5-person tent: a sound choice for group camping

5-person tent: a sound choice for group camping
Pavlo Lysyy February 02, 2023 7 mins read time

Camping is a popular outdoor activity. It's all about talking by the fire and eating smoky food. To get some fresh air and improve your health, the main thing is to take everything you need so that when you travel, you don't have to come back. On vacation you can't do without friends, a cheerful mood and a 5-person tent, because many people can shelter from bad weather at once. It's also a good option if two families choose to go to nature. So, you can spend the night under one roof with all the comforts and conveniences.

Let us tell you how to choose the right tent for 5 for outdoor recreation for a large family, a couple or a group of friends, based on the reviews and characteristics of camping structures, as well as the popularity of brands.


What is a camping tent for 5 men?

It is a shelter in the form of a sturdy frame and fabric waterproof material, as well as rope fasteners and extras if necessary. However, these are only superficial characteristics of tents. Modern shelter for a large company of 5 people is equipped with many attributes and the features are many times superior to conventional tents. For example, it has a lot of space and a place to turn around:

  • you can move freely;
  • stand upright;
  • not to bend over while moving around the dwelling.

We have looked at many options for five-man models at different prices. And we suggest choosing the Pentagon tent. It has earned positive reviews. Tests have shown that the shelter withstands conditions of high humidity, the floor does not get wet, and the wind does not affect the metal base. Now let's answer the question of why this particular option is right for you. The Pentagon is a spacious and comfortable accommodation for overnight stays in nature, suitable from 3 to 5 people. It is made in the form of a pentagon. It has two openings for the entrance. This is very convenient in all situations. Stands of steel are firmly attached to the base and stand firmly on the ground. A hoist is supplied to install them. So there will be no problems with installation, the only thing left is to stretch the canopy and try the construction in practice. The model for 5 people is completed with a wood-burning stove, a pipe for the outlet of the smoke outside.

Here every inch is made with the utmost care. When using this house, you will be able to feel all the benefits. Seams and joints are additionally glued, and fasteners are securely fixed to each other, so that the frame would stand still and wouldn’t collapse from gusts of wind.

We want to dwell on safety, because it is the main criterion for those who take children on vacation. The model of the tent for 5 people consists of moisture-resistant fabrics, which are reinforced in three layers, including mosquito nets. Thanks to the presence of triangular windows all around, the perimeter of the cabin is fully ventilated from all sides, and mosquitoes and poisonous snakes can not get inside the room. Moreover, everything is insulated and reliable.

You can sleep in peace while enjoying the heat coming from the stove, as its shields reliably against burns, and the wall of the dwelling itself is at a distance from the heating element. In the sun, the shelter for 5 persons does not get warm from the inside, and the top material repels the sun well. The winter camping lodge is very cozy and warm, the wood-burning stove provides everything for comfort. The manufacturer has taken care of safety, so you can fully relax in the bosom of nature below we will look into some more 5 people tents from good manufacturers.

Buying temporary housing for 5 persons - what to look out for

Camping 5 man tents will definitely be needed if you go to the woods for a few days, in the mountains or to the sea. In all these cases, a reliable shelter will be used for different purposes, not just for recreation. On the seashore it can be quite cold, there are gusts of wind, so a sturdy construction will come in handy. The woods are usually full of mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects, as well as wild animals. Quality tents for 5 people will protect against all this, because they are equipped with mosquito nets and steel cables.

In a cheaper tent there may be poor ventilation. For the summer, such a model is not suitable at all, as condensation will accumulate inside the dwelling, which will affect your health. Therefore, you should focus on the average price range.

Tents for 5 persons come in different designs and are made in the form of a hemisphere, cone, tunnel or tent. All these types have one goal - to protect campers from rain, wind, snow, sun and pesky mosquitoes. Structures with a large number of arcs are considered the most reliable. For example, five-sided cabins for 5 men.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a house is not the weight, but the quality of the product. After all, you will carry the design in the car, so let it be weighty, but reliable. Attention should be paid to the details. It is important not to save on the spacious size of the dwelling for 5 persons for their overnight stay, especially if it is planned to accommodate a lot of people.

The floor is the most vulnerable part of the tent for 5 persons. If it is thin, the product will not last long, and the residents themselves will have to freeze. Therefore, it is better if the bottom is thick and reliable. The base for the tent for 5 persons are metal or plastic arcs. They are fastened together to form a figure. Materials for the camping structure for 5 men come in:

  • aluminum - quite flexible arcs, but not very strong, if they do not break in gusts of wind, they can bend;
  • steel is considered strong and reliable, used more often in dwellings for 5 man firms such as Premium Outfitter;
  • other composite materials are inexpensive, add weight to the product, but are less durable.

In addition, there are some other points related to weight. Are you going to drive the car to the most difficult places? Then you'll need a moderately heavy model for 3 or 5 people. If you have to unfold the tent for 5 men in places where you can not pass, and will have to drag a folding house in your hands, give up this option. It is better to choose a frame made of aluminum ou can easily transport such a shelter to your destination.

Pay special attention to the choice of materials for a tent for 5 persons. The fabrics should be waterproof, because it is difficult to predict the vagaries of the weather. Additionally, some tents for 5 persons are equipped with a vestibule. Thanks to this there is a separate place where you can put your backpacks and other things.

Several tent options for 5 men

Some people focus on the time in which they can set up and put down their temporary shelter. For such people there are houses, which are assembled in 15 minutes. There are also models of tent for 5 persons with area more complex set-up. Their assembly is carried out in about half an hour, and you will need extra hands. Tetragon series models are quite popular. They are easy and quick to set up in the bosom of nature.

An inflatable model with a pump is also worth mentioning. However, it is quite expensive. Features of the Zempire Pronto 5 people tent are adjustable ventilation, a rear storage awning, and a pump included.

Recall that the best choice is a mid-priced Pentagon camping tent, with all the amenities. The quality of materials and safety of the model for 5 men is at the highest level. You can always count on a peaceful night's camping and excellent well-being. In addition, there is plenty of space inside and enough windows to breathe fully. And during the day you can play board games, warm yourself by the stove and tell different stories. There will also be no problem when drying your laundry. This tent for 5 persons combines original design and comfort. It will be the perfect companion on camping trips and will serve you for many years.


So, before you go out on a trip with your family or friends, take into account the tips in this article. After all, it is very important what kind of tent for 5 men you take with you for the night. This is the place where you will gather a friendly company to drink tea, have a snack or chat, take a break and get warm. In any case, everyone should be guided by their personal needs and preferences. If you mostly go hiking in the summer, a lightweight tent for 5 men is quite suitable. At the same time, it can be made of aluminum rails and have only a few layers of material.

The heavier models for 5 persons are suitable for long trips to the most remote places. It is a real small folding house that fits in your car. So if you are thinking about winter outdoor recreation, the camping tent for 5 people is your perfect companion. It is an insulated room that is protected from moisture from the outside, especially from the ground. Respectable companies have taken care of waterproofing, so that it would be safe, dry and warm inside the tent, because many people take children on the road, whose curiosity can play a cruel joke. In a reliable spacious tent for 5 people you're not afraid of neither the cold, nor heat, nor rainy weather. Have a good time at any time of year!


🏕  How to choose a tent for camping?

Suitable for a long vacation in nature thanks to the high ceiling and a large vestibule. In the tent for 5 people you can not only sleep, but also equip the dining area with a kitchen. Most often, these tents come in 4, 6 or 12 seats, and their weight varies from 10 to 70 kg.

📦  What is the difference between an ordinary camping tent and a tourist camping tent?

Tourist tents are lighter in weight, they are easy to put in your backpack. Camping tents are also foldable, but take up more space, and they are transported in the trunk of the car. Camping tent for 5 people provides full comfort in nature for a large family or company.

💡  What do I need to know when buying a tent?

A quality tent 5 men should reliably protect from all kinds of atmospheric precipitation, offer free passage of air, and not be too cramped.



Wilson Conner

Wilson Conner said:

Camping with friends is THE BEST


Dawson said:

Pentagon is such an amazing tent. Bought it last year, can’t imagine my life without it!

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Maximillian Delgado said:

5 person tents are the most common tent type, for some reason

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Prioritize your needs! thats the only way that you can make the best choice

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Inflatable tents are in fact super easy to set up.. I was surprised to find out:)

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