Best 2 man Ice Fishing tent: How to Find Your Winter Home on the Ice

Best 2 man Ice Fishing tent: How to Find Your Winter Home on the Ice
Pavlo Lysyy December 15, 2022 6 mins read time


Ice fishing shacks are there to satisfy winter fishers’ needs for comfort and convenience. They are designed to help you make your every trip into a memorable adventure and make you want to go for it again. This is not only about how big your catch is going to be, but also about admiring beautiful sceneries and enjoying the divine and healing air of the wilderness.

Regardless of the romantic appeal, winter fishing is not for everyone. It takes quite a bit of experience, endurance, desire, skill, patience, and many other qualities to withstand a lengthy stay on the ice. Winter feels harsher in the wilderness than in the city. You are going to have to spend hours on ice and face all the rigors or a winter day – hard frost, high wind, and heavy snow. Things may get worse all of a sudden, as weather tends to be less predictable in winter. Every fisherman must be ready for unexpected things.

Given the above, apart from rods, lines, hooks, sinkers, and other accessories, you need a shelter that will protect you against these unfavorable influences. A 2-person ice fishing tent is a must-have thing for a winter fisherman, as many such guys tirelessly travel and explore new locations miles away from their homes. Needless to say, such a trip will last more than one day, which you should spend in a safe, effective, and enjoyable fashion.

How do I choose a 2-person ice fishing tent?

If you are planning numerous trips, it is advisable to have a 2-person fishing tent. There is a good reason to do so: you will be safer if you avoid gathering in large groups in just one place on ice. If you are going to fish alone, a 2-person hut is still more advisable: you will have extra room for your gear or maybe a bunk.


Second, you must stay calm on ice. Too much fuss and movement on ice is undesirable. Therefore, you should choose the most lightweight and user friendliest shelter you can afford and find. Look for a quick-setup 2-man tent from reputable manufacturers.

Third, a winter fishing trip is a case whereby you need an all-season 2-man shelter. It should feature a canopy made of a sturdy fabric that ensures insulation. It is advisable to use canopies made of synthetic materials (mostly nylon and polyester), because they are cheaper, lighter, and more resistant to unfavorable outside influences than those made of natural materials. Some tents have two-layer canopies, in which air between the two layers creates another barrier for cold and provides extra insulation and reduces condensation. Be sure that the floor is well-insulated because fishing and sleeping on bare ice would be a tough experience.

Also, take a look at the type of the frame. Most shelters feature aluminum and fiberglass frames that have proved to withstand cold and high wind. It is recommended to choose a 2-man shelter with a frame that is easy to assemble. A pop-up shack is a good option in many ways, but a complex frame mechanism is more likely to break down.

Fourth, you need to stay warm in your 2-person shelter all the time. There are shacks with stove jacks. A stove jack is a device that is fixed on the roof or wall and holds a smoke pipe from a tent stove. A wood stove can heat up a 2-man shelter for the rest of the night. There are different types of stoves that burn safely and won’t melt the ice underneath your shelter. Please, always be sure to ventilate your shelter, especially if you are going to use a stove!

Transportability is another important criterion of choice for shacks. It appears that a 2-person tent offers the best size/weight/price/usability ratio, especially when it comes to getting it to your chosen spot on the ice. Many portable huts are folded into a sled-like structure with ropes, so you can tow it to the right place with ease.

Examples of High-Quality Huts

Now that you have a basic idea on what your shack should be like, here is a list of the most remarkable products that are favored by many fishermen.

C-560 Thermal Hub Shelter

This 2-person tent caters for nearly all common requirements. It is compact, easy to set up, and spacious enough to house two fishermen and gear. The manufacturer has taken great care to provide stability and comfort by introducing a sturdy 600d canopy that stands firm in wind and produces little flapping noise. The pack includes is a set of spikes and ropes that will keep your 2-man shelter standing even when weather gets really bad. The frame includes heavy-duty 11-mm poles.

A large snow banking skirt adds a good extra degree of stability in inclement weather. The roof was made black purposely: on a sunny day, it heats up well enough to keep you warm at daytime, so you can do without a heater or stove and fish calmly and comfortably. The doorway is located at the corner, and the zippers have proved to be durable hundreds of times.

The shack is big enough for 2 anglers to sit comfortably and store gear. It measures 7.5 ft long, 7.5 ft wide, and 6.6 ft high, providing sufficient headroom for even a tall angler.

RBM Cuboid 2.20

Cuboid 2.20 deserves to be termed an all-purpose and all-season shelter, and it can be used as a 2-man ice fishing tent as well. RBM’s products are renowned for their integrity and weather resistance, and Cuboid 2.20 is no exception. It is a pop-up shack featuring a frame that is pre-attached to the canopy. In terms of setup process, this little winter outhouse tops all possible usability rankings.

The frame is made of a heavy-duty alloy, which makes it more reliable and lasting compared to other popup mechanisms. The two-layer polyurethane canopy insulates the inside, keeping it warm while keeping the wind, rain, snow, and heavy frost outside. There is a stove jack and a stove area equipped with heat-resistant materials. There is a stainless-steel stove specially designed for this series.

This 2-person shelter features two 3-layer doors, two 5-layer windows (including a transparent PVC layer), and a 3-layer floor that isolates the interior perfectly and prevents the melting of the ice underneath.

One of the sides is connected to the rest of the structure with zippers at the sides, so you can make an awning. The pack includes two poles just for that purpose. You can drill a hole right under the awning and fish without actually leaving the shelter.

Frabill Citadel 3255 flip-over hut

Frabill Citadel is a free-standing flip-over shack, which many fishermen find ideal for winter fishing. It is compact and easy to set up: the whole process takers less than a couple of minutes. The interior is quite spacious, and there are features that ensure comfortable fishing: boat-style seats with a rod storage area, and two side doors, which free you from having to step over your gear and make it comfortable as a 2-man ice fishing tent. Yes, there are two seats, so the two of you can drill holes right in front of each other and enjoy the adventure.

The frame is easy to assemble, and it is made of a sturdy alloy. The connections are strong, reliable, and not really challenging. The flip-over structure will keep it standing even on a windy day. The black canopy provides effective insulation, and it heats up in sunlight and keeps the inside warm. The frame and canopy are made of lightweight materials, but the boat-style seats make the whole thing pretty bulky (100 lbs), so it takes at least two men to get this shack to the place.


🏕  Do I really need a 2-man ice fishing tent?

It depends. If you feel that regular winter trips to a lake or river are something you cannot do without, you’d better pick up a good quality 2-man shelter that will keep you away from cold, snow, and wind.

📦  Why a 2-man tent?

A 2-person shack offers the most acceptable space/price/weight ratio: you get enough space for yourselves and your gear, a good amount of warmth and comfort at an affordable price and with a minimal load on ice. Finally, you won’t have much difficulty towing a 2-person shack to your fishing spot.

💡  How do I choose the best 2-person fishing tent?

Do a little research and pick up a shelter that is stable in a high wind, can protect you from the elements, is easy to carry and set up, and meets your budget capabilities. Browse and check user reviews and feedback and make your decision.


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I love Cuboid 2.20!! My favorite tent ever!

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All RBM tents are suitable for ice fishing

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Cuboid 2.20 does heat up supr fast

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