Best hunting tent with stove

Best hunting tent with stove
Andrii Kovalenko November 15, 2021 7 mins read time

Best Hunting Tent with a Stove

RBM offers a selection of top-class products for hunters. We take into account the hardships of a hunter’s life in the field. Our products use advanced materials and design solutions that ensure year-round performance in harsh weather. The UP-2 tent meets all basic expectations of a hunter. It is leak-proof and wind-resistant and comes with a kit of best-quality tension ropes, stakes, and poles. It can be heated with fire and features a good ventilation.

Hunters name the following biggest pros of this RBM product:

  • Easy to pitch and pack
  • Protects in all types of weather
  • High-quality water-resistant canvas
  • Light weight
  • Optimal size and shape of the walls

Durability and user-friendliness attract hunters. This is evident in every big season when sales begin to soar. Professionals say that RBM products look good in all aspects. This post explains in detail why and how RBM beats their competitors. Please read and learn more about the brand and why UP-2 tent is a better option.

What is bad about wall hunting tents?

A good quality tent gives a hunter a shelter from wind and rain. It should be made of a long-lasting, elastic, and water-resistant material. Most of them do meet this simple standard. The shape of it matters a lot, too. Until recently, wall tents for hunting with a stove were the most popular type. They are larger and more heavyweight. Manufacturers would choose not to build frames and thus make their products more portable. Hunters would have to make DIY poles and stakes out of trees growing in the camping area.

Such hunting tents with a wood stove do come with modular frame kits with numerous ropes, stakes, and joints. To ensure better wind resistance, manufacturers would make bulky and heavyweight frame parts. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to put it up. Besides, they are harder to pack and transport. Today most hunters look for lightweight and easy-to-pitch solutions. The UP-2 tent from RBM solves the problem.


General features

Hunters in the US and Canada have discovered a family of compact and lightweight quick-setup tents from RBM. Most of them say these products are weather-resistant and very user-friendly. Their design suggests the manufacturer has invested quite a share of knowledge and experience in the product. These are easy to pack and transport. They boast a frame design that enables you to pitch it in less than no time on any terrain. Its biggest advantage over wall tents for hunting with a stove is its somewhat teepee-like shape that reduces wind-load and does not require massive framing.

User-friendly design

Usability is a number-one criterion of choice for hunters. The quick-to-pitch design saves you from having to spend hours pushing numerous pegs into the ground and tying knots. After just a couple of minutes, the hunters can do what they came here for!

Innovative and lightweight frame

The UP-2 tent comes with an umbrella-type frame, which takes about a couple of minutes to set up. This makes it easier to camp out in any place outdoors. You can freely tension the canvas over the umbrella-type frame. Reliable ropes are conveniently tied to pegs and the walls, so you can adjust tension with ease.

Compact and packable

The UP-2 hunting tent converts into a compact backpack. All you need to do is to fold the frame, the floor, the canvas, and then zip it. The frame is made of a durable yet lightweight aviation alloy. The entire stuff fits perfectly even in a small-size car trunk and won’t take up much space.

Insect protection

Every time a hunter camps out in the wildlife, they become a target for mosquitos and hornets. These can be a nuisance and, in some cases, a danger. Many old products simply do not have any protection. The UP-2 tent ensures that all doors, windows, and ventilation holes are equipped with mosquito nets. These will keep you and your team safely away from insects while supporting the intake of fresh air.

Innovative two-layer canvas

Our tents with a wood stove feature a unique two-layer canvas. The outer layer is made of Oxford 300 PU 4000—a sturdy water-resistant material; the inner one is made of Oxford 210 PU 2000. The space between these two provides effective insulation and prevents condensation. This protects from contamination with fungi and keeps the interior dry and comfortable. The canvas is easy to clean, and it dries promptly. All seams are glued to ensure reliable protection against rain and snow. The UP-2 tent has a wood stove hole, and the design ensures effective ventilation, with healthy temperature and humidity levels. It will keep the interior warm in winter and cool in summer.

Three-layer floor

The UP-2 tent can be placed on a three-layer zipper floor (sold separately). It attaches to the walls a few inches above the ground level and keeps water out when it rains heavily. It also prevents bugs and snakes from crawling inside. Finally, it protects hunters, who camp out on snow or ice, against freezing cold and ensures comfort on a rocky terrain.


The conical shape and steep walls are less exposed to strong gales. Unlike wall tents for hunting that have to bear the whole brunt of a wild wind and driving rain, the UP-2 tent lets the wind pass around. It will remain standing even in a heavy storm without too many poles and tension ropes.

All-season and all-weather

The UP-2 series is tailored to hunter’s Spartan lifestyle. The manufacturer relies on the dad’s there’s-no-bad-weather-only-bad-clothing philosophy, which applies to tents as well. This whole thing is not just about keeping rain and cold outside. The UP-2 is packed with gear and features that make it a fortress that defies all mother nature’s attacks. If you have bought our tent, you will feel good all year round and in any weather.


Hunt with comfort

The UP-2 tent can be wood-heated. Today the product is increasingly popular among hunters who go out for more than one day. You can heat your place on a frosty day and cook without having to walk outside. The UP-2 Tent uses advanced materials that ensure fire safety.

It comes with a waterproof and fire-resistant mat. It has a silicon coating and can withstand a temperature of up to 2,192 °C. The mat is attached to the wall near the fireplace. The package also includes a fire-resistant mat that should be placed below. It prevents fire damage from sparks and debris falling out.

The UP-2 tent is flue pipe compatible. There is a hole in the roof for the flue pipe. It is lined with the same material and features a stainless-steel ring. To install everything properly, it is advisable to use a modular jack. It will help you properly fit the flue pipe to your UP-2. It takes some knowledge and experience to fix it in the stove hole properly.

The UP-2 tent has a ventilation valve equipped with a mosquito net. It pumps air from outside and to the fire to ensure sufficient burning. It also prevents the place from getting smoky and helps rule out carbon monoxide contamination.

Best for Winter Hunting

Hunting in winter is exciting because animals and animal tracks can be easier seen on the snow. UP-2 hunting stove tents are intended for winter use. Fire will keep your place warm even when the outside temperature drops below −30 °C. The two-layer canvas and a layer of air between these will keep warmth in. You can deadman-anchor your shelter in deep snow and stay in the field area for several days.

Another big advantage is a folding wing door which closes well enough. You can choose not to use the additional zipper door in cold weather. Zippers often freeze in winter and will not open or close well. The wing door saves you the trouble and prolongs the zipper’s life.

The UP-2 tent keeps a hunter in comfort during heavy snowfalls, too. Thanks to its steep shape, the snow will not stick to the canvas. Part of it will melt, and the rest of it will slide down the sloping walls. You will not struggle brushing excess snow off from the water-resistant outer surface.

Variety of Sizes

There are several size options for the UP-2. The All-Season UP-2 with a stove hole can house up to 3 hunters with a wood stove and up to 4 hunters without it. The All-Season Jack UP-2-mini can house up to 3 persons with a fireplace and up to 2 persons without it. So, if you need an UP-2 to hunt, choose one depending on how big your team is.

Light it properly

If you are going to hunt in winter and/or cook without leaving your shelter, make sure you know how to light the hunting tent stove properly. This takes a bit of skill and dexterity of hand. There are numerous pages and video tutorials on how to arrange kindling wood without the risk of a fire. Check the instruction manual and be sure to provide sufficient ventilation and prevent a carbon monoxide poisoning.


Precautions: Beware of carbon monoxide!

You may be tempted to put more wood in to keep your place warmer if weather gets nasty. RBM has done its best to design a good ventilation system. But as they say, trust in God but lock your car! Carbon monoxide is extremely toxic, and it kills before the victim realizes what is happening. First signs of CO poisoning include headache, fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, and nausea. These are quite common, so it is easy to mistake them for food poisoning or altitude sickness. Never sleep in your hunting tent with a wood stove burning! Always check the flue pipe and ventilation holes before lighting. Double check that the smoke pipe is attached properly. If it is time to sleep, make sure that one of your team members stays awake and keeps watch.



🏕  Should I choose a hunting tent with a wood stove or without it?

It depends on how you are going to use it. Consider the climate in your area and whether you are going to hunt in winter. If you are, you’d better buy one with a stove to keep it warm.

📦  What are the biggest downsides of a wall tent?

It has a larger flat surface and hence lower wind resistance. It takes a massive frame and a larger number of pegs and guy ropes to keep it standing on a windy day. For this reason, these tents are harder to pitch and transport.

💡  Can I put a stove in any tent?

Yes, you may use a stove with any tents from RBM.


Thomas King

Thomas King said:

Hunting doesn’t get nearly enough attention in camping gear articles! Great to know that you think about our needs

Finlay Friedman

Finlay Friedman said:

I have an UP-2 tent and let me tell you: it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

Charlie Montgomery

Charlie Montgomery said:

Once I was camping in my UP-2 tent and it got really, and I mean REALLY windy. I could barely feel it inside – that’s how great it is.

Ezra Tomlinson

Ezra Tomlinson said:

Cool article, will make sure to check everything out

Anderson Dunlop

Anderson Dunlop said:

RBM tents are great for hunting. I own two and they have never let me down

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