8 person tents for family trips: top choice

8 person tents for family trips: top choice
Pavlo Lysyy February 07, 2023 6 mins read time

Are you planning outdoor activities with your large family or a group of friends? Then you definitely need to pay attention to the purchase of an 8-person tent, which will make your stay the most comfortable. You no longer need to think about how to accommodate all the people - the solution is already found for you! Explore what advantages different models of 8-person tents have in our guide and choose one of them today to start planning your camping.


Things to Consider Before Buying 8-Person Tents

Although you will buy a fairly large dwelling anyway, there are a few factors to consider when accommodating that many people. First, you need to check the parameters of your shelter, since items such as pillows, sleeping bags and other bedding take up quite a lot of space. Sometimes the declared number of people that a dwelling can accommodate and its actual capacity may vary significantly. Therefore, consider how many children and large adults are with you. Also pay attention to whether it is possible to stand up inside your dwelling.

Secondly, the difficulty of setting up a shelter also plays an important role. If it is too large and requires two people to install, this can be a problem for families with small children. We advise you to pay attention to the number of poles that are included with the model you have chosen. As a rule, installation will be easier and will take less time if there are fewer poles in the package. In addition, transporting larger models will also require more space in your vehicle. Therefore, it will probably be necessary to pay attention to a model with a smaller packed size.

By taking these factors into account in advance, you no longer need to worry about having enough tents to accommodate all campers. You just need to buy one 8-person model and enjoy your holiday! You are guaranteed to have many pleasant memories from living together in nature.

Best 8 Person Tents For Kicking Back At The Campground

After researching the most popular large group dwellings, we have put together this list below to save you time and make your camping preparation easier. We are confident that you will find a shelter that meets all your needs and can accommodate all your family members or friends.

1) The Big Agnes Bunk House 8.

First of all, one of the most spacious models on the market today is the Big Agnes Bunk House 8. The main advantage is that its installation will not be difficult and will not take much time, sometimes you don’t even need assembly instructions! Also, this 8-person tent will perfectly protect your entire large group of people in any weather: it will not be blown away by the wind, and water will not seep inside during heavy rain. However, this model is likely to be suitable for colder weather: if several people are inside at the same time, it can be quite stuffy. On the other hand, this model is still worth the money, and you will ensure a comfortable stay by choosing it!

2) All-Season Premium Outfitter Wall Tent with Stove Jack "Hexagon".

We are pleased to present you our new premium model, ideal for 8 people. This flagship model has received a lot of positive feedback from customers for its versatility, reliable materials, high quality and good capacity. This is one of the largest tents in our range and can easily be compared to a room in an apartment. This dwelling will protect you from the hot summer sun and from the bitter winter cold. Moreover, you will feel completely safe because our model is equipped with a stove with protective metal shields to prevent fire, as well as reflective elements that are visible in the dark and help prevent accidents. The model also includes a floor with a zipper that protects against insects and snakes. So our All-Season “Hexagon” is created to meet all your camping needs. Enjoy your vacation in a large group of people close to you and feel as comfortable as at home!

3) Ozark Trail 8-Person Modified Dome Tent

We recommend this model because it costs even less than a 2-person dwelling, but still has positive features. Transportation of this model is not difficult, because it has a fairly small size when folded. What's more, the Ozark Trail has a dome design and, therefore, plenty of ventilation options. At the same time, this design is not suitable for all kinds of inclement weather. If you are planning a long camping trip in an area where the weather is unpredictable, it is better to look at more expensive models. However, this option will be more than affordable for a large group of beginner campers!

4) Eureka Copper Canyon LX8

This model will be ideal for you if you need a large interior space. Even your 6-foot 1-inch member of the family will be able to easily walk around inside. Eureka Copper Canyon LX8 will definitely withstand any bad weather, so you can safely go on a long camping trip. However, we recommend purchasing this model if several people in your group can install it. The model is quite heavy and can take up a lot of space in the car. But if you are going on a trip with your large family, this should not be a hindrance! In addition, there is a large number of doors and windows, which is extremely useful for a group of people. Therefore, the price of this model will be fully justified!

5) NEMO Wagontop 8-Person Camping Tent

This model is the closest to actually accommodating 8 adults on a par with the "Hexagon". The large interior space will easily accommodate three queen-size camping mattresses. Thanks to the “covered wagon” design the Nemo takes its name from, the ceiling stretches to over six and a half feet at its peak, and stays over six feet regardless of where you’re standing. Despite the rather voluminous design, even one person can install it. The Wagontop 8 will also handle bad weather because the poles hold on tight with no flex in the wind or rain and provide good tension. The Wagontop 8 can even support its own weight on any terrain and in most cases it doesn't even need to be fixed. The ratings show that the design and dimensions of this model make it a good choice for most people looking for a comfortable three-season modified dome dwelling that should serve well for years to come.

6) Coleman 8-Person Dark Room Skydome Camping Tent

We decided to include this model in our list because, in addition to being roomy, its dark interior is perfect for midday naps or summer solstice camping. This would be ideal for those who are light sleepers. Only a small amount of light enters the corners and along the edge of the door, so the inside is much cooler than that of comparable models. You may also be attracted to a fairly simple assembly and reasonable price. A wide door design means you can move air beds, sleeping bags, and other gear in and out with ease. There is plenty of room to stretch inside the spacious interior thanks to the nearly vertical walls that offer more headroom. However, this dwelling only accommodates two queen-size camping mattresses, so there may not be enough space for 8 people. If you only have large adults in your group, you should probably look for a more spacious option.

Of course, the choice of good 8-person tents is not limited to our list, but we hope that you will find a suitable model among our recommendations. Make your family trip unforgettable by choosing the best dwelling option in advance. Here at RBM Outdoors, our professionals are always ready to offer you the best camping experience.


🏕  How big are 8-person tents?

There is a significant range of sizes for 8-person tents, depending on their shape and optional accessories. Basically this description is used to show how many average sized people could sleep inside. Therefore, it is always necessary to additionally check the parameters of the tents, especially if all the people in your company are adults.

📦  What are the best 8-person tents for family trips?

  • All-Season Premium Outfitter Wall Tent with Stove Jack "Hexagon"
  • The Big Agnes Bunk House 8
  • Ozark Trail 8-Person Modified Dome Tent
  • Eureka Copper Canyon LX8
  • NEMO Wagontop 8-Person Camping Tent
  • Coleman 8-Person Dark Room Skydome Camping Tent

💡  How many people does it take to set up an 8 person tent?

Due to the fact that 8-person tents are larger than conventional models, two tall adults are almost always needed to set up the construction. However, in some cases, if the assembly is simple and the model does not contain many poles, one person can also handle this task.




Tia Green

Tia Green said:

I always camp with my husband and my two kids. We love it

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Safwan Baxter said:

8 people is a large group to accommodate…

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Gethin Decker said:

i own a hexagon, and i personally am in love with it! great piece of equipment

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Chad Combs said:

It’s always nice to have some extra space trust me

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Just go with your instincts when making a choice. Never let me down.

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