Deluxe camping tent: everything you wanted to know

Deluxe camping tent: everything you wanted to know
Pavlo Lysyy January 10, 2023 7 mins read time

Camping is becoming more and more popular, and many people go out into nature to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition, this type of activity is being constantly improved so that vacationers feel more comfortable and have as few worries as possible. You no longer need to think about resting in a sleeping bag on hard ground or foregoing amenities because we are ready to offer you deluxe camping options! They are particularly popular with those who want to get out into nature but don't want to compromise on comfort. If you have never heard of such tents, our guide will inform you of all the delights of this experience.


What You Need to Know About Deluxe Tents

Your shelter is the most important thing if you are going to spend time in nature. However, not everyone knows that it is possible to organize a dwelling at the maximum level of comfort. Therefore, we recommend that you consider Delux Camping Tents, which attract attention with a variety of designs, have a long service life, and their price is excellent for the quality. They are basically defined by their spaciousness and luxury, which reminds you of the hotel experience.

In this sense, it is not surprising that in recent years the phenomenon of glamping has begun to gain popularity. Instead of assembling your own campsite, glamping dwellings (such as renovated cabooses, yurts and tree houses) are already set up, with comfortable furnishings and decorations inside. Of course, buying a deluxe tent can be a little expensive, but it will definitely be the best investment in your comfort. These kinds of shelters are usually made of high-quality cotton canvas, which is waterproof and provides a good indoor climate. You can also enjoy nature views right from your dwelling because it usually has several windows. Everything is made to make you feel at home, which is why we consider this luxury camping.

Delux Tents: the Best Options For You

You can find a huge selection of shelters to suit your every need. We have already covered the benefits of this type of camping, so why not give it a try? So here are our favorite luxurious tents to keep you warm and dry in style!

1. Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Camping Tent 6 Person

This model is a solid and high construction with two doors. It is made of durable materials that will give you the opportunity to stay in it for three seasons. Although this model can easily fit 6 people, it won't weigh much, so you can take it with you on camping trips. There are ten internal mesh pockets inside the Big Agnes and two trash pockets that function as bedside tables. In addition, some side pockets are suitable for tablets such as the Apple iPad.

You can also add large vestibules as an accessory, which are basically sections of a shelter that are outside of the main body but are still covered and connected to the main tent rain fly. These large vestibules are great for storing equipment or any of your important personal items that you might want to keep out of sight when you leave your campsite to go fishing or hiking.

The model is built in a domed style, so you can feel its spaciousness even from the inside. The vertical side walls also make you appreciate the ability to get up and move around inside your dwelling.

You can also consider The Big Agnes Big House 4 Deluxe tent, which weighs less and is designed for fewer people, but retains all the same properties described above. The poles are made of light and strong aluminum, which is usually found only in higher quality models, and manufacturers are always proud of this. But you need to be aware that the Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Tent is a fairly tall construction, so we don't recommend using it in a location where strong winds are expected or in areas above the tree line. Also keep in mind that there are no floor vents. Otherwise, Big House Series models will be an excellent choice for your comfortable camping experience, and your money will be clearly worth the investment!


2. Here, at RMB Outdoors, we also have something to offer for your luxury camping!Our "Hexagon" model will be your Ultra Delux Tent for the days of your trip!

As the name suggests, this model has a hexagonal shape, so when you have it fully installed, you’ll get a “cozy house”. It is designed for all seasons of the year, can easily accommodate 3-8 people and, most importantly, you will feel the comforts of home! As with the previous model, a person of medium height can stand upright anywhere inside the shelter. The wood stove that comes with the kit heats the interior evenly. In addition, it is equipped with metal shields that protect campers from accidental burns and the risk of fire.

If you are planning a trip in the summer, reliable mosquito nets on all doors and windows will protect you from insects. As with the Big Agnes model, our Hexagon's frame is made from an aluminum alloy that retains its original shape even after a heavy load. This feature allows you to use our product in areas with strong winds without fear of damaging the frame. There is also a removable waterproof floor, which will especially appeal to fans of winter fishing.

We are very proud to have received a lot of positive feedback on this model from our customers, and we can truly call it a luxury model due to all its excellent properties. A 150.00 square foot shelter is really comparable to a room in an apartment.

Of course, you can find an additional huge variety of shelters to suit your budget and needs. However, these 2 models have proven themselves and if you really want to experience deluxe camping, then you should definitely take a look at them.

Accessories for your Delux Camping

It is not only your shelter that matters, but also other items that will make your trip more comfortable. First of all, ditch the sleeping bag and air pillow in favor of a comfortable, luxurious glamping bed with cozy bedding. If you choose our company's "Hexagon" or The Big Agnes Big House 4 and 6, their capacity will easily make it possible. Take a closer look at folding beds with air mattresses: not only will they not take up much space in your car, but they will also give your body a rest. This is especially relevant for those who are planning an active trip.

In addition, you have probably seen glamping interior decorations on the Internet. Equip your dwelling not only with essentials, but also, for example, light garlands, woolen or rag rugs, cozy blankets, and so on.

Plus, everyone loves camping for outdoor cooking! For example, get a cast iron pan that will keep your food hot for a long time, a 2-burner portable stove (they are affordable and you can find burner gas at most sports or outdoor stores), and a cooler so that you can enjoy your favorite drinks in hot weather. Having a cooler also gives you a lot more cooking options at camp, allowing you to bring vegetables, eggs, etc. with you. Although this equipment may take up extra space, it will definitely be the best solution for multi-day hikes.

Your hygiene is also important. Did you know that there is a portable toilet and even a shower? Indeed, you can build an entire bathroom in your tent if you want, so that you can feel at home. This makes your vacation "luxurious", because you have a lot of possibilities to freshen up. Also, more established campsites (such as national parks) may have shared sinks. But if they are not in your case, you can purchase a portable sink that will help you wash the dishes in the camp.

You can also get a picnic table with an umbrella, a reclining chair or a hammock. These items are well known to all campers and they will never be superfluous, but only diversify your vacation.

We also advise you to have a portable heater in case of cold weather, although some delux tents come pre-equipped with this item, such as our "Hexagon" model. Pay particular attention to heaters that have automatic low oxygen shutdown and accidental tip-over shutdown because it can really save your life.

Of course, this list of delux items is not exhaustive as it all depends on your needs. You can think of outdoor games and buy additional equipment to go with them (an excellent solution would be a deck of playing cards, jenga, badminton or board games), take a portable speaker and listen to music every time you want, or even buy a waterproof case for your phone to capture fun diving moments. All these tips will definitely make your trip special and very comfortable. This is what we call "glamping"! Social networks are often filled with glamping photos that are almost impossible to replicate. But our suggestions will help you turn an ordinary camping trip into something much more luxurious, while staying at a regular campsite.

Basic Tips For Your Best Trip

However, keep in mind the things that any camper needs, no matter the budget. This is, first of all, your clothes for sleeping, outdoor activities and in case of bad weather (raincoat or insulated jacket), hats for sun protection, comfortable sports shoes. Even if your shelter is equipped to the highest standard, lack of clothing can still cause you to catch a cold, get burned, etc.

The second important thing is a first aid kit. Even if you're staying at a delux campsite where you can get help, it doesn't hurt to take your medical supplies with you for additional safety. Even a simple set of plasters/bandages will help in an emergency. It's also good to have spare portable devices to charge your phone.

Thus, delux camping is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city without sacrificing your comfort and still feel at home. Such a trip will definitely be worth the money, and you will want to repeat this experience more than once. Our professionals from RMB Outdoors are always ready to offer you the best solutions for your unforgettable time.


🏕  Which tents are considered deluxe?

Some of the best tents are those that are made of durable waterproof materials, with a frame manufactured from aluminium. In addition, they easily accommodate a large number of people, which makes your camping very comfortable.

📦  How can I make my camping trip more luxurious?

There are many deluxe accessories available to transform your camping experience from ordinary to more comfortable. This could be a portable shower or a small stove to heat your tent. You can even purchase a small bed if the space allows it.

💡  Which tent should I buy for delux camping?

Check out the "Hexagon" tent from RMB Outdoors, which is suitable for all seasons and can accommodate up to 8 people. Also, Big Agnes has a strong reputation on the market due to the reliability and durability of its materials. For all these models, you can additionally purchase accessories for an even greater level of comfort.


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