Military tents (Army Tents) with wood stove

Military tents (Army Tents) with wood stove
Andrii Kovalenko November 15, 2021 4 mins read time


The “Pentagon”

This new piece is our pride. It can provide homely comfort in the field for a group of up to 5 people. It boasts a shape and design that yields a good share of space. There is a flue pipe hole in the ceiling, so you can heat it up and keep the place safe and warm in winter.

The Pentagon-like shape coupled with the camouflage color kills two birds with one stone. You can enjoy almost apartment-level comfort and secrecy against unwanted guests.

It is an all-season military tent with a wood stove. It will keep you warm on a frosty and windy day and shield you against the searing heat of the sun.

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Roomy and comfortable

The pentangular form comprises five 85-inch-long walls. The height enables a medium-tall man to stand upright inside this military tent with a stove. This one takes a little longer to install than smaller ones, but it is really worth the candle. It can easily house two bunk beds. Spaciousness is what customers really appreciate in this flagship model.

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Design specifics

Of all military tents with a wood stove, this one is best known for its wind resistance. The umbrella-type quick installation metal frame is made of the B95T1 aluminum alloy. It is used in aviation and boasts exceptional impact and corrosion resistance. The frame will remain stable and undamaged even in violent weather. Also, it will be okay during a ride on a bumpy road in a heavily loaded trunk.

This military tent comes with a detachable three-layer floor. It will keep you warm on an ice-covered surface. The floor provides good insulation. It won’t let the cold from the ground through. Snow or ice beneath it won’t melt even when you are heating your place. In summer, the floor will protect you against rodents, bugs, and snakes.

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The canvas consists of two layers. The outer one is made of Oxford 300 PU 4000. It is a strong, durable, and water-resistant fabric. The inner one is made of Oxford 210 PU 2000. It is thinner than the outer layer, but it is covered with a water-repellent. The space between the two is filled with air. It provides insulation and keeps the inside cool in summer and warm in winter. Needless to say, the canvas provides a hundred-percent protection against heavy rain and snow.

Ventilation and safety

Every time we heat a room, we put ourselves in danger. There is a possibility of fire and/or carbon monoxide poisoning. The manufacturer has taken great care to ensure safe use of its product and help you avoid trouble.

This military tent with a wood stove boasts good ventilation. Apart from the ventilation hole behind the fireplace, it has four triangular windows and two entrances. Each window has the outer and inner awnings, a mosquito net, and a transparent frost-resistant PVC layer. There are two doors with inner and outer awnings and a mosquito net. All doors and windows have high-quality zippers that stay functional in the freezing cold.

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The flue pipe hole is placed safely away from the walls. There is no need to hang fire-resistant fabric on the wall that is closer to the oven. A fire-resistant mat will be quite enough.

The flue pipe hole is equipped with steel rings and is made of a fire-resistant material. It withstands a temperature of up to 1,200 °C. There won’t be any damage even if the oven gets really hot. Just take care to purchase a fireplace with a pipe that matches the size of the hole. Besides, be sure that it features protective metal shields that prevent coals from falling out.

Burn your military tent (army tent) stove properly!

If you are going to hunt regularly in all seasons, be sure to buy the right type of oven. Please check various options. They differ in flue pipe length and diameter. Pick out one that matches the diameter of the flue pipe hole.

Please make sure that you know how to burn it properly. There are instruction videos on how to arrange the kindling in the oven. These will help you kindle it in less than a couple of minutes without wasting time and energy.

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Beware of carbon monoxide!

Carbon monoxide (CO) is extremely toxic. It can block the supply of oxygen to your body and kill you before you know what is going on! CO is there every time you burn something, and a military tent wood burn stove is no exception. Unfortunately, tragedies do happen from time to time. Please do the following simple things and secure your life and health:

  1. Buy a high-quality oven from a pre-vetted manufacturer
  2. Check and follow the instruction manual
  3. Ventilate your place properly
  4. Always check the flue pipe, remove soot and debris from the oven before using it
  5. Do not sleep when the fireplace is burning unless there is someone on the watch

This product was specially designed to make your hunting, fishing, or hiking trip an enjoyment. It is made of sturdy materials, which will last a lifetime. If what you have just read sounds good to you, please check it out and place an order right now!



🏕  Why is the tent called “military”?

It is due to the military-style camo canvas and the shape that mimics that of the building of the US Department of Defense.

📦  What materials are used in the tent?

The canvas is made of high-quality water-resistant Oxford 300 PU 4000 and Oxford 210 PU 2000 fabric. The metal frame is made of the B95T1 aluminum alloy.

💡  What kind of stove should I use with my “Pentagon” military tent?

Use a high-quality wood stove with a flue pipe matching the size of the flue pipe hole. Be sure that the stove has protective metal shields.


Bob Allen

Bob Allen said:

I love how you always cover safety measures in your articles – way to go

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Billy Coffey said:

I’ve wanted to buy your Pentagon tent for ages. After the article I can’t fight it any longer…

Jodi Collins

Jodi Collins said:

Pentagon is a great tent! Highly recommend. My family and I love camping in it – so roomy and comfortable

Boris Padilla

Boris Padilla said:

Really interesting list

Trinity Lester

Trinity Lester said:

Pentagon is the best of all, no doubt

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