Most expensive tents on the market: are they worth the price?

Most expensive tents on the market: are they worth the price?
Pavlo Lysyy November 06, 2022 7 mins read time

Hiking equipment plays an important role, and you can't argue with that. The market offers a variety of options for all tastes and wallets. The most expensive tent stands out among the offers, the cost of which sometimes reaches a staggering $1,000. Is it worth spending such money on the purchase? What are the differences between inexpensive and the most expensive camping tent? The reviews by experts will help you figure out these complex tasks.


When you should take the more expensive equipment?

Tourists can be divided into two categories: those who love hiking for the excitement, and those who find time for such recreation from time to time. It seems that the frequency of hiking is enough to make a decision, but in fact it is actually not. You will need to spend a lot on the purchase if:

  • comfort during a hike is more important to you than anything else;
  • hiking is your favorite pastime;
  • walking to the camping site attracts you just as much as the outdoor recreation itself.

Do you agree with at least one idea ? Well, a premium tent will be something you'll enjoy. You will be able to take pleasure in your walks thanks to the purchase of the most expensive tent for camping.

Question №1: does the high price indicate durability?

Manufacturers do not deny: the most expensive tent for camping is more durable than mid-range products. The secret lies in the fact that rugged and sometimes unique materials are used to make the equipment. For this reason, an expensive purchase for camping will last longer.

However, if your goal is to find the right durable products, you should pay attention to:

  1. Fabric. Different textiles have different characteristics. The density of the thread weave is only one of them. However, this factor is often enough for products to serve much longer and properly perform their tasks.
  2. Supports. Often fiberglass is used to make supports. The material is strong enough, but cannot withstand wind gusts of over 20 mph. Aluminum poles are more popular because they are lightweight, and it is very easy to restore the shape. Because of this, the most expensive tent will not collapse at the first opportunity.
  3. Fittings. Hinges, zippers and other small elements are often overlooked, but completely in vain. Despite the fact that the manufacturing materials play a minor role, you should learn about the quality of fittings. This way, you will be able to choose a suitable option from the range.

The purchase of expensive camping equipment will allow you to buy a loyal friend who can shelter you from the rain and maintain a high level of comfort. The lifespan depends largely on the frequency of hiking trips outdoors, but it exceeds 4-5 years in any case.

Question №2: Is cost related to waterproofness?

If you have ever been in the pouring rain while camping, you know that water resistance is one of the main features. You can find information about this in the description of the most expensive tent for camping, as well as in customer reviews.

To find out whether the model meets your expectations, pay attention to the indicators given by the manufacturer:

  • lack of information indicates that the maximum rainfall is 1000-1500 mm;
  • 2000 mm - indicates that heavy rain will not spoil your planned hike;
  • 3000 mm - a high index of water resistance, which means that the equipment will withstand even heavy rain.

However, you should not draw conclusions only on the basis of these indicators. As an example, consider the offer "UP-2-mini". On the website of the seller there are not only characteristics, but also customer reviews. This way, you can assess the pros and cons of the product, taking into account the experience of other owners.

There is enough space to accommodate up to 3 people, as well as equipment for heating, if the hike is scheduled for the cold season. When the most expensive tent is in your hands, inspect the seams for sealing. This will ensure that there will be no leaks or moisture inside, and the comfort level will remain the same during a heavy rain. Waterproofness depends on the seams: inverted, sealed, and well-glued joints are key to your comfort.

The second thing that requires your attention is the characteristics of the floor. The main role is played by the thickness of the bottom layer of the product for camping. The higher it is, the lower is the probability of ending up in the water that accumulates on the ground during a heavy rain. An additional advantage will be a floor that goes over the walls and protects against the same rain water.

Question № 3: Does the extra functionality affect the cost?

Amateur camping does not require a significant investment of capital, but if you move into the category of professionals, you can't do without it. The lack of important features will affect your level of comfort. For these reasons, you need to choose products based on personal requirements.

Weight when folded

Hiking trips with the most expensive tent for camping will be much more pleasant. Why? Because not only especially strong, but also lightweight metals are used to make products of this class. Aluminum supports weigh much less than fiberglass supports.

The fabric for the product also affects their weightThe higher the density of the textile part, the higheris the water resistance and the lower the weight. It takes a little less fabric to make the most expensive tent, and this also affects usability.

Available floor area

The floor is not only used to protect against precipitation during camping, but also to accommodate important things. A sleeping area, table and chairs require available space. For this reason, it is worth considering the floor area and matching the size with the number of people.

If you are traveling by car, and the installation is carried out near the car, you can choose a suitable model at the rate of +2 people. This means that it is necessary to buy a model for 4 people for the comfort of a couple. This way, you will be able to maintain comfort and arrange a place to sleep.

High ceiling

Using the most expensive tent for camping is often associated with some inconveniences. In most cases, you can stay in the shelter only in an uncomfortable position. This disadvantage affects the comfort of not only tall people, but also tourists of average height.

The large height of the ceiling will allow you to move freely while standing, without creating discomfort. However, you have to pay extra for this advantage. The cost starts at $500, so saving money is out of the question. Be prepared for this or refuse to buy expensive camping equipment.

Easy installation

It is not really easy to organize a camp, because the installation is carried out using a lot of components (supports, stakes, loops). For greater convenience, manufacturers offer to pay attention to the most expensive tents, which:

  • come with special rods;
  • take the desired shape in seconds;
  • are equipped with elastic supports.

The presence of these innovations greatly simplifies installation. Now you do not have to spend 15 minutes to organize your camp. Thirty seconds is quite enough. This innovative solution increases the value of the equipment, which you will use with great pleasure in your travels.

Internal space division

The first most expensive tent with an additional screen and a lobby fascinated the owners, so such proposals appear more and more often. Manufacturers offer to divide the free space inside the model into several compartments and spend time with more comfort. Thanks to this, you will have a separate room to relax and communicate with the family.

Separation screens are a textile curtain, which closes part of the room from prying eyes. This way, you can sleep in separate "rooms" and enjoy the comfort of the most expensive tent for camping. But the price will undoubtedly increase.

The presence of a lobby deserves special attention. Here campers keep their things that they do not need in everyday life. Shoes, gear, backpacks and other equipment now will not take up space in the rooms. If you intend to look into an offer with two entrance halls, be prepared to pay a little extra for that convenience.

Optimal cost of camping gear

You can find offers on the market for all tastes, so choose the right ones based on your expectations. Do you value comfort? Don't doubt that it will cost you money. Do you travel with a big group? You'll need to stretch your budget. To make a choice in favor of the most expensive tent for camping, take into account the following:

  1. The number of people. The more people you intend to accommodate, the higher the cost of the equipment is.
  2. The method of travel. Hiking with lighter equipment will be more enjoyable, which means the extra expense is justified.
  3. Frequency of hiking. The more often you spend time outdoors, the more important it is to invest in your comfort.
  4. Conditions of use. Do you prefer to travel only when the weather is nice? Feel free to buy an inexpensive option.
  5. Installation. If you face difficulties during the set-up, it is worth looking at the version with sewn-in supports.

The appropriate price depends on your capabilities and wishes. Inexpensive options are suitable for amateur hikers, while the pros will have to spend a lot.



🏕  Why does is the most expensive equipment deserve attention?

Buying the most expensive tent for camping will allow you to forget about the bad weather raging outside the shelter and remain comfortable. For this purpose, there is an increased height, floor thickness and a number of other advantages.

📦  How to choose the right camping gear?

Make a list of requirements for the right model and read the description of the selected offer. In order not to miscalculate the purchase of the most expensive tent for camping, study the reviews of other buyers of equipment. This way, you will learn about the pros and cons, and then make the right decision.

💡  What to look for when buying camping gear?

A comparison of wishes and real features will allow you to make a choice in favor of the best model. Pay attention to the quality of seams, materials, and ease of installation. Popular most expensive tent will allow you to stay in comfort out of town on a sunny and rainy day.


Bob Riley

Bob Riley said:

Definitely worth the $$ spent

Nick Nelson

Nick Nelson said:

Some look overpriced

Marky Dawson

Marky Dawson said:

For sure, I can’t imagine spending so much on a tent

Nick Nelson

Nick Nelson said:

Yes, but the tent will serve you for many years, it’s a solid investment

Marky Dawson

Marky Dawson said:

Also true

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