Choosing winter camping gear for camping in the cold

Choosing winter camping gear for camping in the cold
Pavlo Lysyy November 06, 2022 6 mins read time

Before you go camping in winter, you need to carefully think through a list of winter camping gear, which you can't do without in nature. Improperly chosen clothing or shoes will lead to discomfort, colds and worsen the impression of the activity. You should take care of a sufficient level of warmth and comfort during the trip to have only positive emotions.

Each thing should help keep you warm. Try to choose appropriate clothing made of materials that do not let the cold in and wick away moisture well. Get glasses that will protect your eyes from harmful rays - snowy plains look beautiful, but it is undesirable to look at them. Don't forget a sleeping bag and mat, a comfortable backpack and a tent where you can rest and recover.


Winter tent

A winter pop up snow tent is the first thing you need to start packing. If the winter is warm enough, a 3-season version will be suitable, but for the fierce cold you should use only a 4-season one. Some of the main characteristics of a tent are durability and water resistance. It should have double walls, so that the wind and snowfall could not spoil your weekend.

Pop up snow tent is offered in several sizes and can accommodate from one to four tourists. Classic tents for spring or summer can be enlarged, but camping gears winter should be as small as possible to not let the warm air out.

You can find a quality model in the catalog on our website, which is ideal for your hiking. It can be an all-season option or model with a stove. These tents are ideal for people that can keep warm in the winter cold. They provide good air exchange, and there is a stove pipe that quickly removes harmful fumes, keeping the air in your temporary home clean and fresh.

Sleeping bag

When it is a subzero temperature outside, it is worth putting an effort to create maximum warmth while sleeping. Winter sleeping bag, which you choose to hike in addition to the pop up snow tent, should keep you warm and cozy regardless of the weather.

The optimal way to improve insulation is to choose the shape of the bag. Rectangular variant will not help keep you as warm in cold weather as a bag that fits the body more closely. To get warm even easier, you should choose a model with a hood, ties and collar, which will prevent the entry of cold air.

Sleeping mat

Another important thing that comes in handy during winter camping in a pop up snow tent is a special mat. It serves as an additional layer of insulation during sleep. It should be placed between the ground and the sleeping bag to avoid hypothermia. The best choice for of winter camping gear:

  • it has a high R-value (resistance to heat loss);
  • made of foam material;
  • an alternative is a self-inflating air pillow.

If you do not like the cold and prefer the highest possible temperature, use several mats at once.This way, you will not freeze while sleeping, even in very cold temperatures.

Warm clothing

It is as important to choose the right clothes as it is to find the best pop up snow tent. You need to make a multi-layered closet that is perfect for specific weather conditions. If the clothes are making you hot, you can get rid of one layer and continue to hike in comfort.

The outer clothing in camping gear for winter is a jacket and pants that have water-repellent properties. Hiking in cold weather can be accompanied by strong winds, so the outfit, as well as a pop up snow tent, should also be well protected from draughts. Modern winter clothing is lightweight and provides good air circulation.

You should have a quality sweater under the jacket that will help keep you warm. It is best to choose a warm pullover or vest. The materials used to make such clothing are:

  • fleece;
  • wool;
  • down;
  • synthetics.

The base layer of winter camping gear is no less important. Its purpose is to wick away moisture and keep the body dry. During winter hiking, it is important not to let moisture on the skin, because it leads to hypothermia.

The materials used are polyester, merino wool or nylon. Many people prefer cotton products, but this option is better suited for city walks. During camping, such items will not be able to reliably protect you from the cold.

Hat and gloves

If you do not like to wear a hat in winter, then this element of inter camping gear is essential when traveling. It will help keep you warm and prevent unnecessary heat loss. It may be quite warm in the sun during the day, but at night you can't do without a hat in a pop up snow tent. It is important to stay in it during sleep to avoid heat loss. It is difficult to name a specific model, but it is better to choose a hat with the presence of wool or a layer of fleece fabric.

Hands and feet should also stay warm all the time. Therefore, you cannot do without quality mittens or gloves. Thermal insulation is one of the important factors in choosing the right model. But if you go to a river or if a heavy snowfall is expected, the gloves should not get wet. Choose a model made of waterproof material.

Winter shoes

The shoes are important no matter what the season is, but when it comes to camping boots, there are several factors to take into account when choosing:

  • whether your feet get cold while walking and resting;
  • whether moisture penetrates;
  • whether the sole does not slip.

At the same time, the shoes in winter camping gear must be perfectly sized. You will not only feel uncomfortable in shoes that are too big or too cold. Try to choose shoes that are comfortable to walk in with an extra pair of socks.

Socks should be warm - a model made of wool or with a woolen filling inside will be fine. There are lightweight sports models designed specifically for camping. They perfectly retain heat and help the rapid evaporation of moisture.

Hiking gear

In winter, you need winter camping gear, which is lightweight. There are many lightweight models necessary for travelers - these are pop up snow tent, sleeping bags. Additional items are glasses (with wind protection or sun protection), as well as backpacks.

Many people do not pay proper attention to glasses. But during snowfall, as well as trips in snowy terrain, sunglasses are very important. Snow reflects up to 80% of ultraviolet rays, so you need to protect your eyes by choosing quality glasses.

Hiking backpack in winter camping gear should have protection properties against moisture. Choose a model of large volume, so that it holds all the necessary equipment, things, food and other items.

If your journey takes place during the glaze of ice, don't forget your trekking poles. They will help keep you from slipping while walking or hiking through difficult parts of the trail until the pop up snow tent is installed.

Equipment for your own safety

Weather conditions in winter change quite dramatically. While at home it has no effect, when hiking you will notice any change in wind or temperature. Try to take care of winter camping gear that will help ensure safety.

The first thing to pay attention to is avalanche safety. If your campsite is set up in the mountains or you're here to go snowboarding, you'll need:

  • an avalanche beacon;
  • shovel;
  • feeler gauge.

These items will not be enough if you do not know how to use them. Therefore, you should learn the rules before you travel so that you can quickly use important items in case of danger.

Additional ways to keep warm

Winter camping gear should include portable heaters. This will keep your tent much warmer. Some heaters run on propane. Without proper ventilation, harmful fumes will be collected in the tent, so try to use the devices only when you are awake.

A stove is also an important element. You can use it not only to cook food, but also to boil a kettle and keep warm. Some stoves are designed for use inside the tent (of course, if the model of the tent allows it). Some of them run on gas. This is the best option for extremely cold temperatures.

Camping in a hammock - crazy thing or comfort?

Winter camping in a hammock may seem like an incredible option for those who aren't used to camping in freezing temperatures without a pop up snow tent. But if you choose the right equipment, a hammock will be a great alternative to a bed at home. You will need a raincoat, sleeping bag and mat, and a warm blanket. Such a set will provide comfortable conditions for sleeping and resting.

In addition, the hammock has a small weight. It is a portable model, which will help you comfortably settle in any place during the hike. You will spend no more than a few minutes to set it up, and then you can relax and rest without feeling the cold of the ground.

When you pick up all the winter camping gear you need, you can have an unforgettable weekend of outdoor travel. You will remember the beautiful time on a snow-covered foothill or in the woods for a long time, and you will feel warm and comfortable.



🏕  What winter camping gear do you need for a winter weekend outdoors?

Start by choosing a pop up tent that is not only comfortable to sleep in, but also to relax with others.

📦  Will a tent help keep you warm on a winter camping trip?

A tent is the first element of winter camping gear, essential for every trip to the mountains or forest.

💡  Which winter camping gear best protects you from the cold?

You will need warm clothes, a sleeping bag and a mat for it, glasses, dishes, trekking poles, and a quality tent (the best option is with a stove).


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