Best luxe tents on the market: are they worth the price?

Best luxe tents on the market: are they worth the price?
Pavlo Lysyy August 03, 2022 8 mins read time

The best luxe tents on the market: are they worth the price?

Dark winter nights, the smell of bonfire, muddy shoes and sounds of wild nature. These are the things that are rarely associated with luxury. But we’re here to prove that camping can be lux and by lux, we mean a much higher level of comfort than one may expect while spending their time in the wild nature.

Each type of product on the market has various quality and price ranges and, of course, tents are one of those products. There are simple tipis for those who are not planning on staying outdoors for a long time or just not bothered with any discomfort. There are also much more sophisticated and pricey luxe items that can probably compete with a hotel room. Those have everything you need for a perfect time in the wild. But… are they actually worth the price?

Five whales of a lux tipis

  1. Easy setup. Imagine – you’re finally on your vacation, out in the wild with your friends, trying to have the best time you’ve been waiting for. Do you want to spend an extra hour trying to set up a tent? No! Of course, that’s not rocket science but sometimes ‘building your shelter’ can be exhausting. Trying to figure out the construction shouldn’t be hard with luxe tipis. The setup of the pricey products is supposed to be nice and easy. After all, having extra time to relax is a part of the luxe experience.
  2. Weather protection. Staying warm and dry is essential for any traveller’s comfort, but in the wild this may be considered luxe-level conditions. Sometimes nature is extremely unwelcoming and you need to consider every possible weather scenario while choosing your teepee. Depending on the region, you should pay attention to possible leaking, protection from low temperatures and snowstorms and also ventilation features of the tipi.
  3. Space and height. Now, remember which seats on a plane are usually considered the best and ‘upper class’? Correct – those that have extra space and where you can actually stretch your legs. Same thing with tipis. Nobody likes to feel squished inside a box, especially while you’re trying to relax and feel connected to nature. Lux category constructions are usually the bigger ones and can fit more than one person inside. And even some furniture!
  4. The quality of the material. This whale is a ‘big brother’ of the tent’s weather protection qualities. Any luxe product should be made of quality materials that won’t be destroyed by the heavy rain or extreme sunshine. When choosing a luxe tipi you should pay attention to the frame of construction, the thickness of the walls and the resistance characteristics of the outer layer.
  5. Additional features. This may sound abstract but we’re talking about the unique features that make luxe brands stand out. These perks help you achieve the same level of comfort you’re used to in your everyday life. Cooking a hot meal, having a proper door or a window, and being able to place all your belongings in a convenient way – these little things may seem unimportant in theory but they are exactly what makes you feel cosy and safe.

Lux teepee prices: what does the market have to offer?

Let’s be honest – if you’re looking for something above average you should be ready to spend extra. The prices of luxe tents vary from $500 to $5000. But expensive doesn’t necessarily mean ‘the best, so let’s look at some of the most interesting products out there and decide if the price is worth it.

Dream House Camping Bell Tent 

luxe tents

Price: affordable

Pros: Obviously, the best things about this tipi are the space and the visuals. It can fit four people and you can actually stand inside it, which is, hands down, very lux for a tent. There is enough room for proper beds and a table. The canvas has a nice neutral color which is important if you’re planning on staging a stylish event or making great photos.

Cons: According to honest buyers’ reviews the stakes it comes with are below average. The best way to set up this construction would be to use the stakes you can put in and take out with a drill or another power tool.

Another detail that a buyer pointed out was that he had to figure out how to tie the tie-downs onto the tent which is not very convenient in bad weather situations. This teepee’s canvas doesn’t have great density and that’s the reason it doesn’t actually trap as much heat or cold. It’s waterproof but it’s not going to keep you warm.

Overall: This could be a good solution for a glamping style night out but if you’re considering using it as a shelter for proper camping – think twice. It doesn’t offer much but it’s actually not pricey for a luxe tipi so it’s worth its’ price.

ZMDZA Large Automatic Ice Fishing Tent

luxe tent

Price: big-budget

Pros: We’re finally entering the area of proper all-season weather luxe tents. According to the seller, the product has great thermal performance and the thick skirt keeps warm, avoiding direct cold wind and ensuring comfort inside your shelter. The material used is oxford cloth, which should be anti-wear. There are also reinforced corners and a good sought-after ventilation system. The design can also be a good perk for those who like bright colors.

Cons: The size of this construction is not quite great for this price. It’s not the best solution for a big company and those who want to place furniture inside. Let’s be honest - there are far more spacious choices for this money.

Overall: This modern luxe product is an interesting solution for a small company but it still seems overpriced.

All-Season Premium Outfitter Wall Tent with Stove Jack "Hexagon"

luxe tent

Price: above average

Pros: This product can provide you with a genuinely high-end camping experience. Whether you’re staying in a snowy forest or relaxing at the lake on a summer day. This is an all-weather living module that can fit up to eight people and provides the comforts of home. It’s actually comparable to an apartment room! So yeah, the space features of these tipis are no doubt lux. The main feature of ‘Hexagon’ is a stove jack which can keep you warm during extremely cold winter nights and helps to cook a hot meal. It has protective metal shields that prevent tourists from accidental burns and the risk of fire in their temporary home. The ventilation is top-notch too and you’re not going to worry about the lack of that fresh forest air. There are proper windows and doors which have reinforced zippers and mosquito nets. Another amazing feature is the detachable waterproof floor. Those who love winter fishing are going to love it – you can drill a fishing hole, install the ‘Hexagon’ above it, and enjoy your hobby in a comfort of a warm and spacious room.

Cons: This is a very spacious tipi for a big company so it doesn’t really work for those who don’t have any friends. Just kidding! This product can be easily set up by only two people. But if you’re looking for something to create a glamorous event this item is not going to fit in as its purpose is to make rough camping in the wild comfortable and relaxing.

Overall: ‘Hexagon’ by RBM Outdoors is truly a lux tipi that provides you not only with a great size shelter and protection but with many additional features that are really worth their price.

Festival Dome Tent

luxe tent

Price: affordable

Pros: The obvious feature of this tipi is the size. It’s very spacious and can fit up to twelve people. This festival lux teepee is made of waterproof fabric and can protect you from heavy rain. The seam and stitches at the bottom of the product’s body are all treated with waterproof glue. According to the item’s description, its outer layer uses 210T silver tape with better sun protection performance, which can effectively block the external ultraviolet rays and keep your company safe.

Cons: This dome tipi has twelve windows and, although it helps to better connect with nature, it can be problematic in cold weather situations. The floor also seems too thin and there are no additional features included that could help this item stand out and be more luxe.

Overall: Basically, it is a good solution for a summer barbeque or a garden event. Not a great choice for camping, especially in a harsh climate. If you need to throw a party for a big family and protect them from the sun and heat damage this teepee may be worth its price.

Family Camping Tunnel Tent

luxe tents

Price: big-budget

Pros: Judging by the price, this teepee should be considered a lux item. One of the obvious pros – is that it’s huge and can probably fit the average school class of 20-25 people inside which is very convenient for large parties. It’s very airy and see-through if you want it to be – the windows can be easily closed. An average person can freely stand upright inside the tent and you can place a lot of furniture inside. It’s waterproof and has mosquito protection.

Cons: It seems like this teepee doesn’t really have a floor so it’s not actually good for proper camping. Because of its size, the package is pretty big and heavy and you must get some help to set it up.

Overall: This lux tipi is only going to work for a summer beach party or a garden event. It’s surely not supposed to be used as a cold-weather camping solution and can’t provide you with the same comfort as smaller teepees with more features. In conclusion, it seems like it’s not really worth its expensive status.

Nemo Wagontop Group Camping Tent

luxe tents

Price: affordable

Pros: This modern and high-quality teepee is one of the affordable choices for your lux camping. A unique pole structure provides unparalleled interior space and room to stand up and stretch. It has wide windows and vestibule space for gear, shoes and bags. The inside has enough room to fit at least four people and a company of up to eight people if you choose a bigger modification of this item. According to the reviews, it can be set up by one person after a bit of practice.

Cons: Although it’s a proper lux camping teepee, it’s not a four-season solution because the roof is not snow rated and it is a single-wall design. Experienced tourists are not going to use it in extreme and cold temperatures. There are no detachable floors so you won’t be able to enjoy ice-fishing inside it.

Overall: It doesn’t come with as many luxe features as its competitors but the quality is nice and the price tag is pretty moderate.

MAVERICKS Dome Tent by Heimplanet

luxurious tent

Price: extreme

Pros: The first thing that catches the customer’s attention is the teepee’s design. It’s very unusual, sci-fi and unique which makes the whole thing look like something out of a space-themed movie. The shape makes it very spacious and, according to the brand, it can fit up to ten people inside. There is an outer layer made from high tenacity polyester and the inner layer is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. The teepee’s construction seems very light-weight and you might think that it would fly away with the first heavy wind. However, that inflatable frame is actually there to provide stability and is designed to handle wind speeds of up to 180 km/h.

Cons: With all the perks this tipi provides it doesn’t seem to justify the out-of-sight price for this designer’s wonder. I’ve actually seen some customers online asking if this item comes with 10 acres of prime forest land.

Overall: We can’t deny this teepee’s quality – the design, the space, the stability, proper ventilation and easy access…. But it still seems overpriced. Would be really hard to relax and star gaze in this place while the only thing you can think about is how much money you’ve spent on it.

How do I choose a lux tipi?

Each of the teepees reviewed above has unique qualities that can help your luxe outdoors experience but it’s always better to make your choice based on your goals and priorities. Some of the luxe items are worth their price but don’t rush to spend your money if you don’t know what you actually need. Are you going to use your lux teepee frequently and in every season or do you need just a summer beach-type construction? Are you looking for a safe shelter or a stylish set for your relaxing evening? How many people are going to use it or sleep in it? Will you be able to easily set up the construction? These are the things you need to consider and choose a lux teepee that is suitable to your needs.


🏕  How much does a luxe tipi tent cost?

The prices for lux products may vary from $500 to thousands of dollars.

📦  What is considered a lux teepee tent?

This kind of teepee provides a high level of comfort and safety, a lot of space and extra features like a stove jack or detachable floor.

💡  How to choose a luxe tipi?

Think about how many people you need to fit inside, and what weather and conditions you are planning on using it in.


Asha Howard

Asha Howard said:

Price doesn’t always equal quality tbh

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Juan Leonard said:

Hexagon is my favorite

Jodi Li

Jodi Li said:

Why are these tents sooo expensive though

Maximillian Redman

Maximillian Redman said:

Because they are high quality, large and reliable..

Jodi Li

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Yeah, I guess I get it…

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