Tent for a comfortable stay of four people

Tent for a comfortable stay of four people
Pavlo Lysyy February 02, 2023 6 mins read time


Best 4 person camping tent

Outdoor recreation has a positive effect on the nervous system and helps to combat depression or anxiety. In addition, it brings together family members or friends. It is possible to go on and on about the pros of camping, but the impression can be ruined by poor quality and an uncomfortable four-person tent for each tourist. In order to have a good time, it’s important to learn how to choose the right tent, the way they differ and what functions they perform.

Recommendations for choosing a tent

The tent for four people should be pretty spacious. Depending on the purpose of use, all tents are divided roughly into:

  • plains;
  • high mountains;
  • for camping;
  • for expeditions;
  • special.

For a comfortable family vacation, it is necessary to choose tents designed for camping. Such tents have the appropriate parameters – for example, height, area, shape of construction, and so on.

The floor area directly affects how spacious the tent is inside. You need at least 13 square feet for one berth, and ideally 15-16, so if you have 4 persons in your company, you can calculate the tent area you need through simple math.

In addition, not every four-person tent can be used all year round. The seasonality can also be distinguished:

  • summer ones;
  • three-seasonal (spring, summer, fall);
  • all-season.

Of course, the most versatile option is the latter. Such a tent provides comfortable conditions in any weather.

The tent's longevity directly depends on the materials used in its manufacture. When buying, you should pay great attention to the fabrics. The floor is the most vulnerable part, and the product will not last long if it is thin. The structural uprights also affect the lifespan of the structure. The best option for them is aluminum. Given that the quality directly affects longevity, it is worth understanding that a cheap four-person tent will not last for many years.

When choosing a four-person tent, pay attention to the number of doors. One entrance is quite inconvenient, especially when accommodating 4 people. However, despite the large size, the installation of such tents is not time-consuming. Manufacturers, who use innovative technology, offer models of instant assembly, which can be easily installed. Their peculiarity is that the poles are already connected to the fabric. However, these options have significantly more weight and require more costly repairs in case of breakage. On the other hand, weight is essential when tourists go on a hike, and if you are going to get to your destination by car, such a nuance should not spoil your vacation. In addition, a camping shelter, which can hold 4 people, can not be extra light.

Tents for camping are often equipped with a canopy at the entrance or a vestibule, but not all of them are. The primary purpose of such an addition is to store shoes, bags, or any items that can be stored outside the tent. Some campers also use them to shelter from the rain while cooking dinner. And if the size allows it, you can put a car under the awning. In addition, tents are often equipped with interior pockets that are convenient for storing flashlights, phones, or other accessories that need to be on hand. If your tent does not have a built-in vestibule, additional equipment can be purchased for some models.

Popular camping tent models

The best 4-person tent in its niche is the all-season "UP-2" model. The umbrella-type frame is installed in two minutes. This four-person tent can be placed on any terrain. It will be comfortable for a family of four. In summer, it offers excellent protection from the sun, and in winter – from wind and snow. The wood stove, which is located inside the tent, provides heat in the cold season. The chimney is made of a material that can withstand maximum temperatures. The frame is made of heavy-duty metal that can withstand heavy loads. Water-resistant coating perfectly protects campers from the rain.

"UP-2" is about safety. The manufacturer has minimized the possibility of ignition, and reflective elements will make you visible to other tourists and drivers. The lock on the floor prevents unwanted animals from getting inside. The foundation also won't get wet when it rains. The dwelling is equipped with windows to promote ventilation. An attached vestibule is included to add storage space. The height of the four-person tent provides comfort for those above average size. In this best 4-person tent in 2023, camping will be comfortable and safe, and you will not get tired for several days.

Another popular model among the best 4-person tent is the REI Wonderland 4. It has a large floor area and good ventilation. Thanks to the sufficient height of this model, it is pretty spacious. Instead of a vestibule, there is a large canopy in front of the entrance to the tent. Under it, you can cook food if it rains. However, if you want to have a more protected space, then buy an additional tunnel. The fabric and metal used in one of the best camping tents for 4 people are of high-quality and reliable, which indicates a long life with proper use.

Another 4 person tent option is the Coleman Sundome 4. It is one of the lightest models of the dome type. However, note that this shape makes it less spacious. Therefore, you might be unable to stand up to the full height safely. This tent is suitable for outdoor camping from late spring to early fall. Experienced campers also believe that one entrance to the tent is a con. Still, considering this model's affordable price and low weight, it deserves to beon the list of the best camping tents for 4 people.

The REI Trail Hut 4 is widely popular as one of the best 4-person camping tents. This model is excellent in all respects. However, sometimes campers say that it is cramped for four people. Sturdy materials help to spend your weekend safely and comfortably. Not too much weight allows you to take it even on hikes. This model is equipped with a small vestibule, which is convenient for storing equipment.

The Nemo Wagontop 4P cab type has enough interior space. Thanks to the design, tourists can stand upright inside the tent. In addition, experts note a reasonably simple way of assembling such a dwelling. The only downside of this model is insufficient ventilation when the windows are closed. But despite this, it is often chosen by tourists, so it is possible to say that this is the best 4-person tent for camping in its category.

According to users, Eureka Copper Canyon LX 4 is another best camping tent for 4 people. If you are tall and don't want to bend over, this is your option. It will be able to give you a feeling of spaciousness thanks to its 7-foot peak height. In addition, the large floor area comfortably accommodates a company of 4 people inside. Therefore, camping in such a tent will be comfortable, and you can easily relax. Moreover, the price of this model is quite affordable. Indeed, this model's ventilation cannot meet every camper's needs.


So, choosing the best camping tent for 4 people is challenging. First of all, you need to rely on your budget. If your family often goes to the countryside regardless of the time of year, it is better to spend money on a high-quality all-season four-person model. This option will serve you for a long time, and your investment will pay off. Lighter and cheaper alternatives are suitable for camping fans only in the warmer seasons. However, in that case, if you suddenly want to go into nature in winter, your model will be unsuitable. So think about all the nuances before you buy a tent. The main criteria that your purchase should meet are reliability and safety. It is especially true if you take children on vacation. A tent for four people should protect against insects and prevent the entry of poisonous snakes.

Camping with young children requires a tent, which will be comfortable for four people, but also have enough space to put a cot or crib. In general, your choice should meet all your expectations of the natural four-person dwelling.

Pay attention to the waterproofing of your camping lodge because it can rain unexpectedly at any time of the year. In addition, the walls, roof, and bottom should be waterproof. Sleeping on the wet ground has never been good for anyone, and after all the nature, you went just to get healthy. So enjoy your rest in a safe tent!



🏕  How to choose the best size of tent for four people?

One sleeping space averages 13 square feet. Therefore, to accommodate 4 people, the model should be at least 52 square feet. If you want more space or plan to sleep on air mattresses, assume 15-16 square feet per person.

📦  What should the bottom of a camping tent be like?

The thicker, the better. After all, this place is subject to the most frequent breaks and punctures.

💡  Is it better to have one or more doors in the tent?

One door in the camping tent for 4 people is uncomfortable. In addition, you have to step over your sleeping friends to get to the exit. The windows and doors also affect ventilation, so most campers choose models with multiple openings.



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