Inflatable backpacking tent for a comfortable holiday of a small group

Inflatable backpacking tent for a comfortable holiday of a small group
Pavlo Lysyy April 11, 2023 5 mins read time

This article will be useful for those who are just mastering the outdoor recreation with family or friends and choose camping equipment for the first trips. Before a vacation in the woods or at the pond, the first thing you need to take care of is the shelter. Modern manufacturers produce tents for every taste, offer shelters of different sizes, with characteristics that will please even the most experienced hiker and traveler, such as an inflatable backpacking tent. But before the purchase, it is important to understand what kind of tent you need. This will depend primarily on the type of recreation that you prefer. Other criteria are also important. However, we should start with the classification of shelters and their purpose.


Classification of tents for outdoor recreation

There are several different classifications of modern shelters. For example, the construction is divided into frame, semi-frame and frameless. The first tent option is stretched with a rigid frame, the second type has both a frame and stretchers. In the latter variant the cloth is stretched between the supports or on the central posts.

According to the form of the arch, shelters can be hipped, domed, 2-, 3- or 4-sloped. The entrance is often supplemented by a vestibule, tube or flat canopy.

According to the type of hike, we have a classification into:

1. Stationary

They are designed to be installed at camping sites for long rest in one place or with infrequent moving around. They are spacious, comfortable, made of waterproof and windproof materials. The most popular shelters can accommodate 4-6 or 10-12 people.

2. Camping

It is the best option for simple hiking. It accommodates from 2 to 4 people. It is characterized by lightness, compact size in assembled state, and fast installation. It is often supplemented with inside pockets and a cord for drying things. An example is an inflatable backpacking tent.

3. Universal (all-season)

Shelters are applicable in all types of tourism. They are spacious, easy to use, protect equally well from heat, rain and snow. They are stable and, depending on the construction, can accommodate a different number of hikers.

4. Winter

Unlike universal shelters, this type of hiking shelter is made of lightweight, waterproof materials. They are characterized by increased capacity, two-layer construction, removable bottom and sleeve entrance. The winter tents are made in two layers to improve insulation. Such shelters are often equipped with a wood stove.

There are also special tents. They are used mainly for industrial purposes, in the army, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Interior Ministry and other specialized units.

Description of Premium Inflatable backpacking Tent Jack "Panda air" Medium

Premium inflatable backpacking tent without a heater Jack Panda air Medium can comfortably accommodate from 1 to 4 people. It is a spacious cozy canopy in the form of a room with a panoramic view. It has six windows and two doors. Windows are supplemented with mosquito netting. The material is cotton tarpaulin, a dense fabric that does not let the moisture, wind and protects from the heat. The air enters the tent through an inflatable valve, which helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

Panda is made of quality, practical and durable materials. It can be inflated in a few minutes using a special hand pump which is included.

Two-layer inflatable backpacking tent allows a small company to relax outdoors in spring, summer and fall. It will be cold in the winter because this shelter does not have a wood stove for heating. The inflatable backpacking tent, sturdy ropes and hand pump are packed directly in a handy storage bag.

How to choose a quality backpacking shelter

Choosing the right backpacking tent is a responsible matter that requires some knowledge. First of all, you should decide what season you need a shelter for. If you only plan on using the shelter in the summer months, you can choose an inexpensive, lightweight model made of impermeable material of simple installation. If the trip is expected at any time of year except winter, the best choice would be three-season models. They protect well from wind and rain, keeping you comfortably warm inside. But if you are a traveler who is used to being outdoors all year round, you need to buy an all-season two-layer model of heavy-duty construction with additional features for use in harsh climates.

In terms of configuration, there are three basic forms of camping shelters: a house (a simple model without a frame), a hemisphere (a dome on cross arcs) and a half-shell (an awning on parallel arcs).

As for the material, there is a small choice: nylon and polyester. The first are more durable, wear-resistant and long-lasting, the second are cheaper, do not stretch, but will serve less. The waterproof indicator is no less important. The optimal figure for an awning is 3,000 mm of water column, for the bottom of a shelter - from 5,000 mm. Frames are made of steel, aluminum or fiberglass. The latter is characterized by high weight, so they are used in budget models.

It is also necessary to take into account such criteria as:

  • dimensions and height;
  • capacity;
  • specific weight (taking into account the inventory equipment per 1 person);
  • equipment;
  • reliability of protection from external weather factors;
  • protection against the penetration of insects, snakes and small animals;
  • ease of installation and assembly;
  • ease of transportation;
  • appearance (design).

Carefully examine the structure of the shelter, namely the strength of the bottom, the presence of the skirt, windows and vestibule, the presence of ventilation holes, as well as the presence of additional elements such as mosquito nets, interior pockets, hanging loops, shelves, and cords.

If you do not want an inflatable backpacking tent, you can choose a self-folding model. Such a variant is suitable for short trips in the summertime.

Some tips for travelers

Do not chase the big names of world brands. Outdoor gear from little-known manufacturers can be much more reliable and cheaper. But you need to read the specifications of each model.

Before buying, check the quality of the seams of the product, the work of zippers, the strength of the ropes and frame, as well as the completeness of the kit. Find out the warranty period.

Before spending time outdoors, practice folding your inflatable backpacking tent at home. This will save time in the field.

Treat the product with water repellent and insect repellent, if the manufacturer did not take care of it.

After returning from the trip, dry the shelter thoroughly, clean it from dirt and dust. This will allow you to increase the operating time and always have a ready shelter for your trip at hand. 


When going on vacation and buying an inflatable backpacking tent, do not try to save money. Get a reliable shelter made of quality material, with glued seams and good fasteners. Pay once and enjoy a good tent for years to come. You can buy a tent together with friends if you have a well-coordinated company and you often rest together. Choose the right model and let your vacation be the brightest and most positive memory of the last months.


🏕  How many people can the inflatable backpacking tent Panda air Medium accommodate?

This is a comfortable awning with a spacious room, which can freely accommodate a small group or a family of 3-4 people.

📦  How is the inflatable backpacking tent Panda equipped?

The set includes the tent itself made of 210g/m² waterproof T/C fabric, durable mounting ropes, a hand pump and a handy storage and transport bag.

💡  What time of year is suitable for camping in the Panda air?

Modern three season inflatable backpacking tent is suitable for summer, spring and autumn holidays. Its construction is designed for improved protection from hot weather and heat, as well as from wind and rain. It maintains a comfortable temperature, no matter what the temperature outside is. But the Panda is not suitable for winter because it does not include a stove




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