Top waterproof 4 person tents for camping (3 season VS 4 season)

Top waterproof 4 person tents for camping (3 season VS 4 season)
Pavlo Lysyy February 08, 2023 6 mins read time


The best tents for any season

It is important not only to pay attention to the location you are going to stay in, or the route, but also to think about the appropriate equipment so that your outdoor recreation will give pleasant emotions. The arsenal of avid campers must include a practical and comfortable camping tent. If you spend your vacation with friends or family, choose the 4 person tents. There are several parameters that you need to pay attention to during the purchase:

  • weight;
  • material;
  • construction;
  • floor area;
  • ease of assembly;
  • if the tent is waterproof;
  • seasonality.

All models of tents have a diverse set of these characteristics, so it is worth studying this issue in detail to understand exactly what option you need.

Characteristics of camping tents

As for the weight of the camping dwelling, the lightweight models are chosen mainly for long hikes. However, when we are talking about camping on the car, small weight is not so important to us. Roominess is more important for a group, because it is necessary that 4 person can easily fit inside.Therefore, the floor area is one of the key indicators. One person needs 13 feet square to sleep comfortably. So, the size of the tent should correspond to how many people are planning to sleep there overnight. For 4 person, the floor area of the tent should start at 52 square feet. The larger the dimensions, the more spacious the inside.

The material of the product is equally important for comfortable camping. Ask how well the fabric protects from wind and sun, and whether it has waterproof qualities. Pay special attention to the bottom of the tent. It should be multi-layered and durable, because this part is the most exposed to possible rips and punctures.

Metal poles and arcs that hold the entire construction should also be of high quality. The cheaper the metal, the softer it will be. Of course, if you don’t often go camping in nature, you can not spend a lot of money on expensive materials. However, when you buy a cheap model, there is no guarantee that after a few assemblies, the construction will not sag and not function worse.

All tents are divided by the seasons during which they can be used:

  • summer;
  • 3 season (spring, summer, fall);
  • 4 season (universal).

It is rational to buy summer 4 person tents if you go on vacation only at this time of year. Such tents are often cheaper than others and have a low weight. 3 season tents are used at any time of year except winter. The cost of such an attribute is higher than that of a summer one. Given its use in the rainy season, you need to pay special attention to waterproof properties. Such camping tents for 4 person will not be super light, because the materials used for their production should be reliable and practical.

Versatile 4 season camping tents can be used all year round. The best model in its category is the all-season tent "UP-2". It is designed for comfortable overnight stays of 1-4 campers. Thanks to the umbrella design, it does not take much time to assemble. In addition, it can be installed on any terrain. This is an ideal option for accommodating a 4 person company. There is enough space inside for a comfortable sleep, regardless of the weather outside. You can comfortably shelter inside from the scorching summer sun, autumn rain or winter snow. Thanks to the wood stove, campers can maintain a constant comfortable temperature inside. Due to the high-strength metal frame and quality materials manufactured by the latest technology, the 4 season tent will serve you for many years. Campers are safely protected in this tent from fires, poisonous animals and insects, as well as water. Reliable bottom does not let precipitation pass, so sleeping on the floor will be dry and comfortable. Thanks to the reflective elements on the outside of the tent, it becomes visible to cars and snowmobiles. Therefore, you will not become a victim of an accident. Model "UP-2" has proved itself among the American and Canadian campers as a reliable and practical 4 person 4 season tent.

The best models of 4 person tents for camping

4 person tents from 3 season and 4 season categories are very popular among campers. Manufacturers put the main emphasis on waterproof quality. One of the popular models of 4 person tents is ALPS Mountaineering Lynx. It is a tent from the category of 3 season. This shelter has two entrances and a lot of pockets for storing small items that should always be on hand. Mesh windows provide good ventilation. This model has extra storage space for your gear. A large floor area provides a comfortable and spacious stay inside the temporary dwelling. And thanks to waterproof materials, campers can stay safe from rain or snow.

Another worthy model of 4 person 4 season tents - Gazelle T4 Pop Up Tent. There is 61 square feet of space inside the camping tent. It takes a minute and a half to assemble the shelter. The construction is equipped with special poles that hold the tent firmly in place on any terrain. Camping in such a tent will give you a pleasant experience, because you will feel comfortable and safe.

One of the most spacious waterproof 4 person tents is Coleman WeatherMaster. The tent from the 4 season category has a hinged door and even a separate room protected by transparent screens. It can be used as extra sleeping space in the warmer months and as a vestibule for storing gear in the winter. There are sewn-in pockets on the side walls that are convenient for storing phones, flashlights, and other items. You will be securely protected from the wind and any precipitation in this shelter. In winter, it is warm and cozy, and in summer, it is cool and comfortable. Of course, this is an expensive model, and if you are not an avid tourist, then it is rational to look at more budget options.

A budget option of waterproof 4 person tents is considered Alpha Camp Dome Tent. It's compact, but quite spacious and lightweight at the same time. The disadvantage of this model is the height. Its shortcoming will not allow you to stand safely at full height, but many choose it because of the optimal price-quality ratio. The construction has sufficient ventilation, and it is easy to install.

All-season tents are a universal attribute. They are useful in any season, but if winter camping is not for you, it's worth considering 3 season models with excellent waterproof characteristics.

The best representatives of the 3 season tents

If 4 person in 3-season tents can comfortably accommodate, you need to choose spacious models .The North Face Wawona 6 is a 3 season model, which will be comfortable for a family or a small group of friends. Due to the large space, it is not so easy to assemble, but if space and comfort is important to you, it is a small disadvantage. This 3 season tent also has a spacious vestibule where you can leave your gear or prepare food when it's raining outside. Thanks to the good waterproof ability of the material, it will be comfortable inside the tent in such weather.

If you're chasing space and looking for camping 3 season tents, check out the Marmot Limestone 8 model. Its floor can accommodate 4 person and even more. This model is equipped with a large canopy under which you can take shelter in the rain. In this tent, you can not be afraid of rain or wet ground, it will be dry and comfortable inside in any weather. Due to its waterproof qualities, shelter is one of the favorites among experienced camping tourists.

The Kelty Wireless 6 is a budget option of waterproof 3 season tents. This is a good model for 4 person camping. Although fiberglass arcs are not often chosen by professional campers, this tent is worthy of attention. It has excellent features for its price. There is a special bag for easy carrying. The tent area has good parameters, allowing campers to spaciously sleep or stay inside.


To understand whether you need a 3 season or 4 season tent, you should decide whether you plan camping in winter. If the answer is no, then buy a 3 season tent. If you have doubts, it is better to give preference to the second option. Then you will be able to go camping all year round. A quality waterproof 4 person 4 season tent is an expensive pleasure, but it is worth it. It is much better to invest once in a quality product that you will use for many years than to buy a few tents. To ensure that camping does not turn into a disappointment, you need to choose a model that will meet 100% of your needs.


🏕  What is the difference between a 4 season tent and a 3 season one?

The main difference is that the 3 season tent is not designed for winter camping. For example, the all-season model "UP-2" has a stove that heats the shelter in winter. 3 season tents can not boast this.

📦  What should the bottom of a 4 person tent be like?

The bottom of the tent must be a multilayer, thick, and the waterproof rating should be higher than the external material. This is especially important for a 4 season and 3 season tent, as it is used in the rainy season and when the air and the ground are wet.

💡  Is it possible to sleep in a 4 person tent in winter ?

If you have chosen a 4 season tent, it can be used for overnight stays in winter as well. It is important to understand that in addition to an all-season 4 person tent, you must have a sleeping bag and warm clothes.




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Rain can be a bummer

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Neo Mcclure said:

4 person tents offer better protection against rain.

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Ismail Boyd said:

Yeah, if you wanna camp in the fall, a 4 season tent is still better. Better safe than sorry

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I love my UP-2. I’m always dry and warm x

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Consider the weight of the tent. Some are super hard to transport.

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