Advantages of using a 5 man inflatable tent 

Advantages of using a 5 man inflatable tent 
Pavlo Lysyy April 11, 2023 5 mins read time

Hikers and ordinary nature lovers should definitely have a 5 man inflatable tent. It is ideal for camping with friends or family. Such a tent is a great option if you are going to spend several days on the riverbank, in the mountains or woods. It is impossible to imagine any overnight stay without it. It is easy to shelter from the rain in it - it is preferable not to be under a tree in such weather, namely in a safe shelter.

Not only strong legs and endurance are important for a tourist, but also a wise head, because it is necessary to prepare for the hike as carefully as possible. It is necessary to think through all the details and, most importantly, to take care of your overnight stay. It is recommended to choose a 5 man inflatable tent, which is comfortable, durable and reliable.


Why is it necessary to have a camping tent?

A camping tent is a tool for resting in a large group. It often has several compartments and a vestibule used to store things. The camping tent can shelter you from the weather and safely hide your belongings from rain and moisture.

This type of camping equipment is made from tarpaulin or from materials with a polymer film coating. That is why the tourist "house" is reliably protected from getting wet. Tarpaulin is a heavy material and it does not protect against moisture as well as modern fabrics. Today, modern manufacturers use innovative materials for the fabrication of a 5 man inflatable tent. It is distinguished by its convenience and practicality.

The time of uniform tents is over, so you can meet single, double, quadruple models, which differ in their functionality and design. The 5 man inflatable tent is also available for order. The bottom layer, which is called the skirt, is very important. It fits tightly to the ground around its perimeter and creates a good protection from the wind, especially in low temperatures.

The main advantages of the tent

These structures are multifunctional, can perfectly protect people and things from precipitation, and wind. The walls of these tents are quite elastic and strong at the same time, can withstand mechanical loads.

Advantages of 5 man inflatable tent:

  • an increased level of comfort;
  • spaciousness, large dimensions and high ceiling;
  • good stability;
  • excellent water resistance;
  • ease of transportation;
  • excellent protection against rain, moisture and any getting wet.

Such products are best suited for recreation if you are going to travel by car. You should choose a flat place with a slight slope to install the tent. It is necessary to put it with the windward side. If humidity is high and there are a lot of mosquitoes, it is better to choose an open and well-ventilated place to pitch your tent.

What to pay attention to when choosing?

The 5 man inflatable tent is a must-have attribute for camping, fishing, hunting, and during the usual outdoor recreation. Frame fabric dwelling perfectly protects from rain, sun, wind, and it is used for organizing the overnight stay and storage of things. However, you need to know exactly how to choose a tent, depending on its shape, design features, and size. Without taking into account these parameters, the purchase of the shelter will not be successful. After all, it is important that the piece of gear serves as an assistant in a tourist trip.

Close attention should be paid to the construction:

  1. Frame. These are strong arcs made of fiberglass, aluminum, steel. In most tents, two arcs set crosswise, one is used for vestibule.
  2. Canopy. It can be one-, two- or three-layer. The lightest tents are single-layered but condensation quickly accumulates on their walls from the inside. The most practical option is a two-layer tent. The inner layer in them is made of a breathable fabric, the outer layer is manufactured from the waterproof one.
  3. Bottom. In a 5 man inflatable tent the bottom is made of the most durable, impermeable material.
  4. Vestibule is a space at the entrance in front of the outer tent. The vestibule is designed for convenient storage of things, and shoes are usually taken off there. During bad weather, you can cook food on a gas burner without the fear of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  5. Ventilation - these are special holes in the walls or roofs. They are responsible for the inflow of air, do not allow the formation of condensation. Through such openings, moisture should not penetrate inside.
  6. "Skirt" is a fabric strip around the perimeter. It forms a single whole with the awning or a detachable construction. "Skirt" does not allow the wind to blow across the floor, increases the temperature inside the dwelling. Such an additional element is more necessary if you intend to use the tents at low temperatures or in the mountains.

The 5 man inflatable tent has high ceilings, a vestibule, a ventilation system, and windows. Such a spacious dwelling is best suited for hiking, long vacations in nature in a large company. In general, such products are made in the form of a house. We obtain double-sloped dwellings with compact size and low weight.

How to buy a tent?

Choosing a tourist tent, you should check all seams for tightness, pay attention to the strength and flexibility of the arcs. Manufacturers who care about the quality of their products always give a warranty on it.

It is possible to choose the right tourist tent only if the most important parameters are taken into account before the purchase. One of them is water permeability. It is indicated on the label of the goods in mm. If you plan a trip to the nature in summer, it is better to give preference to tents with a water permeability of 1500 mm. For autumn and spring, it is worth it to buy models, the material of which can withstand not less than 3000 mm. The water permeability for high mountain tents must be at least 8000 mm.

In 5 man inflatable tents, windows add coziness and light during the day. Make sure you have them in the fixture. Two-layer protective structures do not accumulate condensation, so staying in them does not lead to discomfort.

Which tent to choose?

One of the best options is considered to be a premium inflatable tent with a jack for the stove "Panda air" Large. It can comfortably accommodate 1-6 people. This portable dwelling has two doors and six windows. It also has a mosquito net for maximum air flow. This kind of tent-house gives coziness and warmth to all who are inside it. The cotton tarpaulin model is characterized by a high level of durability.

The 5 man inflatable tent is easy to inflate using a special pump. Air flows in through the inflatable valve. The "Panda air" Large has 3 of them. Spacious structure with a panoramic view is a good choice for glamping. It can easily accommodate up to 6 campers. The tent has one large room, which you can use depending on your needs.

The product is made of quality fabric which is mildew resistant, waterproof. Thanks to the PVC air valve, environmental protection as well as strength and durability are guaranteed.


🏕  Why is the 5 man inflatable tent considered the best choice?

This tent is characterized by ease of use, convenience and aesthetics. Installation takes little time. You can also quickly equip the structure with additional elements. The article is suitable for camping in any weather.

📦  How to choose?

To choose the perfect 5 man inflatable tent, you should consider the weight, the material of manufacture, the availability of windows, and dimensions. You should also take into account the functionality of the model, whether there is a possibility to heat the oven. Another important criterion for choosing is the safety of the device.

💡  What kind of tent is the perfect one for camping?

There are many products on the market, but premium 5 man inflatable tent with a jack for the stove "Panda air" Large is considered to be the best. It maintains a comfortable temperature inside. You can rest comfortably and easily, without fear of the cold or the debilitating heat.




Ali Walter

Ali Walter said:

Inflatable tents are very convenient, easy to setup – no cons

Lyndon Humphrey

Lyndon Humphrey said:

except mb theyre unsuitable for winter camping trips

Ali Walter

Ali Walter said:

yea most of them aren’t. but still!

Lyndon Humphrey

Lyndon Humphrey said:

well they ARE gorgeous

Katrina Collier

Katrina Collier said:

super satisfied with my air tent

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