How to pick a 4 season 4 person canvas tent

How to pick a 4 season 4 person canvas tent
Pavlo Lysyy February 07, 2023 7 mins read time

Do you like to spend a lot of time outdoors but have always saved on a canvas tent, putting off buying one? After reading our article, you will buy it. After all, when installing a shelter in the middle of the forest, at the foot of the mountains, or near the river, you get an excellent opportunity to relax with benefits. In the lap of nature, your company can be caught unawares by unforeseen weather conditions, bloodsucking insects, and wild animals. A 4-season canvas tent for 4 or more people is the answer! You'll need a cozy tent if you decide to take your kids on a hike. They'll feel like real scouts of superheroes on the seashore and come up with hundreds of games.


Types of tents and selection parameters

It is no secret that camping helps to improve the body and strengthen the immune system. However, not all recreation will be beneficial. For example, if you go fishing in winter with a child who is not used to spending a long time in the cold, they can catch a cold. A multilayer canvas tent, in this case, will help keep you warm and get you accustomed to harsh weather conditions and winter holidays.

So, what are the purchase criteria for this important hiking accessory? First, people look at the design and color, but the main thing is to choose the right type depending on seasonality, size (capacity), and shape. Before you buy a piece of gear, it's worth considering how likely you are to go camping with the same group multiple times. Is it worth it to take a two-bed size up to 1.5 meters or buy a more roomy shelter of the 4-season canvas? If you have to buy a sizeable temporary dwelling, pay attention to the availability of two entrances. It will be easier and more convenient, and you won't have to bother your neighbors to go outside or back to your sleeping place at night.

Last but not least, the canvas tent's safe materials and the frame itself play an essential role in the purchase. All constructions are different in shape:

  1. Canvas tent of the umbrella or dome type. They look attractive, sturdy, and stable. In addition, they can have a vestibule for belongings, which increases usable space and can accommodate from 1 to 6 people. An example of such a tent is the "UP-2" 4-season tent for 4 people.
  2. A marquee is a large-sized house designed for comfortable camping, but because of its weight, it is not suitable for hiking.
  3. Half-barrel has an elongated shape, made in the form of parallel arcs that do not intersect, and accommodates several people.
  4. Canvas lodge. This type is quite challenging to install but is light in weight and has good protection from rain.
  5. Frameless construction – refers to the trekking type of temporary dwelling. Due to its low weight and ability to repel water, the canvas model is a success among cyclists and hikers.

All hinged or stretched structures are divided by particular purpose. For example, assault (for skiers) shelters are light in weight but reliably protect from precipitation and wind, 4-season canvas tent for 4 persons are suitable for winter and summer holidays, trekking, hiking tents or tourist huts, awnings, beaches, etc.

As for colors, brightly colored tents are visible from afar, so it's hard to get lost with them – you'll always come out to your hiding place. Want to camouflage to hide from the eyes of wild animals or other tourists? Choose a natural color palette.

Materials and layers

If you want to give preference to a lightweight and easy-to-transport 4-season tent for 4 persons, then keep in mind that such models are more suitable for summer holidays. A prime example is hiking and trekking tents that do not provide complete protection and can accumulate moisture inside the dwelling. It becomes difficult to breathe while sleeping in such a tent. Therefore, it is not the best option for the night. Moreover, you can spend only a few hours there.

The fewer canvas layers, the lighter the weight of the tent. It is easy to carry and can be folded compactly in a backpack. The main thing is that it has a water-repellent canvas surface and is impregnated with a unique composition that repels moisture droplets. A one-layer construction also perfectly protects from the sun and wind. However, this is where its positive properties end.

In 4-season tents for 4 persons, the main emphasis is on tightness and thermal insulation, as well as comfort for an extended stay of expedition participants. Thanks to the multi-layered canvas and strong supports, maximum efficiency and the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions are achieved.

A tent with a double layer is slightly different in weight. That is precisely what the tent model UP-2 is. It is made of combined materials. The upper outer layer of the tent is canvas, the inner one is breathable. This type of tent usually has a lot of space to accommodate several people. There is also a vestibule for storing things – shoes, clothes, and backpacks.

Numbers and letters often indicate the type of material. For example, canvas awnings can be made of polyester or polyamide fabrics. The latter has a short lifespan and tends to stretch when exposed to moisture, as well as being severely overheated by exposure to the sun. Polyester is much more durable.

If you want to add a quality item to your camping kit, pay attention to the type of weave:

  • Oxford – this technology makes the product several times stronger;
  • T – additional designation, the higher it is, the denser the fabric;
  • The numbers with the letter D indicate the thickness of the threads.

Manufacturers may add reinforced yarn for strength. In this case, a different abbreviation appears in the product description. Also, the canvas part of the lodge comes with silicone or polyurethane impregnation. The result is a quality camping tent with a moisture-repellent canopy.

How to choose a shelter depending on seasonality

You can enjoy summer hunting, winter fishing, mountain climbing, just relaxing at sea, or taking a trip to the woods in the spring. In every season, you can have a good time.

The summer equipment is designed as a shelter from mosquitoes, snakes, light rain, and the sun. Such a tent has many ventilated windows and is not heavy. Winter tent is characterized by impressive weight. It is manufactured using strong, usually steel arcs three-layer materials. It has fewer holes for ventilation and more significant tightness of seams. Such a house is generally made in the form of a dome so that snow does not accumulate on top.

An all-season tent will do if you often travel by car and in different seasons.

All-season models are something in between lightweight and heavyweight shelters. With such equipment, you won't get wet in the pouring rain or freeze in the cold. You can safely get rid of the tarpaulin layer and leave the mosquito net. You can do this trick to dry out parts of the tent. A great example is the 4-season "UP-2" model with a jack for 4 people.

Features of the tarpaulin tent "UP-2"

If you doubt the quality and functionality of a particular model, we advise you to borrow a shelter of a similar format from your friends and try it out in practice. And we recommend using reliable camping gear for 2 to 4 people. The UP-2 tent can accommodate up to 5 people as long as they sleep in sleeping bags. Let's justify our choice:

  • Double walls provide comfort inside the dwelling, especially in frost or strong winds;
  • The water-repellent tarpaulin layer Oxford 300 PU 4000 prevents moisture from penetrating inside, even if you are caught in a downpour;
  • This 4-season tent for 4 people quickly assembled and folded in a couple of minutes;
  • Provides you with an open door instead of inconvenient zippers, which so inadvertently jam in the cold;
  • The three-layer removable floor allows you to always stay warm and dry without the risk of getting sick;
  • The 4-season tent for 4 people is additionally equipped with a wood stove with chimney and double glazing, safely removed from the walls of the tent;
  • It has glued seams for more significant tightness;
  • Offers windows with transparent frost-resistant plastic;
  • Has 5 ventilated openings;
  • Has reflective elements on the awning and cables.

The tent is made of safe, durable materials, medium in weight, in an attractive camouflage design.


When choosing a 4-season tent for 4 people, focus on your needs. Planning to go cycling or hiking with a backpack and other gear? Then a tourist or trekking tent of simple design will suit you; such a tent is a temporary shelter from the heat, insects, and rain. Going on a long camping trip with friends by car? ThAe camping 4-season tent for 4 people is designed for two or more people and is the best option for you. It is made of durable waterproof fabrics, and the joints are impregnated with a special compound. And the support stands firmly, even in a strong wind. The design is well-ventilated and has no extraneous odors. It is easy to take care of. After the rain, it is enough to dry it (usually in the countryside), pack it, and put it in the trunk.

Remember that every item needs care. For example, if the 4-season tent for 4 people gets dirty, clean it with a gentle cleanser and let it dry.

Recall that our choice is the all-season tent 4-season tent for 4 persons, which has accumulated maximum positive reviews. It can comfortably accommodate several people. In winter, you can keep it warm inside and fire up the stove; in summer, you can wait out the heat. We do not impose our opinion; make your choice based on your needs and considerations!


🏕  How to choose a tent for camping?

Thanks to the high ceiling and a large vestibule, it should be suitable for an extended vacation in nature. In addition, the 4-season canvas tent for 4 people is ideal for sleeping and equipping a dining area with a kitchen. The weight of such tentsweight varies from 10 to 70 kg.

📦  What is the difference between a regular tourist tent and a camping tent?

Tourist tents are lighter in weight. Therefore, it is not difficult to put them in a backpack. Camping tents are foldable but take up more space and are carried in the car's trunk. A camping 4-season canvas tent for 4 people provides complete outdoor comfort for a large family or group.

💡  What do people need to know when buying a tent for four?

A quality 4-season canvas tent for 4 people must reliably protect against all kinds of precipitation, have a free passage of air, and not be too tight.




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