Best Instant Tents: 6 Easy-Setup Tents Reviewed

Best Instant Tents: 6 Easy-Setup Tents Reviewed
Pavlo Lysyy May 02, 2022 5 mins read time

Easily installed tent is now a pleasant reality

There are a lot of camping tents on the market for those who love traveling. Fortunately, you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort to install it. It is much easier to set up a tent today than it used to be earlier and that’s great!  The manufacturers have made sure that instant set up can be done by one person without any hassle.

Brands are trying to offer innovative camping solutions that were previously unavailable. The market now offers multiple innovations in the sphere of camping gear.  

To find great products, study the widely used options that have already won the hearts of experienced tourists and novice campers. A small overview below will allow you to make your unique list of requirements and form your own opinion regarding the offered models.

Attractive offer from the CORE brand

If a tent has telescopic poles, the installation will be easier and quicker. Tents from the CORE brand are equipped with them. Instant set up doesn’t require many people, but you will need to use some physical effort. However, don’t rush to add this feature to the list of shortcomings, since it confirms the great stability of the design.

This model is suitable for camping not only in summer but also in other seasons. The secret of success lies in the fact that the manufacturer has taken care of the presence of additional protective screens and the correct shape of the floor. Water doesn’t get inside, which means that rain will not be a hindrance to your comfort.

As for other features, there is no need to worry about supplying fresh air to the living space. Breathable mesh and additional ground floor ventilation provide the comfort you will need. Despite the listed feature types, there is still a significant drawback: you won’t be able to instantly fold the tent into its case.

Toogh Instant Dome

This camping tent is super easy to install and take down in only a minute.  One person can easily cope with this task. Simply installing the tent doesn’t take too much time and people, and this is definitely a great advantage of this new model.

The unusual shape of the floor complicates the placement of all the necessary things around the perimeter. The corners take up a lot of free space, so instead of the declared 4 people, only 3 will fit here. But when it comes to family camping, this type looks quite appealing.

The list of features allows you to evaluate the reasons for buying it:

  • floor material — durable oxford fabric 210D;
  • protection of the ventilation opening and living space from insects;
  • two doors and a canopy for easy movement of several people around the tent.

The dome is only 5.5 feet high. Adult people are unlikely to be able to stand without hitting the ceiling. If you plan to spend a lot of time outside this limited space during your camping trip, it makes sense to think about buying a Toogh instant Dome.

Pentagon: a great representative of the premium class

Those who love spending time in nature at any time of the year should get a practical tent. It has everything you might need for a comfortable stay, from a huge floor area to instant assembly process. This model may be not the best choice for the fans of hiking, but is perfect for car travelers.

The purchase of this tent is justified, since its free space is designed for 6 people. You will be able to place several air mattresses and sleeping bags at a safe distance from the stove. As for other advantages for camping, you can focus on the following:

  1. Versatility: it’s suitable for any weather conditions. The brand took care of a solid margin of safety, instant pole installation, and fresh air supply for the whole space. These features allow you to spend time comfortably and forget about the scorching sun or frosty day.
  2. Solid type of material. Oxford PU 4000 is able to withstand severe mechanical stress without risk to the users. You shouldn’t be afraid of torrential rains, the scorching sun and heavy snowfall. You will always feel safe and cozy inside the tent.
  3. Detachable floor. The brand offers a great opportunity to use a waterproof detachable floor for ice fishing with a little preliminary preparation.

Inside the tent, you can stand without the fear of hitting the ceiling. The durable construction of the tent and poles has received great reviews from winter activities enthusiasts, leading to the conclusion that it has excellent thermal insulation properties.

Coleman Cabin for windy areas

This company has been on the market for a long time. The announcement of a new tent quickly becomes the subject of people’s discussion.  In this case, the same thing happened, since this model really deserves increased attention. Such points speak in favour of its purchase:

  • instant and easy installation and assembly process;
  • telescopic poles are pre-fixed, so you won’t lose them;
  • several variations, which differ in height, for a comfortable stay inside.

This great tent can withstand strong winds that reach 35 km/h. The poles’ high strength means you don't have to worry about the stability of the tent in windy conditions. But with all the abundance of features, there is one unpleasant flaw: the floor material is too thin.

Coleman Tenaya Lake for a big group of people

This tent can comfortably accommodate eight adult people or two small families. For their convenience, there’s an impromptu wall that doesn’t take an inch of free space. Everything is great about this type of tent, except one thing: you need to practice a few times to set it up instantly.

But this disadvantage will not affect your comfort while camping. Substantial features overshadow the complex installation. The brand has focused on the comfortable accommodation of people inside the tent and managed to achieve its goal.

Really tall people can easily stand inside the tent. The poles are over 6 feet high, making the tent one of the tallest on the international market. Using the wall will not affect the free space, and you will still have a place to move inside. You will also need to pay attention to the large free floor area to accommodate a large number of people.

camping image

Ozark Trail: tent with ventilation

The first thing that catches your eye is the dark color of the fabric. It is able to trap the sun rays and maintain a comfortable space even on a hot day. Several large ventilation windows, which are protected by a mesh, are provided for the supply of cool air.

The tent functionality is similar to the previous types, so there is no need to focus on them. However, this product is much easier to assemble and place in a standard case after use. It is also much easier to store, which is the reason for the increased attention of buyers.



🏕  What is an instant tent installation?

The uncomfortable telescopic poles are in the past now. Today, one person can set up a tent instantly without the risk to other people. This result was achieved thanks to the newest inventions.

📦  Does this type of installation affect the size of the inside space?

Owners of the tent that can be installed instantly don't give up on the opportunity to make the most of the free space. Manufacturers offer various options to choose the suitable model.

💡  What are the requirements for the new product?

The tent that can be instantly assembled must be thick enough, made of durable materials and provide protection against moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the fabric of the floor and presence of ventilation openings.


Adam Lopez

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Opt for an instant tent if you don’t wanna spend hours on setting it up

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Pentagon is my favorite

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All RBM tents are super easy to set up, especially considering their size

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Thanks for the list

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Honest reviews, I appreciate that

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