Getting ready for a hike: what should you take for winter camping?

Getting ready for a hike: what should you take for winter camping?
Pavlo Lysyy May 02, 2022 8 mins read time

What should you take for winter camping?

True fans of outdoor recreation will not be able to stay at home when they can enjoy unequaled views outside. However, initial preparation for hiking demands too much time. So that packing your things does not turn chaotic, it is worth compiling a checklist. 

Every mistake will have consequences. If you want to have a wonderful time, you shouldn’t forget this. The initial rule that will allow you to enjoy winter camping is that you should take care of your basic necessities in advance, and not postpone it until the last moment.

Preparing your camping equipment

Initially, you will need to choose a sturdy tent to protect you from cold and inclement weather. In this case, you should take many characteristics into account, including the material of manufacture, presence of glued seams and additional protection in the middle.

 For heating, you can use a special camping stove, which will maintain a comfortable temperature inside the tent for a long time. Match the number of campers with the available space for their comfort. The availability of storage space is definitely an advantage.

The next thing to worry about at the initial stage is finding the right sleeping bag. It does not have to be included in your checklist, since it is difficult to forget about such an important thing. When choosing camping equipment that will keep warm in winter, there are several requirements:

  • the bag should be made from high-quality materials;
  • ensuring the correct removal of moisture;
  • presence of liners for insulation.

It should be noted that manufacturers often deliberately indicate the maximum allowable temperature for owner comfort, which turns out to be too high in reality. So you can read customer reviews that will help you to avoid disappointment and get great camping equipment. 

Add a special insulating mat to your initial checklist of things. This purchase will help reduce heat loss and maintain a comfortable temperature. Thanks to the use of an insulating layer, it is possible to neutralize the negative influence of sleeping on a cold surface.

winter camping equipment

Cooking equipment

When you are planning a long-term vacation, it is worth remembering that healthy nutrition is important. If you are going to take freeze-dried foods with you to camping, a cooking stove will come in handy in your checklist. You can also keep your tent heated on a cold night.

However, you will need to follow a few guidelines to ensure comfort and make your vacation enjoyable:

  1. Fuel. Low winter temperatures require careful gas selection. Pay attention to the characteristics of your selected fuel and compare them with the weather conditions. At the moment, white gas or propane is the best choice.
  2. Platform. Heating water or cooking food increases the risk of snow melting in the middle of your tent. That’s why the surface may be uneven, which complicates the process. Make sure you have a special platform to ensure stability of the tent.
  3. Dishes. You should not neglect choosing quality accessories, since there is no other way to enjoy food. Titanium and aluminum are recognized as the best materials for the manufacture of such products, and the price range is quite in the middle.

Consider the characteristics of your stove and be aware of the melting point of the materials. Initially, you should make sure you have special pans to avoid problems. Nutrition is an important item on your checklist, so listen to the advice of professionals.

If you are a fan of being active in pitch darkness, consider having a light source. The middle price range is 50-70 dollars, so there will be no problem with purchasing inexpensive equipment. Your checklist should also contain batteries. Don’t forget about this.

Mandatory layers of clothing for camping

Comfortable skiing will not be possible if you forget that it is important to choose appropriate clothing. Several layers will allow you to remove the top if necessary and keep warm. It is important to pay attention to the materials of manufacture, as your comfort depends on it.

Clothes from natural wool attract a lot of attention. Thanks to their unique properties, they can bring you comfort. Initially, the material is pleasant to the body, doesn’t let moisture inside and prevents unpleasant odors. As for synthetic fabrics, it is better to leave them for your middle layer of clothing.

Remember that you can stay warm in winter if you use special jackets. The windproof fabric not only allows you to maintain an optimal temperature, but also protects against strong winds. For more durability, choose products with fleece in the middle.

Protecting your legs from cold temperature is extremely important, so add stylish pants to your initial checklist. Warm woolen socks, legguards and tight pants will not interfere with active movement when you are skiing on a snow slope.

Having additional sets of things is mandatory if you are going on a long vacation. Camping that takes less than 3 days does not require new clothing. At the same time, you can’t imagine a week-long hike without an extra set.

Cold protection: hats and gloves

For a comfortable winter holiday, you should remember that it’s impossible without warm clothes. To ensure initial comfort, be sure to have several pairs of gloves. This is a must and an important condition, since you must keep your fingers mobile at all costs.

Purchasing quality gloves will allow you to achieve this goal. You should not save on comfort, so as not to cast gloom over your vacation. If you are planning to go skiing, for example, you’ll need to bring several pairs in case one of your gloves gets lost.

Plus, changing your pair of gloves will keep your hands warm even after strenuous exercise and ski. Moisture is the main enemy of tourists who don’t want to freeze their limbs on vacation. For the same reason, you need to purchase a good hat.

If you don’t have headwear, you will lose a lot of heat. It seems like a small thing, but only until you get cold. You may prefer a stylish balaclava which is a great decision for those who love hiking in snowy weather. It’s very cozy and lightweight and it will protect your face and neck from frost. So let it be one of the main points in your shopping checklist.

Things for ensuring safety

Walking in the snow is not always pleasant, as many people think that wearing sunglasses is not important. However, experienced campers and backpackers will not agree with you. To ensure comfort while walking on skis or on foot, you still need to take care and get stylish glasses.

Intense radiation can be harmful to your eyes. Sunlight reflected by the snow layer causes burns and other discomfort. Be sure to add this item to your checklist and spend some time looking for quality ski equipment.

It is impossible to forget about socks, as your comfort during camping depends on it. To protect your feet from the effects of low temperatures, you must choose a pair made of natural materials, such as wool. The material that is pleasant to the body will keep you warm and won’t let moisture in.

As for the required number of pairs, you need to figure it out depending on the middle length of your winter trip. As a rule, you need to change your socks once a day, so make sure you have an extra set. Also, you may need a pair for sleeping. So consider it too when packing.

winter camping equipment

Other equipment for winter recreation

Walking in snow covered plains can be a bit of a hassle. Choosing the right stylish shoes will make you forget about worries and save your strength. In each case, it is assumed that they should reduce the load on your knees. The choice of your option depends on your personal preference.

If you enjoy skiing, you will need to choose gear that can easily fit into your camping backpack. You can buy folding sticks too, and the middle price range will allow you to please yourself with a useful purchase.

Snowshoes are an excellent substitute for the usual style of boots that get stuck in deep snow. You can forget about constant route changes by having useful equipment. The cost of stylish snowshoes is fully justified by their functionality.

The pair of boots you take should be stiff enough to ensure stability. Choosing quality footwear allows you to protect your feet from injuries. However, when making a decision, you will need to think about your preferred mode of travel. What do you choose: skiing or hiking?

Things to make your life easier

Don’t forget to add some special equipment to your winter checklist. Traveling through the snowy peaks will be more comfortable with additional camping items. 

Are you planning a camping winter trip? Now we are talking about the opportunity to acquire useful tools. Make sure that your checklist contains the following accessories: 

  1. Navigation. It is very easy to get lost among the huge amount of snow, so you should have maps and a compass. You can use special applications, but you should try to keep your device in working order.
  2. Tracker. An avalanche can cover you completely, so it’s important to keep yourself safe. Don’t remove the device around the clock, and if necessary, you will be quickly found under a layer of snow, wherever you are.
  3. Shovel. This tool will come in handy in any case, and no matter what needs should be done: free a friend from under the snow or prepare a place to sleep. Winter camping isn’t possible without a shovel, so be sure to add it to your checklist.
  4. Thermos. The ability to get hot water in any situation is important for your convenience. You can treat yourself to hot tea if you wake up on a cold night or are tired of the snow around you. This is a good way to cheer yourself up.

You should take bottles with drinking water at least for the initial stage of your camping, because you can melt snow later. Store your supplies in the inside pocket of your jacket, as otherwise you will only have ice. Don’t forget that a bottle of water can simply burst if the volume of the liquid exceeds 80%.

winter camping equipment

What’s missing in your checklist

When it seems that everything you need is just before you, you need to choose the appropriate style of bag. A backpack made of waterproof and durable material will definitely come in handy if you take it with you to winter camping. You don’t need to add your bag to the checklist, because you already know that you cannot leave without it.

Before packing your things, you should prepare a first aid kit. Make sure you can easily find it among the rest of your things. The medication list should be made taking into account the characteristics of your body and reaction to cold winter weather.

To prevent snow from getting inside your boots, you need to prepare stylish legguards. This is an extra layer of clothing that will protect your feet from cold and moisture. You can take another pair of soft-soled shoes for trouble-free movement on the snow. 

Winter camping is a tough test for seasoned campers, so beginners shouldn’t travel alone. Make sure you have devices to quickly find your partners and important tools to free them from snow.

 Follow your checklist and try to prepare for your winter vacation with the utmost responsibility.



🏕  How to prepare for your winter camping properly?

  • Travel preparation begins with a checklist. Initially, include all the things you think are necessary and divide them into several categories. It is better to cross out things that you can do without. You need to take the essentials.

📦  How important is it to follow the plan?

  • Not having a plan increases the risk of being disappointed. Winter camping is a serious challenge for every tourist, so it is important to prepare for your trip with the utmost responsibility.

💡  How to save space in your winter backpack?

  • Outside recreation requires a responsible approach to the selection of accessories. Try to get the most out of your camping trip. Divide your belongings into multiple backpacks if possible and lighten your load. In doing so, make sure everyone has important things at the ready.


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