Inflatable canvas tent

Inflatable canvas tent
Pavlo Lysyy May 19, 2023 5 mins read time

People are constantly looking for innovations that will make their lives and the activities they do every day easier. The constant pursuit of excellence led to the development of superior things. There will always be people looking for new and improved methods to produce their goods. And the camping shelters are no exception! There are always exciting new developments taking place in the industry of tentmaking, and each year brings along improvements in terms of durability, space, weight, and how easy it is to set up and take down. The final point is likely one of the most important for a good number of campers to consider. Thanks to this you can find high-quality camping shelters that do not require poles these days, which can save you a significant amount of time when setting up the tent.

One of the greatest inventions in the tents industry is the "Inflatable tent" or "Air tent". With the invention of this type of outdoor shelter, setting up and taking down the camping shelter is not a problem anymore for campers. This outdoor shelter is a great illustration of how constant seeking of progress can ease our favorite activities. When searching for a shelter that does not require the use of poles, inflatable canvas tents are an excellent alternative to consider. Air shelters have been around for quite some time, but it is only in recent years that they have started to compete with traditional camping shelters. Inflate the base, set it up where you want it, and then stake down the guy lines. To take it down, simply repeat the steps above in the opposite order.


What is an inflatable canvas tent?

An inflatable canvas tent is a type of camping shelter that is constructed using a combination of inflatable tubes and canvas fabric. Unlike traditional camping shelters that use poles to create a framework, air models use air to support the structure. The canvas fabric is used to create the walls and roof, while inflatable tubes are used to provide the necessary support. Campers that prioritize convenience and portability generally opt for air tents, which can be inflated in minutes with either an electric or manual pump. Since the inflatable tubes may be built to allow for additional vertical space, these outdoor shelters often provide more headroom and living space than conventional pole models. As an additional convenience, they are typically made to be lightweight and small when packed up.

There is currently a wide variety of them available from multiple brands, and while they all function slightly differently, they can generally be categorized as either single or multiple inflation. Models with a single inflation point only require one beam to be inflated, while those with several inflation points require inflating each beam individually. All operate on the same principle, though, and use pressurized air to construct a sturdy and rigid framework. Like a bicycle tire, the shelter's frame consists of tubes that are inflated to a pressure of between 4 and 8 pounds per square inch (PSI).

The tube and sleeve design is widely used for air shelters. To prevent the tubes from expanding too much, they are deflated and placed into a very sturdy tube sleeve before being used in any of the shelters. The tube and sleeve are then placed within flysheet panels. It might seem complicated at first, but actually, it's pretty simple. There is a tube made of plastic that has the capability of being inflated to a specific level of pressure. The plastic tube is inserted into a solid polyester sleeve. When the tube and sleeve are inflated, they create the structure, which is housed in sleeves that are located inside. It is possible to inflate or deflate the air shelter from the outside thanks to the little holes that have been cut into the flysheet at each beam.

Also, you can find two different types of inflation in air shelters. You can find shelters with a single inflation point or multiple inflation points. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks. A single beam that connects to all of the other beams can inflate a canopy with a single inflation point. Typically, all beams are interconnected, allowing inflation to begin at any central cylinder. Because shelter inflates from a single point, you simply plug in a pump, sit back, and relax. Bracer beams are used to strengthen the construction. It may be faster to inflate, but the difference in speed of inflation between single-point and multiple-point systems is not significant. This system, however, has its drawbacks. This type of air shelter is more prone to problems since there are more points of connection between beams, increasing the likelihood of a fault. It is also more difficult to repair or locate the source of the leak; you must lock off each beam to locate the leak and then repair that specific tube. It is more difficult to deflate and pack away because the air might migrate from tube to tube as you pack the shelter away, leaving the air in the frame system.

On the other hand, you have a multiple-inflation point system. As one simple beam per structure, it is less prone to fail. If a single tube fails, it is easier to fix - simply remove and replace it. Much easier to deflate and store. Nevertheless, it is much more dependent on the camper to pitch it, as you cannot simply put in a pump and let it do the work.

Benefits of inflatable canvas shelters

    1. Simple Installation

Rapid setup is their biggest asset of air canvas shelters, as they use air instead of poles and cloth. Most air shelters are easy to assemble in minutes. They are great for campers who want to spend less time setting up and more time exploring.

    1. Lightweight and compact

They are lighter and more portable than regular canvas shelters. They're perfect for travelers and individuals with limited storage because they don't have poles. If you move your campsite often, this makes them easier to carry.

    1. Durable and stable

These shelters are strong and sturdy. Many types are composed of durable materials that can survive harsh weather and terrain. You can enjoy your camping trip without worrying that your shelter will tear.

    1. Cozy and large

Inflatable shelters provide camping comfort and space. Vertical walls provide them with greater headroom and space than ordinary tents. If you spend a lot of time in your camping dwelling, this is helpful.

Premium Inflatable Tent "Panda Air" Medium

This air canvas shelter is reliable and very convenient to use. This outdoor dwelling is a perfect solution whether you're planning an outdoor adventure in the hot summer or need a shelter to protect you from rain and snow in the fall. With an appropriate pump, the inflation of this shelter is a breeze. This model has a single inflation point which contributes to rapid inflation. Waterproof and mildew-resistant canvas is used in the construction of this model. The PVC air valve ensures strength and durability while also protecting the environment. The panoramic roof will guarantee you a breathtaking outlook ideal for luxurious camping. Outdoor dwellings like this one will make your nature pastime cozy and comfortable.


🏕  What are the different systems of infiltration used in inflatable canvas tents?

There are single inflation-point shelters as well as multiple inflation-point shelters. One beam joined to all the others can inflate the whole shelter in single-point shelters. The multiple-inflation point concept divides inflatable shelters into chambers with their inflation points.

📦  What are the benefits of a single-infiltration point system?

The canvas that inflates from a single location is easier to inflate. It also has bracer beams, which strengthen the tent structure and make it possible for the shelter to be inflated more quickly.

💡  What are the benefits of a multiple-infiltration point system?

Several inflation points allow tent air pressure to be adjusted in different areas to maximize stability. Even if one piece of the inflatable canvas shelter is punctured, the others will stay inflated.




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