Most expensive camping tents: luxury segment guide

Most expensive camping tents: luxury segment guide
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The Best Luxurious Tents for Camping in 2022

Looking for a luxurious camping shelter? We have a lot of amazing solutions. People enjoy chilling outdoors, and it’s so fascinating to spend the night with your significant other at the seashore under the canvas. Or imagine picking shelters and going on a family vacation in the mountains with your nearest and dearest. Breathing fresh air, cooking on an open fire, and walking on the grass barefoot is a perfect rest from your daily routine.

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However, it’s challenging to get used to smoke in your eyes, mosquitoes, uncomfortable mats, and dirt under your nails. Thankfully, the glamping movement suggests cozy and comfortable camping options. Luxury shelters will help you reconnect with nature in a comfortable environment. In this article, we explore top solutions for your flawless trips. We considered different factors to present to you the most durable, safe, and comfortable open-air accommodation options. A high price means high quality, so choose one of the most expensive tents to spend time outdoors with comfort. Move on and find top glamping shelters of 2022 that will make your trip unforgettable!

Properties of Luxury Tents

Choosing the appropriate shelter is not easy as there are many good, cheap and expensive options. Your pricey product should possess the following properties.

  • Easy setup glamping accommodation is a necessity for novice travelers as they will save much time and nerves. If you fail to set up your shelter fast and easily, the whole recreation will not bring you pleasure. Large shelters made of heavy fabric may be challenging to put up. But consider that it should be reliable and withstand the wind. Inflatable and pop-up shelters will be a great choice for easy set-up.
  • Durability is a crucial feature of a pricey tent. But a high price tag is not only about its beauty but also its long lifetime. Luxury shelters are made of high-quality durable duty poles and thick rope guy lines. So if you want to benefit from regular camping, be ready to pay for quality.
  • Luxury shelters are heavy as they are made from high-quality, durable materials. There is much space for rest which adds to the overall weight. However, you can opt for a pricey lightweight tent for easy transportation.
  • Shelter waterproofness is vital for luxury recreation under the canvas. You will not have to worry about getting soaked when it’s rainy or spoiling the product by pouring something on it. All pricey shelters on our list can withstand wet and windy weather conditions and ensure an unforgettable glamping experience.
  • Expensive items look gorgeous in addition to other important properties. They have a modern design and are comfortable to use. You can choose from a variety of styles, such as rooftop, bell, teepees, or safari tents, and be sure that your luxurious shelter will help spend your trip in comfort and beauty.

Top 10 Expensive Tents for Glamping

Now it’s time to explore the shortlist of the most luxurious camping shelters with a high price tag. Make the right choice considering crucial properties and style and design that fits your taste.

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Lotus Belle

Lotus Belle is a great choice for creating a cozy home vibe in nature. You will make a statement with this luxurious camping shelter that combines elegance and practicality. It can house up to six people with 18 m² of living space. There's one double bed, but you can also bring your sleeping bags. You will have a lot of space for different things, including seats and a table.

You will benefit from PVC and insect screen windows with zip closure and external blinds, providing an amazing view of the surroundings and comfort sleeping without mosquitos. The Velcro groundsheet and Velcro flaps ensure safe recreation. Lotus Belle is made of high-quality, durable cotton canvas to withstand harsh weather. You can go camping all year round as it is an expensive product that will protect your rest under any conditions. Get the glamping accommodation with a one-year warranty and lifetime customer support.

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Baby Tipi

Baby Tipi is the most pricey option with endless possibilities. It is tiny but spacious enough for comfortable recreation having a 6.5m diameter. It has a fascinating design and is easy to assemble. This glamping accommodation will help you stand out and ensure an enjoyable partying with friends. It has a capacity for 15 standing, 12 seated, or 10 sleeping people. A long lifecycle and extreme durability make Baby Tipi one of the most popular camping choices.

The glamping shelter is made of durable, safe materials. Besides, the manufacturer provides installation training as well as repair services. The canvas weight is 35 kg; it’s heavy but reliable. People choose luxurious Tipi products when the space is restricted, but they want to spend time connecting with nature. In addition to Baby Tipi, there are Little, Midi, and Big Tipis, so choose yours.

Dream House 4-Season

It’s a dream product for an intimate setting. Dream House 4-Season can house up to four people due to its large space and outdoor furniture. The expensive 100% cotton has a waterproof PU coating you can use for a long time. It weighs 25 kg and is extremely easy to set up in any place and have an enjoyable time. Dream House's key features are a stove hole, four ventilation holes, semi-circular and rectangular windows, a rainproof cap, and a removable ground sheet.

This 4-season camping accommodation has four diameter options, including 3m, 4m, 5m, and 6m. The 3m diameter shelter doesn’t have one stove jack on the side wall, but the other three options do. The bigger the diameter, the more airbags you can place inside. It is easy to set up and maintain, so keep it in a clean, dry place, and this expensive camping accommodation will serve you for many years.

Yukon Bell

The Yukon offers great value for year-round camping. One of the most expensive and the best tents, the Yukon Bell is an excellent choice for winter camping. It provides ample space and is available in three sizes. The shelter is made of 100% polyester, which makes it highly durable and resistant to wind, mildew, and water. It is more resistant to ultraviolet rays than cotton canvas, does not shrink, and does not grow mold.

The Bell product is easy to set up and carry due to the galvanized steel poles and stakes and the low canvas material weight. You can benefit from a high tear strength and an uncut stove jack. There is a removable, zip-in PVC floor, four windows and four peak vents (all of which have mosquito netting), and a zippered, screened door. Yurt fans can get the Yukon and have a similar experience but with less effort and money in a comfortable place.

Mongulai 14ft Yurt

The Mongulai 14ft yurt is ideal for car vacations and trips to places with cold climates. Combining the spirit of a tent with the permanence of a house, it's great for glamping lovers. You can set off on a long-term getaway with this camping accommodation without any worries. It is very warm, spacious, waterproof, and easy to set up. The yurt can fit up to 20 people and six sleeping places. It weighs 90 kg and can be easily put at the back of the car.

This most expensive shelter offers ultimate protection and home comfort. It’s made of wood, cotton, steel, and polyester fabric. There are inner, outer, and side straps and khayach to regulate the Mongolian yurt temperature. What is special about this shelter is crafting, as it is made to order. You can order the yurt in any county and benefit from fast and safe shipping.

The Bailey Discovery D4-2 Camper Trailer

The Bailey Discovery D4-2 Camper Trailer is one of the greatest, most expensive options for adventure enthusiasts keen on exploring the untrodden trails. You will get a private space with a fully furnished interior inside this camper trailer. You can easily set off on a long road trip and spend enjoyable star-studded nights with big windows on all sides.

Made from weather-resistant fabric, it’s like a tiny home with a wood interior. There you will find a kitchen along the side with cabinet storage, and a bathroom in the corner of the camper. There are two couches and a fold-down table in the lounge area. In the kitchen, you’ll get an oven, worktop extension, a mini-fridge, and a sink. Gas and electric heating, and many other conveniences will help you make the most of your trip.


Want an unusual camping experience? Then the AERIAL A1 is right for you. It is a lightweight, portable shelter with a horizontal sleeping surface that you can suspend between two trees. This one of the most expensive shelters ensures the best sleeping experience as this platform is free of pressure points. You will feel like you’re sleeping on clouds. This system is simple to set up, very comfortable, and versatile.

The tent weight with the suspension system is only 2.45 kg, the suspended capacity is 125 kg. It is made from premium hardware and nylon. The intuitive design makes it a real treasure for campers. If you’re in an open meadow with nothing to tie your shelter to, you can easily pitch it onto land. The shelter has a slackline structure, so you stretch the base out to make it flat. You can mount the AERIAL A1 over rocks, roots, and even rivers.

Karma ZIG Bell

Make an eco choice with the most expensive Karma ZIG Bell. You will get a classic bell shelter with a luxurious twist. This sustainable glamping shelters is made from 100% natural, organic cotton canvas you can use in any season. It will protect you from harsh weather conditions and UV rays. Another great characteristic is durable construction and double-stitched seams. This camping accommodation is available in four sizes where big sizes have two entrances. The 5m bell tent can easily accommodate four double air beds.

Other crucial features are a waterproof groundsheet and DIY stove hole cover that is optional. You will get four zipped canvas windows with mosquito mesh lining. Doors now have three settings: fully open, mosquito mesh screen, or full canvas doors. ZIG bell incorporates the best modern designs and the most durable components, keeping weight and packed size to an absolute minimum. You can easily erect it in 15 minutes and then pack it in your car. You will get free shipping and a one-year warranty.

PlayDo 4-Season Bell

The 4-season Cotton Canvas Bell is one of the most expensive shelters, perfect for romantic getaways or group trips. This waterproof model is available in five sizes from 3 to 7 meters, with plenty of room for all of your camping luxuries. There is a frame door, four-screen windows, and a wood-burning stove vent. The durable fabric is fire-resistant, waterproof treated as well as a PVC floor fitted.

You should not worry about wet weekends as the shelter will safeguard you from rain. On warm days, you can roll up the shelter sides to increase the airflow. A top stove pipe vent, air vents, and mesh windows ensure good breathability. It weighs 35 kg, which makes it a bit challenging to carry. Despite its large size, the Bell Tent is quick and easy to assemble. It will take you less than 20 minutes to elevate the product.

Kodiak Cabin

This is one of the most expensive products providing a comfortable camp trip experience in harsh conditions. It is heavy and difficult to set up alone, but a sturdy steel frame keeps the tent taut. The 100% cotton duck canvas is perfect for any weather and is highly waterproof. You can use it in warm climates as a large mesh ensures excellent ventilation.

It is equipped with a poly fringe sod cloth around the bottom inside the perimeter. Tall people prefer the Kodiak Cabin because of the steep sides ensuring more headroom. The versatile design allows you to roll away a side wall to create an open-air atmosphere

Final Thoughts

Your glamping experience will never be the same with these expensive shelters. Check out our high-quality tents and choose your glamping accommodation. So opt for the item you like the most and enjoy a great time with your nearest and dearest in the fresh air.




🏕  What are eco-tents?

These camping shelters are produced with eco-friendly materials and can be recycled. Toxic, cheap materials can be hazardous to your health and nature. So pay attention to one of the most expensive portable shelters without plastic and PVC.

📦  Why do travelers choose glamping?

Not everyone who goes on a trip to the forest or mountains can easily renounce comfortable sleeping, cooking, and showering. Glamping or glamorous camping is not about beauty and chick, it’s the choice of people seeking comfort in an unusual wild environment.

💡  What tents are waterproof?

If you do not want to get wet sleeping under the canvas because of the inappropriate fabric of your shelter, consider the most expensive shelters, which possess different properties, including waterproofing. They can be made from polyester, nylon, or cotton canvas.


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