The best inflatable tents for camping for a 6 person group

The best inflatable tents for camping for a 6 person group
Pavlo Lysyy April 11, 2023 5 mins read time

Inflatable tent is a fairly new, but already popular type of travel equipment. It is used by tourists for many types of recreation:

  • fishing;
  • hunting;
  • camping trips, etc.

Such shelters also differ in time of use, the number of sleeping places, for example for 4 or 6 person, depending on the area of installation.

Inflatable tents can also differ in internal filling. They can be both completely empty inside, and supplemented with some functionality. It all depends on each particular model. Brands often produce on tent in different versions for the budget series, standard and premium class.

Each shelter is equipped with special additions for a more comfortable stay of tourists. For example, tents for winter fishing can often include ventilation. 6 person tents may have special compartments for a more comfortable stay and maintaining the privacy of each camper. Shelters can be supplemented with kitchen equipment. Due to the great competition, manufacturers are trying to surprise users with various other specifications.


The best representatives in the category of inflatable tents

When choosing an inflatable tent, there are several main factors to consider:

  1. The number of people who plan to be accommodated there, because 6 person and 2 person tents have global differences.
  2. Time of year when you will use the shelter.
  3. The weight of the tent, the way of transportation.
  4. Purpose of use.

It is important to adhere to the rules of storage and assembly of the product to make the shelter last as long as possible. There are several options that are popular among buyers. Consider a few of them.

Aero Space North Peak is one of the popular inflatable tents. Such a shelter will be comfortable and spacious for a company of 4 people. But it is also possible to organize sleeping in a 6 person shelter. This tent is designed for camping. It is characterized by reliability and durability. It can shelter from the sun, wind or rain inside. Installation of the tent does not take much time, because the construction is equipped with self-inflating arcs. The weight of this model is 17 kg. The shelter has a sleeping compartment and a vestibule. It can also be used as additional space for sleeping or storage equipment.

Mosquito nets protect the windows of the tent, so that insects do not cause inconvenience to tourists. Steel and duralumin alloys are used for the frame, which ensure reliability and life-long construction. The shelter is made of durable material. When assembled, the inflatable tent fits in a special branded bag.

The Outwell Springville 6SA is another great 6 person inflatable tent for comfortable camping. The tent has 3 separate entrances and a great ventilation system. The interior space is divided into three sleeping areas. The height of the shelter is 210 cm, so it is comfortable to stay and move around even for tall people. The material of the product is durable and reliable, with high wear resistance. The durability of these tents is four times higher than standard models’. The glued polyethylene floor perfectly protects from moisture and cold. There is a vestibule with large windows at the entrance to the shelter. A pump and a case on wheels for the comfortable transportation of the tent are included in the package with the shelter.

Some of the advantages of this model include:

  1. The size of the tent.
  2. 3 entrances that allow you to get into the tent without disturbing the other campers.
  3. Mosquito nets to protect against insects.
  4. Ventilation system.
  5. Separate bedrooms.
  6. Sealed zippers and floor.
  7. Pump and cover included in the kit.

The disadvantages include the cost of the shelter, but the size requires the use of higher quality materials, so the prices of large tents are justified.

Inflatable tent premium with a stove Jack "Panda air" Large is no less popular among experienced campers. It is a 6 person accommodation, meaning that it can fit up to 6 people. The ability to install the stove makes it easy to use it for year-round camping. There are two doors to enter the tent. The shelter is equipped with windows with mosquito nets, which provides ventilation. Cotton tarpaulin, which is used to make the tent, is a durable material, but it does not create a greenhouse effect inside the shelter.

The 6 person inflatable tent is inflated by a pump. There are three valves for this. The tent is resistant to mold and moisture, which is especially important when used in the rainy season. The manufacturer has taken care of the safety of the product, so the stoves and marquees do not pose any threat if the instructions are followed. The stove heats up in a few minutes and is able to maintain a comfortable internal temperature. A hand pump is included with the tent. There is a bag for storing and transporting the marquee.

Pinguin Interval 6 AirTube is a comfortable 6 person inflatable tent. With a removable partition, the interior space can be divided into two zones. There is a vestibule that can be used for storing various things or for cooking. The awning protects from the sun or rain. Installation of the tent does not take much time and requires no special effort. The item is made of high-quality tarpaulin, able to provide comfort even in strong wind or rain. Among the advantages of the shelter, users note the tunnel type of shelter, the reliability and quality of materials used, the presence of two entrances and a vestibule. The height of the unit is also worth mentioning. It is 195 cm, which allows you to stay safely inside without bending over. A clever ventilation system and glued seams allow fresh air to flow easily, but prevent the formation of moisture inside. The total weight of the tent is 17 kg. The kit includes a pump.


6 person inflatable tents are convenient travel equipment. The tents are quite lightweight for their size. The high cost of such items is due to the use of quality materials for reliability and durability of shelters. Like ordinary tents, they can be summer and all-season. This modification also affects the pricing. For example, having a stove will obviously make the shelter more expensive, but it can be used throughout the year.

However, if you are not a fan of winter camping, such additions are unnecessary. When choosing a tent, it is important to consider the size, capabilities and quality of manufacture. Do not forget about the brand as well. Models of well-known brands often cost more than similar options from less popular or new manufacturers. The height of the shelters also varies.


🏕  Why is an inflatable 6 person tent expensive?

Many factors influence the pricing of the shelter: quality of material, functionality, seasons of use, and size. 6 person tents are large in size, which requires the use of quality materials for durability and reliability.

📦  Does the 6 person Inflatable tent include a pump?

The manufacturer often produces a shelter that comes with a pump. Some models also have a special storage bag.

💡  Is it possible to install the 6 person inflatable tent alone?

Modern models of tents do not require any effort to install. Manufacturers are trying to facilitate this moment as much as possible, so you can set the shelter by yourself, despite its size.




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