer tent. This is an option for any weather. Such a canopy has two layers. The inner one performs the function of climate control. At each season, the air between the layers compensates the temperature difference inside and outside. In the winter period, the air layer reduces the effect of the low temperature, in summer - the high temperature.

Sometimes you can find a three-layer version of the tent. The third layer is a heater, which provides condensation settling.


The possibility of using a tent often depends on its capacity. Compact travel canopy can comfortably accommodate up to 3 people, but there are also military tents, designed for up to 50 tourists. In addition, the product must have a special compartment for storing personal items and have a place for camping furniture.

According to size, there are the following types of a tent:


  1. Small size or pop-up. This canopy is usually 8 x 8 and is best suited for short trips and family vacations. They are common due to their compactness among people who do not enjoy long trips. They have all the necessary functionality to make people feel comfortable in any weather, whether it is rain or winter cold. In this case, the leg of one traveler will not come into contact with the leg of another.
  2. Medium. The size of this tent starts from 10 x 20. The main difference is the quick assembly and reliable frame. Canopy is suitable for all accessories, and the presence of additional features turns the product into a full-fledged dwelling module with the possibility of a long stay in nature. This option is great for a variety of scientific expeditions. However, as there are products with a stove, you should make sure that the model was made of fireproof material and that it protects from windy weather.
  3. Impressive size. This is usually the army tent with the largest capacity. It can accommodate up to 50 people. This size indicates that the product is made of the most modern materials, which do not allow the penetration of moisture during rain or cold in windy weather. Such tents also help to keep warm in the winter period.

The latter option of canopy is common not only among the military, but also in long engineering works or a geological expedition.

The shape of tents for all-season use

There are many options for tents:


  1. Dome tents. These tents have a one-piece frame with a quick-open system, which means that just one push is enough for the canopy to unfold. They are quite heavy, but there are models of compact size, particularly 8 x 8. They are usually used by hunters, fishermen and other fans of short-term outdoor activities because of the possibility of opening in one push or ease of movement.
  2. Cube. This kind of canopy has the largest area. It is often used by fishermen. Its shape allows you to sleep straight during the winter and not get pneumonia or other illnesses.
  3. With a gable roof. This is one of the many varieties of a military tent. Due to this form, the roof does not get snow, rain and other precipitation. Such spacious models of canopy are designed to accommodate military units on training exercises, or used during resting or camping of the expedition. They are usually equipped with lightweight or reinforced construction, which depends on the possible conditions of the target outdoor activity.
  4. Professional. They have a streamlined form, which saves from windy weather. They can come with a frame or without it. Such tent is made of lightweight modern materials, which allow you to comfortably live for a long time in harsh conditions. And you can sleep tight during snowstorms in the winter period.

It is interesting that the listed forms of canopy may have sizes from 10 x 10 and larger.

Material of manufacture

Looking to achieve high quality products, most manufacturers produce tent options using modern technology. Particular attention is paid to the materials:

  1. The outer tent. Manufacturers do not try to save money on it, because it protects against rain, winter cold, windy weather and ensures the duration of use of the canopy. A high-density oxford fabric is most often used for sewing outer tent. But when choosing a tent, you should pay attention to its fireproof and airtight seams.
  2. Inner tent. This is one of the most protective elements, which provides comfort. Inner tent prevents the penetration of accumulated condensation. It is usually sewn from high-density oxford textile with polyurethane impregnation.
  3. Frame. The alloys used for an all-season tent are D16 and B95. They reliably protect tourists from all the caprices of the weather changes and allow not to let the heat out from the inside of the canopy.
  4. Roofs. An army type of tent usually has a top made of reinforced vinyl, which is famous for its resistance to frost, moisture penetration and wear and tear. Because of this, the canopy is not afraid of windy weather, rain and winter cold. A model with a roof made of this material can be used during long stays, as it easily withstands prolonged exposure to UV rays, precipitation, and low temperatures.
  5. Bottoms. The material normally used here is more durable than the one for the walls. It does not let moisture; it is fireproof and dense. The bottom is made of taffeta, oxford or ripstop. Sometimes you can find a reinforced polyethylene.

So, when making a choice you should pay attention not only to the capacity and design of the tent, but also to manufacturing materials of its various parts. This is the key to a comfortable environment in any weather during hunting, fishing or other outdoor activities.


Lovers of outdoor activities should choose the appropriate equipment, and an all-season tent has an important place in it. The choice of a canopy should be made thoughtfully, taking into account all factors. In particular, when purchasing the product, it is worth focusing on the following nuances:

  • complection;
  • sizes;
  • form;
  • materials.

This will allow you to choose the most suitable tent for travel, which, for example, can be opened by one push or has a stove, which will warm the cold winter evenings. In addition to the basic elements, it is worth paying attention to additional options. In particular, the ability to push moisture or the presence of fireproof impregnation, the number of entrances and the tightness of seams. It is also desirable to provide for the purchase of additional equipment - camping furniture and other items without which it is impossible to feel comfortable in harsh weather conditions. It is necessary to have such accessories in order to feel like home while hiking.

In our store you can find a variety of canopy tents, which can be used in any season. Affordable price, high quality and proven manufacturers will allow you to buy the tent of your dreams and feel comfortable during a long trip in any weather.



🏕  How to choose an all-season tent?

If you need a canopy that can withstand all weather conditions, you should pay attention to the equipment, shape, size and materials of manufacture. These are fundamental factors for choosing the best option that will be suitable for use in all winter conditions.

📦  Why should you choose a tent with fireproof materials?

In winter, travelers often try to keep warm with a stove installed in the canopy. If the model is made of conventional materials, it is a dangerous idea. Using tents made of fireproof materials eliminates the possibility of a fire due to negligence.

💡  How many people can an all-season tent accommodate?

It depends on the size and purpose of the model. There is a small family canopy, which can comfortably accommodate a family of three people, and there are models with a capacity of up to 50 people. This is the best option for a large group of travelers, making it possible not to experience serious discomfort during the overnight stay, especially during the winter period.


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