The best 8 man tent options for 2022

The best 8 man tent options for 2022
Pavlo Lysyy May 02, 2022 5 mins read time

Choosing the best tent for a large company

The desire to have fun in nature makes you wonder which tent is better to choose. There are many factors to consider, including the available area and the number of beds. In addition, the characteristics of fabric are different, which means that you need to pay attention to the material. 

To decide on a future purchase, you need to study the main properties of tents. Requirements for a tent may differ depending on weather conditions, so it is a good idea to think in advance about the difficulties that you may have after the purchase.

Choosing responsibly

The modern market has a huge assortment of travel goods, so inexperienced campers can get lost with all the variety. A few simple tips from professionals will allow you to get the desired result and buy the right tent:

  1. Shape. Buying gear requires exploring the pros and cons of each option. Shape plays a key role, so it's worth familiarizing yourself with the specifics beforehand.
  2. Material. The tent should is to provide shelter from heavy rain, strong winds or just regular snow. Durability and water resistance are the main characteristics of a suitable model.
  3. Doors and windows. Having 8 persons inside a small apartment can cause inconvenience. Pay attention to the number of doors and consider whether you need an improvised wall?

After studying the main advantages of a particular tent, you may want to purchase it right away. But do not forget about the disadvantages. You should make a decision only if you have information about the pros and cons. Make sure you are happy with your purchase. 

REI Co-op Kingdom

Consider a novelty that will allow you to accommodate a company of up to 8 persons. The presence of free space and a canopy provides a comfortable placement for each person camping. The final weight of the folded equipment is about 25 pounds.

The list of features that will make your life easier include:

  • presence of a special partition;
  • ability to use several doors;
  • simplified camp setup.

As for the disadvantages, the material of manufacture does not provide complete protection from heavy rain. The fabric cannot withstand heavy rainfall, therefore, if they are not uncommon in your area, it is better to choose another option for camping with a large company.

Coleman Montana for 8 persons

A limited budget is not a reason to give up your favorite hobby. This well-known brand has taken care of this and invites you to explore a cheaper tent. Unfortunately, the chances of being dry after a heavy rainfall are minimal.

It is worth focusing on the fact that the cost of such a tent will not be too high. In addition, owners receive several benefits. First, the manufacturer suggests using a small canopy and entering the tent with clean shoes. Secondly, the placement of 10 persons will not be a problem, since the area floor allows you to place several large air mattresses. The seams provide additional protection from the rain, but their effectiveness is reduced during a downpour.

Hexagon for the comfort of a large company

This all-season model is popular for its comfort. Fans of winter camping will be able to install a stove to heat their tent. Tourists who like to spend time outdoors during the warmer seasons will also be delighted with the offered sizes.

The popular tent allows you to accommodate a large company, regardless of their choice of bedding. Bags and mattresses for 8 persons are easy to place on the floor to ensure adequate comfort. Besides, it is worth noting the huge area of such a shelter.

There are three doors for maximum convenience people. Use any of them for letting the rest of the campers sleep peacefully. Staying inside during heavy rain or snow will not bring you any discomfort, as the fabric is able to withstand any weather conditions without change.

An unusual hexagonal shape will allow each person in your camping group to pick their own area. Choosing where to sleep is not difficult. It is possible to place sleeping bags for 8 people, being guided by the manufacturer instructions.

Eureka Copper Canyon LX

You can take luxury apartments with you on camping. The beauty of this model lies in the availability of free space, even while using an improvised wall. For convenience, two doors are provided, and they are accessible to people from anywhere in the tent.

Despite the high strength of the floor material, it is worth having additional lining. To prevent moisture from the rain from causing discomfort, it is recommended to use a tarp backing. This will keep you warm and comfortable.

There may be some problems during the installation of equipment. We advise you to try to install the model without rushing and get ready for your upcoming trip. Comfort for an 8 people is ensured if the assembly lessons have been carried out with the utmost care.

Big Agnes Mad House

You can purchase a heavy-duty model that has been designed for climbers. As for innovations, we can note the use of a special material that is highly waterproof and durable. You will not have any problems while using it.

A lot of space is required to install the tent, and the inside movement of each person of your trip will not cause discomfort to other participants. To do this, the brand has prudently added several doors that are equally accessible from any point.

Another advantage of the 8 persons option is the small weight of the assembled equipment. In this case, it is just under 25 pounds. The huge floor area and modest weight justify the increased attention to the models of tents of this brand. big tent

Marmot Lair

When it comes to a large selection of lightweight camping shoes, the Marmot Lair is definitely worth checking out. All 8 people who have decided to take a winter vacation far from the city will comfortably accommodate here. There are several benefits for buyers:

  1. Bright design. Since the development of the model with two doors is associated with the need to provide comfort for 8 people in snow conditions, the manufacturer decided to release it in an unusual bright design. It is impossible to lose sight of this tent!
  2. Removable floor. Camping in winter always leads to having snow inside the improvised “house”. The floor can be detached to remove dirt. Snow acts as an additional source of moisture, so you should get rid of it.
  3. Low weight. The model is easy to carry even when it comes to hiking. You can easily divide the weight into backpacks of 8 people and save your energy for other useful things.

Please note that the removable bottom can cause bugs to appear inside the tent. To avoid such a situation, you should carefully examine the area and make sure that there aren’t any insects. When shaking out snow, you should remember to restore the sealing.



🏕  How to choose a tent for a big company?

Several basic characteristics affect the choice of model. Pay attention to the available area, the material of manufacture and the amount of space to place sleeping bags on the floor. The shape and size should match your preference.

📦  Can the tent weight be split for several backpacks?

Detachable pegs, the floor that can be unfastened, and accessories need to be split for several people. Thus, you can save your energy and ensure the safety of each important piece of equipment.

💡  How to choose inflatable mattresses for your tent?

Each person in your group will need a place to sleep. Manufacturers have taken care of the availability of sufficient space to accommodate sleeping bags and mattresses. To make your decision, you should look at the number of people who go camping.


Violet Williams

Violet Williams said:

I own a Hexagon and I love mine

Haris Oneil

Haris Oneil said:

Hexagon and Pentagon are my all-time faves

Teddie Mcnamara

Teddie Mcnamara said:

Is the Hexagon tent really that big?
Dru Weston

Dru Weston said:

I have one and we managed to fit 8 people inside, so yes
Teddie Mcnamara

Teddie Mcnamara said:

Wow, great

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