Camping features of cube inflatable high quality tent

Camping features of cube inflatable high quality tent
Pavlo Lysyy April 11, 2023 6 mins read time

Fans of active recreation have probably heard about the novelty of the equipment market. Inflatable tent is an excellent option for those tired of wasting time setting up camp. Manufacturers claim that you do not have to worry about anything, but it is worth checking out what they say.

It is important to examine the pros and cons of this option to see how the new high quality equipment copes with its functions. In addition, can you find a suitable apartment for your large company? It is necessary to talk about it because the truth is born in the discussion.


New camping tent models on the market

In today's gear market, a wide range of products is designed for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. However, the choice of apartments is quite tricky because the characteristics of the tent differ depending on the material of manufacture and the indicator of water resistance. It is worth paying attention to the new models for several reasons. First, campers will appreciate this set of advantages:

  1. Easy installation. Manufacturers suggest using a pump to set up the camp. The only thing the owner needs to do is to straighten the cube tent and fix its base. Next, the pump takes over, which delivers air into the chambers and "puts" the equipment.
  2. Compact size. Another advantage of the inflatable tent is high quality of their size. The equipment does not take much space when folded. Since there are no posts to create a frame, it reduces the model's weight.
  3. Affordable price. There are many options on the market which are designed for demanding customers. The shape, the number of cameras, and the spaciousness of the apartments differ from case to case. Therefore, it is possible to find an option for several people or a large company.

There are special pockets to keep order inside the cube room. Inflatable construction is spacious enough, so there is enough space for all campaign participants. But it is worth examining the disadvantages of the attractive option to buy such equipment.

Disadvantages of modern models with cube shape

The presence of so many advantages does not protect the owners from possible problems. Although the assembly of the apartments does not take much time, it requires special preparation. It is necessary to clean the surface of sharp and thorny objects to install a cube tent high quality camp. It is hardly possible to do it perfectly.

Products cannot be called universal because the number of options for use is limited. Installation on a snowy hill does not cause problems, but it is worth taking care to have a warm sleeping bag. Otherwise, the night will not be the most pleasant.

A pump to inflate the cube construction is included, but it significantly increases the weight of your carry-on luggage. Divide the weight of equipment into several backpacks to avoid inconvenience. It is important to use the original device for setting up your cube gear because the speed of inflation depends on it. 

How to choose the best model for your purpose

It is a good idea to start selecting high quality options by making a list of requirements. It is the standard starting point for exploring camping models. While making a list, it is recommended to consider the purpose of the purchase because the result depends on it. For example, there are products on the market with an open top, many windows, and other essential features.

The manufacturing material also influences your decision. It is worth choosing a resilient tent and considering its characteristics. Pay attention to the waterproof performance and the presence of a vestibule if you use it to store things.

Top 3 best options

Familiarizing yourself with the range will make you consider the purchase because the manufacturers have done a great job with various options. Companies produce different models of unique shapes (cubes, bubbles, tunnels), and some will be useful not only for tourist holidays. You should pay attention to the best options to make it easier to find a reliable tent.


The company produces high quality gear for fans of outdoor activities. In their range, they have found a place for a modern model. Inflatable construction allows comfortable accommodation for a small company of two people. There is enough space inside for storing things and placing warm sleeping bags.

It is worth paying attention to this model for several reasons. Firstly, the inner and outer covering of the gear is made of nylon. Thanks to this, moisture does not get inside the camping house. Mildew formation is also eliminated as moisture recedes in front of this Inflatable gear.

Secondly, there are several additional compartments for the owners' convenience. There is a vestibule for storing things separately from the resting area. Ventilation is also respected. Mosquito nets protect several ventilation windows on the perimeter of the cube.

As for the disadvantages, standing upright in the improvised high quality dwelling is impossible. The vault's height is a little more than 1 m, but it is enough only for children. If you like freedom of movement, choosing another option with the appropriate parameters is worth it.

Panda air

The manufacturer managed to attract the attention of tourists not only by the high quality of cube novelties but also by several features. The first thing that motivates the study of the gear is the ability to accommodate a company of 4 people. There is enough space inside for several sleeping bags.

Other important features of the Tent are the following:

  1. Kit. The equipment, a high quality set, includes a special pump for quick installation. Air is pumped through the air valve, which locks after turning off the device. Therefore, there will be no problems with installation and use.
  2. Materials of construction. Tent consists of one large room. There is a high index of moisture resistance to protect things. In addition, the emergence of mold is excluded: several ventilation windows ventilate the cube room.
  3. Seasonality. Rest in cold and warm seasons will be enjoyable for those who took care of the availability of such an inflatable design. Dense fabric perfectly keeps warmth inside. The availability of mosquito nets also simplifies the use of products in the summer season.

Modern inflatable cube-shaped apartments allow you to stay comfortably at your camping spot. With a great range of features, owners will enjoy a pleasant holiday away from the city.

The Cave

This three-season gear will accommodate hikers with special comfort. To this end, the manufacturer has worked on the durability of the materials and the speed of product installation. In addition, the Inflatable model is a multi-chamber model, so repairs do not require complete disassembly.

The main feature of the offer is a separate Inflatable frame. It would be best to inflate the special racks to install high quality equipment, and ready-made apartments are guaranteed. The material is polyester with a diamond structure for increased durability, and nylon is used inside.

It is still not possible to stand in the Tent, but the area of 5 square meters allows you to place 2-3 sleeping bags on the floor. There are 5 windows for ventilation and a mosquito net is attached to each of them. Thanks to this, using the Inflatable high quality construction during the summer seasons will not cause any inconvenience.

How to install your gear correctly

Proper installation is an important part of using high quality gear. Manufacturers remind you that it is necessary to carry out all the listed steps for safety. Preparing to install the camp may vary slightly, so it is worth studying the manufacturer's instructions in advance.

Previous cleaning of the area will avoid punctures. The package often includes a kit for quick repair, but if it is missing - it is better to buy the necessary tools. Due to the lack of opportunity to glue the construction, you can forget about the usual comfort.

Installation of equipment takes place after the leveling of the floor. It is recommended to use pegs for a secure fixation. When inflating, avoid stretching the materials, as this mistake will affect the lifetime of the use. If is only a frame is inflatable, there are no changes to the installation rules.

The ventilation of the high quality apartments after use allows you to guarantee the absence of mold. An additional feature is the presence of a canopy, which will protect the tent from moisture inside your home. It is also recommended to dry your gear in the sun, but direct sunlight should be avoided.

The use of heating appliances inside is not allowed. Keep a fire away from your gear. Make sure you have high quality warm sleeping bags to avoid discomfort. For winter camping, it is better to choose a usual tent, since you will have the opportunity to install a wood-burning stove.

Determine the list of requirements to find favorable offers in advance. Make sure to study the description of the chosen option. This way, you can compare expectations with the real characteristics of high quality inflatable gear.


🏕  What is the main advantage of the Inflatable Tent in a cube shape?

New equipment on the market allows you to travel with comfort. Quick installation, low weight and reliable construction attract hikers. With the right geometric shape, you can fit in high quality tent comfortably.

📦  How to prepare for the Inflatable Tent?

Choose a place with a minimum of thorns and other sharp objects to set up camp. Thanks to the comfortable shape of the cube, it is easy to place the stakes. Then, it remains to turn on the pump (or pump it manually) so that the high quality gear takes the desired shape.

💡  How to determine the best high quality model with a cube shape?

You need to consider your needs to choose your equipment. Inflatable Tent is suitable for recreation in the warm season and the off-season. Take into account the material (nylon or polyester is preferable), the availability of repair kit and the shape of the floor.




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