Everything you need to know about Crua Tri 3 person insulated tent

Everything you need to know about Crua Tri 3 person insulated tent
Pavlo Lysyy May 19, 2023 6 mins read time

CRUA Outdoors is an outdoor brand that captures the attention of campers with its fresh and innovative products. If you are looking for a shelter that will keep you warm and comfortable, then this brand has something to offer you! The Crua Tri 3 Person Insulated Tent is perfect for camping in all seasons, and we will tell you everything you need to know about this model and why it is worth buying.


About the Crua Tri insulated tent

The Patented TT Insulation

Crua Tri has a legendary insulation technology which blocks light, allowing you to sleep better, dampens annoying noises and regulates the temperature inside the 3-person tent. This keeps it heated when it's cold outside, but also nice and cool in the heart of summer. The Insulated Poly-Cotton Inner is the design that has made this brand famous among those looking for the best possible protection from harsh weather conditions. The outer material of the tent is laminated polycotton 80/20 and the inner material is 65/35.

So you can forget about taking huge duvets with you - this tent will do everything for you! These features are not always found in other shelters. As a result, you'll be able to enjoy an incredible night's rest and wake up feeling rested and energized to tackle whatever outdoor activity you have planned. Thus, this 3-person model can be truly multifunctional. Many buyers even took it to festivals. Despite the turmoil around, it will be dark, cozy and very quiet inside your shelter.

The perfect capacity

The Crua Tri has a reasonable pack size/weight, especially given the roominess of this 3 person model. The spacious area can fit a queen-size mattress, and there will even be extra space. This also includes an additional 3ft x 6.5ft covered porch making this shelter wheelchair accessible. The lower front section unzips and lays flat, giving much improved access. Therefore, 80 sq. feet of floor space is the perfect choice for a 3-person holiday.

The sleeping area itself looks like an insulated cozy, shiny, black cocoon (or sleeping pod), creating an atmosphere of calm. The brand has succeeded in creating a sleeping pod that retains warmth without being overly heavy. Both the insulated sleeping area and the porch can be securely battened down if the weather gets really bad and you need to stay safe inside. You’ll find 4 zipped panels: the 2 larger panels open up to let light into the bedroom area and also provide you an outside view. Each panel is mesh backed to keep the creepy crawlies out of your cozy sleeping area, thus allowing you plenty of variation for your comfort level. There are also 2 windows in the outer fly which have zipped blinds. Thus, designed for comfortable 3-person accommodation, Tri has plenty of room to maneuver.

So, Crua Tri has a lot of space at the front where you can store all your things dry and where you can sit quietly when it is a little colder. When it gets sunny, roll up the front cover to enjoy the surroundings and get fresh air into the shelter. Many customers also like the color of the tent because it gives oneness with nature and is very calming. Whether this 3-person shelter is in a campsite, on a lakeside or on a coastal cliff, it certainly makes a very attractive impression.

Easy assembly and installation

Assembling a shelter is one of the most important factors to check beforehand, especially if you are not an experienced hiker. Crua Tri has only 4 color-coded outer rods and is easy to set up after laying down, tying tent corners, setting up poles, and spreading. In general, the whole process will take you about 10 minutes. The rods are made from aerospace-grade aluminum, are lightweight and effortlessly hold polyester material, easily sliding into outer sleeves with no snags. After that, you will only need to install 2 inner rods above the windows, and then secure the insulated sleeping pod. The carry bag is also of good quality and strong enough to easily pack Crua Tri back and travel with it.

Withstanding Harsh Conditions

Whether it's wind, rain, snow, or sunshine, the Crua Tri 3-person tent will protect you no matter where you and your friends are. This shelter has been field-tested in all extreme weather conditions - winds over 60 mph, cold snow, desert heat, and heavy rain. Therefore, the Crua Tri can be considered a 4-season tent that will remain insulated in any climate. This great base camp keeps you dry and is perfect for cycling adventures and mountain climbs.

Your glamping choice

The Crua Tri is glamping at its best! In short, glamping is a type of camping that combines the comfort of a hotel room with the possibility of outdoor leisure. So, overall, the price of this insulated model is a bit more than what you could spend on a mid-range shelter, but considering all of the features listed above, it should pay for itself in a season or two, and will last you a long time after! In addition, the dimensions of this dwelling allow it to be considered as a full-fledged room and, therefore, an excellent choice for glamping. You don't feel like you're on a camping trip, and you won't want to step out of this insulated tent on a cold morning because of its interior comfort.

RBM Outdoors Products: What 3-person Options We Have

Here, at RBM Outdoors, we also have something to offer you! Our products have the same qualities as the Crua Tri, and we are proud to present you the All-Season Tent with Stove Jack "UP-2-mini." It is an excellent 3-person model for a comfortable family stay but can also be suitable for even 1 person.

All of our "UP" series shelters are double-layered and quick-assembly, which has already made them popular in the US and Canada. The UP-2 mini is certainly no exception and can be installed on any type of terrain in less than 2 minutes! The shelter is light enough for you to take it with you on hikes and install it in remote areas, so even for 1 person, it will not be a burden.

We are also proud to say that this tent can be used for all 4 seasons! So this shelter will protect you from the hot summer sun and the harsh winter snow, heavy rain, and wind. In winter, you can use the wood stove that is also offered by our brand to maintain the comfortable temperature inside and keep the shelter insulated.

The materials we use for the manufacture of our products also contribute to achieving this effect. The frame of the "UP-2 mini" is made of V95T1 aviation alloy, capable of restoring its original shape even after a heavy load. In addition, the air space between the outer and inner layers greatly reduces the formation of condensation and effectively keeps the whole shelter sufficiently insulated. These layers are also coated with a special water-repellent compound, and all seams are taped for maximum protection from getting wet.

In addition, the safety of our customers is one of the main priorities of RBM Outdoors, so the wall of the shelter is at a safe distance from the hot surface of the wood stove, which is also equipped with protective metal shields with an adjustable gap. What's more, all of our UP models are equipped with reflective elements that are visible to drivers and help prevent accidents.

So, whether you choose the Crua Tri or the UP-2 mini, you will in any case get a 3-person insulated tent that will withstand all weather conditions and last you a very long time. In case of additional questions, you can always contact the professionals from our team and get the information you are interested in. Don't delay searching for your ideal 3-person shelter and secure the best camping experience for yourself!


🏕  Is the Crua Tri insulated tent worth buying?

If you are looking for a spacious 3-person tent which will allow you to comfortably camp in any weather then the Crua Tri is definitely worth your consideration. Its insulated design will allow you to camp regardless of the season or the weather conditions. This technology has made the Crua Tri truly famous.

📦  What is an insulated tent?

If you see the term “insulated” in the description of the shelter, it means that it has an extra layer designed to handle extreme weather conditions, including snow. They provide extra protection and trap as much of this warmth as possible. Moreover, they can also be used in the summertime. So this type of a shelter will be the perfect choice for 4-season camping.

💡  Is a 3 person tent too big for backpacking?

Usually, if you prioritize buying a 3 person tent, it means you are camping with a small group of family or friends. If you're backpacking with a partner, a 3-person shelter is ideal. There's enough room for sleeping and keeping gear, so you're not sacrificing comfort for weight.




Jason Mayer

Jason Mayer said:

Hm never heard of this brand before.. Live and learn

Arjan Melton

Arjan Melton said:

glamping is my favorite type of outdoor recreation !

Sonny Atkins

Sonny Atkins said:

Mine too!! can’t wait for my new glamping tent

Chad Levy

Chad Levy said:

Pandas and Koalas at rbm outdoors are perfect for glamping! better than crua

Alexis Nelson

Alexis Nelson said:

You don’t always get what you pay for. But in this case you do.

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