Onetigris iron hot tent: extensive review

Onetigris iron hot tent: extensive review
Pavlo Lysyy November 11, 2022 5 mins read time

Onetigris iron wall hot tent is a great option for winter camping, hiking, backpacking, and fishing. Onetigris smokey hut has many great features, including waterproofness, lightweightness, durability, sturdiness, comfort, compactness, portability, and more.

The tent specifications are quality nylon material, aluminum poles, YKK zippers, and adjusted inner mesh with a bug net. The simple design makes this shelter easy to assemble. You will be able to immerse in nature and enjoy it to the maximum.

Onetigris smokey hut ultralight hot tent has many more to offer to ardent travelers, so read the article and learn how to get an unforgettable camping experience with this shelter.


Onetigris Smokey Hut Parameters

Firstly, we will dive into technical details to show how this tent can be useful for you. Onetigris is a sport-type tent. This four-season shelter is recommended to use for camping, hiking, backpacking, bushcraft, fishing, canoeing, etc.

Onetigris is known to be ultralight as it weighs two kilograms, so you can carry the hot tent in a backpack at long distances. When folded the product size is 45cm*14cm*14cm, and when you set it up, the shelter has 3m in diameter and 1.6m in height.

It’s a heptagon-shaped iron hot tent that can accommodate two people. The shelter is well-ventilated thanks to two windows at the top and a top opening for a hot flue pipe. Made of 20D silicone-coated nylon, it is waterproof and wind resistant. Poles are made of aluminum. There’s a half-inner mesh with an upgraded zipper to keep bugs out and separate you from the stove and wood. Quality snag-free YKK zippers ensure total protection and convenient use.

Onetigris Tent Package Contents

When buying the iron wall hot tent, it’s vital to know what the package includes. It comes with a complete setup kit. So you will get a shelter itself, an inner mesh, ten stakes, four guy lines, an aluminum pole, and a stuff sack. Consider that it doesn’t include a burning stove or a hot flue pipe. You should purchase a stove jack separately to keep your campsite safe from fires.

You can also acquire related items for camping like a tripod cloth, camping table, camping cot, camping mat, bushcraft backpack, survival shelter, and raincoat.

Why Choose Onetigris Iron Wall Hot Tent?

This smokey hut is a perfect solution to camp out in the wild. You will get a double-chamber design and a chimney opening. A pyramid-shaped camping accommodation has a solid build to stand against windy and rainy weather. There are many other reasons to buy this wall tent, so move on and explore its key features.


You can enjoy camping even in rainy weather due to the 2000mm waterproof rating of the shelter. It is made of waterproof polyester mesh cloth with a good ventilation effect.

If some water gets inside the tent, that’s only because you allow airflow and prevent dew, leaving gaps on all sides. That’s not a big challenge, as all pole tents require leaving side gaps. If you use a tent stove, it’s recommended to acquire a stove jack to prevent raindrops from getting inside your shelter.

You should use a waterproof sleeping bag or a mesh, so as not to sleep on wet ground. It’d be better to set up your shelter on plain ground without any holes to prevent water from getting inside. Generally, if you want to enjoy hiking & camping at any time of the year in any weather, choose this Onetigris hot tent.


The iron wall hot shelter is made of high-quality 20D sil-coated nylon fabric. This durable material is highly versatile and lightweight. It’s resistant to tears, so you can easily pack it as many times as you need without any harm to the material quality. The shelter heptagon shape with reinforced aluminum pole top area ensures high wind resistance.

The zippers are quite durable as well. The high-quality YKK zippers will serve you for a long time without any issues. There are also aluminum pegs and guy lines made of durable, high-quality material. You can set up your wall tent in a few minutes, and it will stand still despite any weather conditions. Disassemble your shelter easily, and all the components will retain their initial quality.


Camping in mountainous or windy areas requires a strong, sturdy shelter, and the Onetigris product is right for that. Its heptagon shape and single walking pole offer a solid build. Tie-out points and guyline tensioners provide an extra solid support. Sleep under the canvas in heavy rains or winds in this pyramid-shaped camping accommodation.


The camping shelter has a top level of portability. You can easily pack and carry it anywhere you like, thanks to the compact package dimensions of 18.5 x 8.4 x 5 inches. Besides, this smokey hut is ultralight weighing about two kilograms. These two crucial factors: weight and compactness, make this camping accommodation a perfect choice for hiking long distances.


The Onetigris hot camping accommodation ensures a high level of comfort for those enjoying immersion in nature. People can spend time and sleep comfortably in a tent. There are a lot of great features boosting shelter comfort. For example, the inner mesh with a bug net has a simple design that makes it easy to set up, lightweight, portable, and waterproof.

But, at the same time, there are some things affecting the comfort of a smokey hut. The first is the inconvenient position of a stove window. There’s no burning stove or flue pipe.

Can You Use a Stove in the Tent?

The Onetigris wall stove tent is perfectly crafted for winter camping, and you can set up a stove inside the shelter. There’s a window to support your stove. The manufacturer doesn’t include a burning stove or flue pipe in the product package. You should buy a stove jack to protect yourself from a hot chimney and fire hazards.

Here are some tips on how to use a stove in a shelter without any risk. The wood stove will help you warm up in cold weather and cook when it’s raining outside. Along with benefits, setting up a stove hides a lot of dangers. So let’s explore safety precautions that can save your life. You should be very attentive and constantly keep an eye on the fire. It’s better to use fire-resistant tents made of natural materials. If you have combustible or flammable items, consider removing them from the shelter while using the stove. Make sure the flue pipe is placed safely high enough from the tent. Carrying a fire extinguisher is not very comfortable, but it’s better to be prepared or have enough water on hand. At Outdoor Favor, you can find a wide range of safe stove tents.

Final Thoughts

Now you see that Onetigris ultralight smokey hut is worth buying. This tent has a lot of advantageous features making this product a top choice for campers. The inner mesh gives you a feeling of protection and privacy in the wild. You can easily assemble the shelter as it requires a single walking pole. It’s lightweight and spacious enough to accommodate two people. Thanks to the heptagon shape, you can enjoy comfortable camping in a steady and durable camping accommodation. It’s waterproof and made of high-quality materials ensuring dry and warm recreation in the open air.



🏕  Does Onetigris hot tent have a floor?

The shelter is designed without a floor, but it doesn't make the tent a bad choice for winter camping. You can use wood or rubber for a floor in a shelter and a sleeping bag. There are ten shelter pegs, so you should not worry that water or snow will get into your camping accommodation if there’s no floor.

📦  Can Onetigris smokey hot hut accommodate two people?

You can cap in this shelter on your own, but there’s enough space for two people. The bottom diameter is 10.5ft or 3.2m with a height of 5.2ft or 1.6m. It’s quite solid and resistant thanks to an aluminum shelter pole and heptagon shape.

💡  Is the Onetigris iron hot tent portable?

This camping accommodation weighs only 4.2Ib or 1900g. It’s rather compact, and its packed dimensions are 45cm *14cm *14cm. You can easily carry it at long distances in your backpack.


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