Easy pop-up tents for camping

Easy pop-up tents for camping
Pavlo Lysyy February 02, 2023 7 mins read time

The best pop-up camping tents are always an excellent option for campers and backpackers. Like all products, these have strong and weak points. They are suited for campers, who look for convenient and user-friendly gear.

What it is and how it works

These quick-setup tents are famous for compact size and outstanding user-friendliness. They get the name from what they can do – actually spring from the bag and unfold instantly in an origami-like fashion. This makes them an attraction for those who look for a lightweight product, so they can carry it over long distances. Second, it is great for those who would like to avoid having to hammer pegs into the ground, assemble the frame and attach the canvas.

The best pop-up camping tents have a single-piece structure, which frees you from having to do extra setup work. Manufacturers and engineers are working around the clock, and they compete with each other in an effort to make a reliable, durable, easy-to-use, and spacious outhouse. Although these shelters are really good for many campers, even best quality huts have weak spots.

What is bad about them?

Space. These camps are compact and lightweight, but they offer less floor space and headroom. It is hardly possible to find one that can accommodate more than 4 persons.

Durability. You do not need to assemble/disassemble an easy pop-up camping tent every time you set it up or take it down. However, the price you pay for that is lower durability and therefore shorter life. Complex mechanisms wear down faster and mostly beyond repair: there are few replacement parts for such camps, so even a minor malfunction may send your product to the trash can when you least expect it.

Low wind resistance. You do not use pegs and guy ropes with this type of tent, so you won’t be okay with it on a windy day. If you go to a place where weather changes quickly and suddenly, you may end up with your shelter blown off from the site, which would be a very disappointing experience.

Price/room ratio. A regular 4-person pop-up shelter goes for about the same price as a 6-person traditional camp. This is the price you pay for the convenience of not having to set it up. On the other hand, most hikers and backpackers believe that it is really worth it and often turn a blind eye to some cons.

How do I choose the best quick setup tent?

Please be sure you really want this particular product. Now that you know its strong and weak points, it is time to make a decision. Check websites where manufacturers post articles about their products and get first-hand information. Read about the type and quality of the frame and canvas and focus on the main designation of any camp that is keeping you dry in a rain, insect-free, and relatively warm on a cool day.

Pay attention to the weight of your future product and choose one that fits your camping habits. Instant shelters are more heavyweight than traditional ones, because they feature complex mechanisms.

Visit outdoor stores and consult experts who can give you first-hand information on their products that are close at hand and demonstrate the setup process. Finally, there are countless video tutorials, so you can check one and learn more about best quality camps.

Also, it is advisable to check customer feedback and choose a shelter that appears to have earned the best reputation. Last but not least, you should keep your money in check and invest in the best thing you can afford! Please check the following descriptions and choose a good thing.

Toogh 3-4 Person Automatic Pop-Up Camping Tent

This quick setup camp offers a very attractive price/quality ratio. It has everything that can keep you and your loved ones comfortable in all aspects. It features an umbrella-style frame with six poles that unfold in a flash of time. The mechanism makes it easy to handle for even first-time campers.

Second, it has the best quality Oxford canvas with a hydrostatic rate of 3,000 mm and a bathtub floor (10,000 mm). These characteristics make it a fully-fledged three-season shelter that can withstand a pouring rain.

Third, the canopy features mesh panels that provide ventilation and keep bugs and mosquitos outside. The double doors are large and handy, and they can be used as an awning. For this reason, the Toogh is really good for summer camping.

Hewolf Camping Tent 2-4 Person

This feature-rich product nearly tops the instant tent charts in terms of reliability and versatility. It has a fiberglass frame with 14 stakes and comes with a handy carry bag. Unlike most such shelters, it is not quite so lightweight. The canopy, both the outer and the inner, is made of a top quality PU2000 waterproof 190T polyester, which also has UV protection.

This dome-style shelter has a hexagonal shape. It is 6 ft 66 in high and therefore offers a good amount of room, so dwellers can move around inside freely. Apart from campers, the shelter offers space for gear.

The tent has two D-shaped zippered doors on both sides, which provide ventilation and easy access to the inside. Meshed windows contribute to ventilation and keep the interior bug-free. One of the best things about this shelter is that replacement parts are available, and that is not typical of quick setup shelters.

Ozark Trail Dark Rest 10-Person Camp

This instant shelter is roomier than many of its counterparts: it is 78 in high and offers 140 sq ft of space. It should be noted that it is pretty lightweight for its size, weighing about 20 lbs.

The shelter features an umbrella-type frame that pops up instantly. You do not need to do a lot of assembly work, because the canopy is pre-attached to the frame. The shelter comes with a carry bag and fits well in it.

The canopy has two large doors and meshed windows, so effective ventilation is guaranteed. There are pockets for gear, and an e-port for a power cord, so you can take your hut to a campground and keep the interior lit.

The canopy incorporates a “dark room” feature that helps block sunlight and cool down the inside on a hot summer day. The biggest downside is low waterproofness, so this shelter won’t keep you completely dry in a downpour.

Teton Sports Vista 1 Quick Camp

This one-person shelter is great for solo campers. With the peak height of 39 inches and space of 20 square feet, it can accommodate you and a good amount of gear. It weighs 4.6 lbs, which is lightweight compared to the majority of pop-up canopies.

The double-wall canopy protects you against rain and reduces condensation. The large D-shaped door makes it easy for you to get in and out of your shelter when necessary. On a sunny day, you can put away the rain fly and enjoy fresh air that will be getting through the mesh ceiling.

AYAMAYA Tents 3-4 Person Instant/Pop-up

This shelter strikes a nice balance between weight and size: it is large enough to accommodate up to 4 campers, yet it is lightweight and therefore good for hikers and backpackers. It is easy to set up (it does the job by itself), but a little more challenging to fold for a novice. The Ayawaya is famous for its appearance, as it is more traditional compared to other instant camps.

The canvas is made of a 3000 mm waterproof polyester; the flooring is a little sturdier, as it is made of a 4000 mm waterproof polyester. The shelter has mesh doors and windows, which ensure effective ventilation and keep the inside bug-free. On a rainy day, you can enhance water protection with a rain fly. There are pockets for gear and accessories, so you can store your stuff safely without being afraid to losing a thing.

Coleman (4-Person) Instant Pop-Up Camp

Coleman is a renowned tent maker, and it offers a variety of quick setup shelters. The Coleman Instant Pop-Up is a very simple and easy to use, yet practical tent with a good number of attractive features. Besides, it is pretty lightweight for a 4-person shelter, most likely because the canvas has one layer. For this reason, this hut is less waterproof than some products within the pop-up group. On the other hand, its pre-attached rainfly can withstand lengthy mild rainfalls without letting in a drop. On a sunny day, you can roll it back, expose the mesh ventilation panels, and let in a bit of fresh air.

This tent is 3 ft 6 in high at the center, 9 ft 2 in long, and 6 ft 6 in wide, so it is big enough to house 4 grownups. There are two double doors and two large windows. The Coleman is very easy to set up, and it takes less than 10 seconds to put it up. Last but not least, it is much lighter than most quick setup shelters, as it weighs slightly more than 7 lbs.

Moon Lence 4-Person Pop-Up Instant Camp

This shelter boasts quite a number of strong points that are not typical of automatic setup tents. For example, it pars with many traditional shelters in waterproofness and three-season performance. Second, it is quite easy to pitch for even less experienced campers. A little greater weight compared to many other pop-up huts for camping is the price you pay for these advantages. Besides, it is a little harder to pitch than most quick setup shelters, but most users say it is worth the tradeoff.

With a center height of 49 inches and floor space of 54 sq ft, the shelter offers enough room for up to 4 persons. Everyone inside will feel comfortable, as the canvas is made of a best quality 190T PU polyester, and the groundsheet is made of a 210D Oxford polyester with a 2,000 mm hydrostatic head rating. Also, it is UV-resistant and meshed windows and vents that keep the inside well ventilated in summer. The extra weight contributes to a higher-than-average wind resistance, so you will be okay with this shelter even if weather gets a little tough (but not extreme!).


🏕  Are pop-up tents good for hiking and backpacking?

Yes. They are designed to actually spring out of the carry bag. This frees users from having to manually assemble and disassemble a tent, as it does the biggest part of the job by itself. Second, they are compact and easy to carry. This makes them a great option for hikers and backpackers.

📦  Do quick setup camps have drawbacks?

Yes, they do. Even best quality pop-up camping shelters have weak spots: they are less stable in the wind and are more likely to break down beyond repair. Finally, they are a little more heavyweight than traditional tents, because frames have a more complex structure.

💡  Are pop-up camps smaller than traditional ones?

Yes. They are smaller in size and do not usually accommodate more than 4 persons. For this reason, they are better suited for small groups and families, as well as for solo camping.




Colin Gay

Colin Gay said:

Popups have NO drawbacks!! they’re prefect

Raheem Jimenez

Raheem Jimenez said:

all the brands mentioned are worth looking into, decent brands

Bruno Moses

Bruno Moses said:

Quick-setup tents are a lifesaver when you’re a beginner – trust me

Shelby Dixon

Shelby Dixon said:

Some valuable info, thank u

Haseeb Bates

Haseeb Bates said:

I am a hiker and I can’t imagine my trips without popups! I mean they make your life so much easier.. definitely worth the money spent

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