Best 4 season tent with a vestibule for 1 person

Best 4 season tent with a vestibule for 1 person
Pavlo Lysyy May 19, 2023 7 mins read time

A good quality 4 season shelter is what will make your camping experience the most comfortable and wonderful, especially in harsh weather conditions. Such models have tough pole structures and canopies which makes them suitable for winter use. To provide yourself with even more space for equipment or just for a more comfortable pastime, we advise you to pay attention to tents with a vestibule. We have compiled our recommendations of similar 1-person models that will definitely help you plan your camping in the best possible way.


What to Expect From 4-Season Tents

Many people, when planning their camping trip, often don't know what type of shelter they should look for and what characteristics of a tent they need. Generally, the term "4-season shelter" means that it is built to withstand inclement or winter weather. However, there are still plenty of options in this category, including, for instance, spacious ones and lightweight single-wall designs (great for alpine pushes).

However, even if you look at the trail weight instead of the packaged weight (which doesn’t factor in stuff sacks, stakes, and guylines), you’ll still be close to 9 pounds for a number of models for the 1-person version (the three- and four-person models weigh even more). Heavier 4-season shelters tend to be more durable and weather resistant, better ventilated and have more features. Therefore, you need to consider your mobility options in advance, especially when it comes to a trip of 1 person.

If weight and pack size are not your top priorities, we suggest you opt for a double-walled shelter. Double-wall designs tend to breathe better than single-wall models, and have more vents. By and large, you get more space, two doors rather than one, and larger vestibules that many single wall models forgo. Why is this element important for your camping? Because the vestibule of the shelter is a special room that separates the dry, snow-free and rain-free interior from the harsh external elements. On a long journey where inclement weather conditions are likely, it is absolutely essential to have enough space to store and dry your gear.

Also, be sure to find a model that is a few inches longer than you. Otherwise, you will have to sleep at an angle or in a fetal position, which will not make your camping experience comfortable. Most 4-season shelters can accommodate people over 6 feet tall.

In addition, at high altitudes and on glaciers, shelters will be exposed to intense UV rays from the sun. This wears out your dwelling faster than using it at lower altitudes or in more favorable climates. For these reasons, many 4-season tents are made from heavy fabric to withstand harsh sunlight, high winds, snowstorms and rain. You can determine the durability of a particular model by comparing prices within categories. In general, as cost goes down, build quality and durability also reduce.

These are just some of the few tips that will help 1 person to choose the right dwelling. You can always contact the professionals from our team who will take into account your camping needs and give you the best recommendations.

Best Spacious Shelters For 1 Person

Below we provide recommendations for shelters that can withstand harsh weather conditions and make your camping comfortable. Even if you're traveling alone, these models are great options if you're looking for a bit more space to store your gear, for example.

Mountain Hardwear Trango 3

Rest assured that after choosing this tent, you can go camping anywhere in the world, even with the most unpredictable natural conditions. Despite the fact that this model is quite heavy, it has a lot of advantages and is definitely worth its money. 48 square feet of living space and a vestibule are ideal for accommodating 1 person with equipment or even a small group of friends. Gear can be also stored off the floor using internal mesh pockets.

We can say even more about the safety of this model because Mountain Hardwear has designed the fully taped fly to connect to both poles and the tent body forming a durable structure that can withstand some of the world's harshest weather conditions. In addition, a bathtub-style nylon floor provides the best possible protection to help keep you and your gear dry. Reflective guyout loops and zipper pulls add visibility in low light.

All these factors prove that it is a reliable and spacious 4-season shelter which fully justifies its price. Whether you are a professional hiker or just a beginner, you will get an unforgettable experience by choosing this 1-person model.

MSR Access 2

If you want to save some space and bring a light tent with you, we advise you to take a closer look at the MSR Access 2. Weighing only 4 pounds, it still doesn't stop being spacious. Importantly, you get two doors, two vestibules, and 29 square feet of floor area, which will make the stay of not only 1 person, but even a small group of friends, comfortable. This model's double-walled construction provides good 4-season protection, although you'll need to be sure not to push it too far into deep-winter conditions. It's a wonderful treeline option for backcountry ski trips or spring mountaineering.

Installation of this model will not take much effort, as it has a streamlined and packable design. So why not secure a comfortable stay in this spacious shelter? The price of MSR Access 2 also makes it a great option for any type of traveler.

Hilleberg Nammatj 2 GT

A unique aerodynamic design makes the Hilleberg Nammatj 2 GT worth buying. This model will be an excellent option for extreme mountain conditions. The tunnel structure of the tent has incredible stability, suitable even for polar exploration. Unlike many dome shelters, this 4-season tent is aerodynamic in high winds and sheds snow with ease. 25.8 square feet of vestibule will give 1 person or a small group of people extra space to cook in inclement weather.

It is worth noting that all models of Hilleberg, based in Sweden, are made of ultra-premium materials and durable fabrics. At the same time, the weight of these shelters is not large and will definitely not be a burden for you on long journeys. The Nammatj 2 GT is no exception and weighs just 8 pounds 3 ounces. Due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and compact size, the Nammatj GT series 4-season models have become extremely popular among travelers who prefer extreme trips in the highlands and remote routes. But these same characteristics are just as highly valued by the cyclist, kayakers, and anyone who wants maximum strength from a tent while reducing its weight.

Alps Mountaineering Tasmanian 2

Alps Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 is a great value for money! At 34.5 square feet, this model is one of the most spacious 1-person shelters on our list. The large mesh vent at the top of the model does a pretty good job of promoting airflow and preventing condensation. Double walls also contribute to long-term preservation of heat inside.

However, it is important to have reasonable expectations for a 4-season shelter in this price range. Firstly, this model is quite bulky and heavy, which will reduce your mobility. Secondly, the other models on our list are made from better and more durable materials, so it probably won't be ideal for extremely harsh weather conditions. The Alps warranty covers manufacturing defects, but not anything related to normal wear and tear.

However, this model is still fully equipped with 8 zippers, mesh storage pockets, gear loft, aluminum stakes, and guy ropes. So for what you pay, you get a lot out of this shelter.

All-Season Premium Outfitter Wall Tent with Stove Jack "Pentagon". Best for 5 person.

The new model "Pentagon" that RBM Outdoors proudly presents is a 4-season shelter for 3-5 people. The model includes 2 entrances, opening wall, stove jack, 4 triangular viewing windows, and a ventilation window. The Pentagon, at 89.66 square feet, is comparable to an entire room in an apartment and therefore provides a comfortable experience for campers. The frame of this model is made of high-strength material, which restores its original shape even after a heavy load.

A mosquito net will protect you from annoying insects in the summer, and a wood stove will help keep the shelter warm enough during the cold season. In addition, the company took care of the safety measures of its customers in advance: "Pentagon" is equipped with protective metal shields on the stove that prevent fire and burns, reflective elements that are visible to drivers in the dark and help prevent accidents, as well as a zippered floor that provides protection from insects, snakes, and rain. Enjoy a cozy fire while the 3-layer floor prevents cold from the ground from penetrating your shelter.

If you want to get even more space, we advise you to take a look at the Net Vestibule for "Pentagon" tent, which is also available for purchase in our stores. It is designed for installation along the perimeter of the folding shelter wall and is attached with Velcro. This accessory consists of 3 separate mosquito walls and will not only expand your space but also provide additional protection for camping in areas full of insects. The vestibule weighs only 9 pounds and therefore will not be a burden even for 1 person who wants the best camping experience.

Here, at RBM Outdoors, we always improve the performance of our products and always take into account the needs of our customers. Therefore, by choosing our company, you can be sure that your camping trip will go smoothly.

Contact us today to get the best 1-person shelter offers. Whether it's climbing a mountain or camping in very hot conditions, we're available to help at any time of the day. We also offer a variety of accessories that could be useful for fishing, hunting, or long exploration expeditions. The help of real professionals in their field is already a step towards your ideal camping and unforgettable emotions of spending time in nature.


🏕  What makes a tent 4-season?

4 season shelters are heavier-duty tents and are made to withstand intense weather conditions. They typically have a lower profile, so they can handle harsh winds and snowfall. They basically tend to be double-walled to hold warmth in. These models are often equipped with a vestibule to give you more space or keep your gear dry. They also tend to have more guy-out points, higher-denier materials, and more venting options than their three-season alternatives. So 4 season shelters are suitable for both summer and winter.

📦  What is the point of a vestibule on a tent?

Vestibules are a protected area along the sides or front of your shelter that provide additional space just outside the interior of your tent, but under a rain fly. This is a place to store and organize gear and even to cook in inclement weather. This item can be an ideal option even for 1 person who at the same time wants a more comfortable camping experience.

💡  Are 1 person tents worth it?

1 person tents are ideal if you're thru-hiking, fast-packing, or backpacking big miles and want to trim your gear weight as low as possible. However, these features don't mean you have to sacrifice weather protection. Even lightweight single tents can be made from quality materials and equipped with various functions. For extra space, you can also purchase a vestibule.




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