Best insulated tents for winter camping

Best insulated tents for winter camping
Pavlo Lysyy December 15, 2022 5 mins read time

Camping is an extremely fun activity that bad weather should not interfere with. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to choose the equipment responsibly. The good thing is that there is a solid range of products on the market, which allows you to find the right offer taking into account the unique requirements.

When searching, it is recommended to use expert reviews or study feedback from the owners. There will be no problems with this, as the popularity of camping has grown considerably lately. Recent restrictions have contributed to this, and they will remain in our memories for a long time.

Buying an insulated tent is justified when you can't imagine spending an entire season without an active getaway. The availability of diverse offers allows you to achieve your goal and enjoy a great time with your family or alone with nature.


Tips for choosing insulated equipment

The offers on the market cover the demand of tourists who need to upgrade their equipment. The first options appeared not so long ago, but this point does not affect the results. Everyone who has prepared a list of requirements is able to find a suitable indoor model which includes:

  1. The presence of an insulated layer. Suitable products are not just made of waterproof canvas, but also assume the presence of additional insulation. There are not many indoor models available, so it is worth paying attention to both the cost and the description.
  2. Safety level. It is quite difficult to stay comfortable and not make a fire, so it is worth considering the required protection. Manufacturers use quality canvas which helps to increase safety.
  3. Capacity of the indoor model. Comfort during the camping trip also depends on the amount of living space inside. The description of the models contains information on how many people can be accommodated in the tent and not create discomfort for other campers.

Campers who want to clear their doubts will be able to find clues in the review. The advantages, disadvantages and features of insulated products that are in demand among experienced campers are mentioned here. It's worth considering the recommendations and making an informed decision without risking your pleasure.

Popular offers for fans of winter camping

It is quite easy to simplify the study of tent catalogs, because the ranking contains the best offers from reliable manufacturers. It is not difficult to evaluate the options, as the description gives useful information about camping equipment for cold weather.

Crua Culla – large sleeping bag

You should pay attention to the pop up offer for many reasons. First of all, it is worth noting the possibility of thermal insulation of the wall. This cocoon (waterproof properties of canvas are absent) can be installed inside the tent and create comfortable conditions for sleeping and resting after the sunset.

As for characteristics, you have to prepare for some exceptional properties:

  • preservation of heat at temperatures around - 40 degrees;
  • the possibility of installation inside another shelter;
  • high air permeability and the presence of ventilation holes.

Low weight will allow you to use the insulated product if you prefer to walk to the place of camping. Pop up construction weighs about 7 kg, so you will not have any difficulties. The lack of rigid supports of the wall makes it impossible to use in strong winds, but thanks to this feature, cocoon can be installed inside a large shelter.

The list of advantages is completed by the soundproofing of the wall and the impermeability of canvas to sunlight. So, you won't have any problem using the indoor product to rest in the daylight or in the presence of noise sources nearby the campsite.

Crua Tri – tunnel type model

The manufacturer did a great job, so it offers another great insulated option of equipment. The pop up model can accommodate no more than 3 people, so traveling with the family does not cause inconvenience. In addition, all-season products are also interesting for other reasons.

Light insulation is provided for a comfortable stay. Not a single ray of sunlight will not interfere with outdoor recreation, both in summer and winter. If you do not like this feature, there are windows in the tunnel to ventilate and increase the level of comfort.

As for the material of manufacture, it also justifies the cost of the insulated product. The list of characteristics of pop up canvas includes water resistance, which is equal to a solid 5000 mm, and the presence of a laminating layer. Thanks to the detailed design, it will be possible to avoid the formation of mold and moisture inside the shelter.

Supports of the living tent are made of aluminum, so the final weight of the product is quite small. If necessary, here you can arrange a canopy for storing unnecessary equipment and things.

Hexagon – an option for a large company

Buyers pay attention to this insulated offer when they are planning on camping with a large group. Up to 8 people can be accommodated inside the shelter. The wall height of the product allows people of average height to stand up straight and move around the improvised room without any problems

Trouble-free use of the living tent is available if you have transport. There is no other way to travel with such heavy equipment. Nevertheless, there are several reasons to buy a Hexagon:

  • availability of two entrances for easy and silent exit outside;
  • the possibility of installing a wood stove (opening for the pipe, windows);
  • availability of a wall that opens to the roof for safe storage of things.

The waterproof tent is easy to install on any surface because of the unique technology used in its design. You do not have to use additional precautions to protect against moisture. The waterproof rating of the canvas is 4000 mm.

Crua Culla – model for cold winters

The ability to use it at low temperatures makes the offer stand out on the market. Despite the fact that the insulated product can be classified as inflatable equipment for living, there is no need to complain about the level of comfort. The brand did a quality job on the novelty and offers:

  • use three racks to install the living model in all conditions;
  • availability of insulation to protect against the cold up to - 40 degrees;
  • quality ventilation (vents, door with mesh);
  • facilities for accommodating up to 5 people.

The wall is thick enough, so protection from the rays is guaranteed. This winter black out tent is ideal for those campers who do not want to be disturbed. You can use the pop up construction without other large indoor models, because all the necessary characteristics are combined here.


The insulation of large shelters can be carried out in two ways. In the first case, you need to take care of the presence of a wood stove, and in the second - an additional tent. Moreover, there are indoor products on the market that are fully autonomous, so you do not have to buy another shelter.

The study of insulated options allows you to evaluate the benefits of the living models. You can make a choice based on the number of tourists and the preferred way of travel to the place of overnight stay. You don't have to look long for options for comfort during winter camping, because the most popular ones are already in front of you.


🏕  What are the advantages of an insulated Tent?

The main feature of the models is the presence of an additional insulating layer. Thanks to this, it is possible to keep warm inside the shelter and to spend time outside the tent regardless of the weather.

📦  What do you need to know about an insulated Tent?

Insulated models can be installed autonomously or inside another shelter. If waterproof equipment is not available, it is worth carefully reading the description. Autonomous installation means preservation of heat and protection from moisture and rain.

💡  What are the advantages of pop up constructions?

Such Tent allows you to reduce the weight of the equipment and protect yourself from the cold. To do this, the material of manufacture must have heat resistance. The size of the living space depends on the capacity of your chosen model.


Trey Mosley

Trey Mosley said:

I’m not even put off by these tents’ heavy weight, definitely worth it

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Oliver Peterson said:

You should take insulation seriously, can never be too cautious. Always an extra pair of clothes and a heater!

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Hexagon is huggeeee, the best choice for camping in a large group

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Love this list, awesome tents!

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I wonder if i ever get the chance to try out of these beauties…

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