What to look for in a 2-person hunting tent: recommendations

What to look for in a 2-person hunting tent: recommendations
Pavlo Lysyy April 20, 2023 7 mins read time

Hunting is a kind of activity that implies a stay in the wilderness, sometimes for a few days. Everyone going on a long trip needs a place to sleep, store gear, escape from bad weather, critters, etc. As long as the activity is popular worldwide, there is a substantial supply of products for hunters and other categories of campers. Manufacturers come up with a variety of design solutions, making it difficult to choose the best one for an ordinary user. There are a number of criteria which you should rely on when buying a shelter.


How do I choose a 2-person hunting tent?

The most important factors that should determine your choice of a shelter are your hunting style and preferences. To ease the process of choice, try to answer the following questions:

  1. How far away from home are you going to hunt and for how long?
  2. What types of terrain and habitat do you prefer to hunt in?
  3. At what time of the year are you going to hunt?
  4. In what climate do you live and hunt?
  5. How big a team are you going with?

So, let’s break it down a little.

Many 2-person hunting tents are compact enough to fit in a backpack: there are lots of backpacking shelters for sale. They are good if you are traveling deep into the woods or high up into the mountains. It is not always possible to use a vehicle in the wilderness, so you should be ready to walk a couple of miles to your destination. In this case, a lightweight backpacking shelter will be okay. Besides, you should be ready to spend a couple of days away from home, especially if you are chasing nocturnal game, so your shelter should be able to keep you warm all the time.

If you know where you are going and what type of game you are going to hunt (elk, wild boar, quail, grouse, etc.), you should consider the shape and color of your shelter to disguise your presence in the habitat. For example, you can pick out one sporting a camo pattern that matches the terrain and will make your camp really hard to spot.

If you want to go on more-than-one-day trips, you should choose a 2-person hunting tent featuring a weather-proof canvas and stable frame. Canopies differ according to seasonal use: there are three-season shelters that come with breathable canopies with vents and windows. Many such products feature mesh layers and mosquito nets and come with a rainfly. Frames are made of lightweight aluminum alloys or fiberglass. Four-season camps work best in winter when temperature drops dramatically. These shelters do not usually have vents (you don’t need these when it gets really cold). Canopies and frames are more heavyweight, as they are meant to withstand heavy snowfalls. For this reason, four-season shelters are more heavyweight and harder to carry.

Now, how many are you? A 2-person shelter is great in all respects if there are two of you. However, hunters may want to make a bigger team, so they need a large shelter that can accommodate 5 to 8 persons. Here you can go two ways: take a large and heavyweight camp and join efforts to carry it all the way down the route or take several lightweight 2-person hunting tents and split into groups.

Other things to consider

Now that you know what type of 2-person hunting tent you need and why, do a little research. Check the most reputed brands and product examples. Manufacturers have websites sporting detailed descriptions, pictures, and video tutorials, so you can learn it first-hand from experienced campers and hunters. Check user feedback and take into account both positive and negative comments. Last but not least is the price: make your choice and be sure it is the best piece your wallet can handle!

All-Season Tent with Stove Jack UP-2 Mini

Many campers and hunters, who have already purchased this 2-person tent, say it is a very good shelter. It miraculously combines a relatively light weight with many strong points of a decent 4-season shelter. Besides, it provides an unprecedented level of comfort, user-friendliness, longevity, safety, and weather-resistance.

RBM has provided us a quick-setup shelter with an umbrella-type frame made of aviation alloy АА7075. The canopy consists of two layers of an advanced and heavy-duty material – Oxford 300 PU 4000 (the outer layer) and Oxford 210 PU 2000 (the inner layer). Air between the layers creates an insulating effect, prevents condensation, and keeps dwellers warm in any weather. The canopy folds down into a backpack and can be carried over long distances.

The camo pattern matches a variety of terrains and makes the shelter good for hunters. There is a stove jack, so you can use a wood stove and run the flue pipe safely through it. The flue pipe hole has a heat-resistant ring, so the canvas won’t melt of catch fire. The shelter accommodates 2 or 3 persons with or without a stove respectively.

The pegs and guy lines feature light-reflecting elements. They make the camp visible for drivers from a distance and can help prevent a collision. The UP-2 Mini is great for long trips, as it is sturdy enough to withstand high winds, heavy snowfalls, and blizzards.

River Country Products Trekker 2.2

The River Country Products Trekker 2.2 is a nice low-budget 2-person hunting tent. It can easily accommodate two hunters, and it is compact and lightweight. For this reason, it won’t cause any trouble to those who want to advance deep into the wilderness and far away from the noise of a large city.

The shelter is very easy to set up, as it rests on trekking poles. It sports the classic A-shape and has just one door. Campers say it is not sturdy enough to withstand extreme weather, so it can be good for use in temperate climates. The canvas is not strong enough to withstand a heavy snowfall, and it soaks in a heavy rain. On the other hand, $100 is a very nice price to pay for an opportunity to spend a couple of days chasing deer, elk, wild boar, etc. if you have received a piece of good news from your local weather service.

Most users say it does not take a lot of learning or practice to pitch it. The structure is very simple, and most campers do not have trouble putting it up next time. The River Country Products Trekker 2.2 is great for hunting, hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.

Eureka Mountain Pass 2

The Ereka Mountain Pass 2 is a high-quality 2-person tent for hunters. It is not the biggest one, so you ca take it on a backpacking trip and enjoy a decent rest after a productive hunt. It is categorized as a 4-season shelter, as it sports a high quality ripstop polyester double-wall canopy and a steady aluminum frame that is very easy to install and durable.

This 4-season shelter can be used year-round, as it has removable side panel vents (not all 4-season shelters have vents at all). There are two doors, so you can get in and out of your portable little home without bothering your companion. Besides, it has two vestibules, which, if used as awnings, can provide extra space for storing your gear. There is a gear loft, where you can put your belongings and sleep comfortably without having to crouch among your stuff. If you prefer solo hunts or want to go with a dog, this shelter is ideal for you.

The canopy sports an attractive white-and-orange color palette, which will make it visible for your teammates if you are traveling with a large group. The canvas and the frame are lightweight compared to those of the majority of all-season shelters. It is a free-standing shelter that is easy to put up even for a beginner. The shelter’s performance, light weight (5.9 lbs), durability, compactness, and sturdiness, create an attractive mix and pushes the quality boundaries within its category.

KUIU Storm Star 2-Person Tent

The KUIU Storm Star is an all-season double-wall free standing 2-man hunting shelter. It is designed to withstand harsh weather, and many mountain hunters praise it to the skies. There are good reasons to do so, because the manufacturer places quality and reliability above all. The design sports an external frame that ensures stability in high winds that never stop high up in the mountains. Besides, it eases the set-up process and saves you the frustration of the canopy being blown off from the frame, which is often the case with shelters resting on internal frames.

The double-wall canopy protects the inside and prevents condensation. There are two spacious vestibules that provide extra room for gear and food. It has a brightly colored canopy, which is visible from a long distance. The body is removable, so you can pitch this shelter with or without a footprint.

The Storm Star is quite lightweight for an all-season shelter: it weighs 5 lbs. 5 oz. and therefore is good for backpacking. The ease of set-up and the double-intersecting frame design will get you out of dire straits and keep you safe and warm even in a raging snowstorm.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltraMid 2

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltraMid 2 tops the lightness and compactness charts. It is just another exception to the rule stating that all-season shelters are heavyweight and bulky. Many hunters who have bought it say it is the most lightweight 4-season camp ever. The main reason why it is so is the Dyneema Composite Fabric – a material that is much lighter than the traditional nylon or polyester. At the same time, it provides fantastic protection against rain, snow, and wind.

This trait makes this 2-person hunting tent ideal for backcountry hunters, who want to hunt solo, in a pair, or with a dog. It is very minimalistic in terms of general design, and there are no floor or nets. The pyramid structure offers a good amount of room, as there are no vestibules or awnings. The biggest downside of this product is the high price because of the costly innovative fabric.


🏕  Why do hunters need a shelter?

More often than not, hunters have to stay in the wilderness for a few days. They do need an escape from bad weather and critters. Many hunters agree that a 2-person hunting tent is the most relevant option.

📦  Why do hunters choose 2-person hunting tents?

Such tents are compact, relatively lightweight, and therefore easy to carry over long distances. For this reason, they choose 2-man shelters even when they have to go in large teams and want to take several smaller shelters along rather than one big bulky camp.

💡  What should a hunter look at when choosing a shelter?

Everyone who wants to purchase a 2-person hunting tent should look at its most important characteristics: weather-proofness, durability, transportability (weight and packability), floor space, integrity, ease of set-up. Please, consider all these things and buy the best product you can afford.



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duo camping is my absolute favorite

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Vestibules add the extra space that is so much needed

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UP-2 mini is great, spacious but compact

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