Gears Need To Bring For Hot Tent Camping With Stove

Gears Need To Bring For Hot Tent Camping With Stove
Andrii Kovalenko May 03, 2022 4 mins read time

How to enjoy warmth and comfort during camping?

Enjoying hiking means both excitement, a thirst for adventure, and a desire to learn something new. However, weather conditions can’t always ensure a great hike. Don't let the rain and snow spoil your vacation, because we have a solution – hot tents. With their help, camping will become much more comfortable. The concept of a hot tent is that a heating source is installed inside, the best of which is a wood stove. With its help, you will get additional warmth. A hot tent helps out if it rains or snows outside.

The equipment you need if you decide to go camping:

  • wood stove;
  • gear;
  • jack;
  • pipe.

This equipment contributes to keeping warm in unpleasant weather conditions. Also, do not forget about additional hiking attributes that you need to take with you. Let's take a look at each of them next.

Hot tent with jack

If you go camping, you need to bring a tent with a heating function. The best option would be a wood stove. In order to provide heat with a stove, it is important not to forget about a jack. It will help you to install the heating source correctly.

You need a heat-resistant pipe as a proper smoke exit from your tent. A jack will help you properly install it inside. In order to ensure an effective smoke outlet, you need a tent with a special hole, resistant to high temperatures. Protect your jack from rain, snow and moisture. We recommend purchasing a tent made of durable, heat-resistant material with strong fire-resistant properties. Such precautions will help protect the tent and tourism enthusiasts from such unforeseen situations as a fire.

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Wood stove

Today, a wood stove is the most efficient and affordable option for keeping warm during camping. Since it is the key to a comfortable stay, it is worth designating it as the first item in your list of necessary equipment. Modern wood stoves are made of high-strength titanium, are resistant to high temperatures and take up little space.

Thanks to the wide variety of wood stoves on the modern camping ammunition market, you can easily find the option that is perfect for you. When choosing this element, you should take into account the size of your tent, the expected weather conditions for the desired period of time and the number of people who participate in the trip.

For maximum comfort, keeping warm and efficient smoke removal, don’t forget about your pipe and equip a special place for it. You cannot do without a heat-resistant rug that will prevent fire if sparks fly from the stove. Thick mittens are also needed to properly take care for your stove and pipe.

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Cutlery and food

When going camping, it is important to ensure a balanced diet. This is necessary to increase resistance to cold and unpleasant weather conditions. You need the following food while camping:

  • high-calorie products (sausage, eggs, frankfurters, stew, etc.);
  • products high in carbohydrates (bread, buns and other flour products);
  • hot drinks (tea, coffee, herbal decoctions).

Such food provides the right diet for all campers. Its beauty is that it does not take up much space in a hiking backpack.

The set of necessary equipment must include some dishes. With them, you can easily cook food in camping conditions. The required gear includes:

  • plates, bowls, cutlery (forks, knives, spoons, etc.);
  • small pots;
  • durable water bottles;
  • thermoses (for keeping tea and coffee hot);
  • packages for products.

With the help of such a simple set, cooking food in a camping environment will not take much time and effort.

Required clothing

When going camping, a tent, a stove, a pipe, a jack, gear and food are not the only things you should remember to take with you. You need to bear in mind the weather conditions, which are not always nice. The hot tent will keep the heat only on the inside. To protect yourself from the cold outside, take the following gear with you:

  • light puff or fleece jacket, wool sweater;
  • sports underwear (for ease of movement);
  • waterproof boots;
  • warm socks, trousers and leggings;
  • turtlenecks, stockings and T-shirts.

To keep your body warm, it is important not to forget about the rules of layering. Several tiers of clothing will not let you freeze and provide quality rest.

guide gear stove

Other gear to take with you

Hiking is not just about walking and spending evenings by the fire. Unforeseen situations may arise during your rest, so you need to take these things with you to solve them:

  • electronics (mobile phones, chargers, headphones, flashlights and spotlights);
  • first aid kit (plasters, bandages, tourniquets, blood-stopping drugs, painkillers, etc.);
  • prescription drugs (better to take more than you may need).

If you take this gear with you, your camping will be easy and fun!


🏕  What is a hot tent?

A hot tent is a unique concept of keeping warm during your camping with the help of a titanium stove. You need this gear in case of bad weather conditions. A stove is placed inside the tent, so that the heat is evenly distributed. It does not take up much space in a hiking backpack, it is convenient to use and maintain.

📦  How to place a stove correctly?

For even distribution of heat, you need to position your stove properly. It should be placed in the middle of the hot tent on a special fireproof table. To get rid of smoke, there should be a pipe, a special place for which should be in a hole in the tent.

💡  How to maintain a hot tent?

A tent with a stove inside is easy to maintain, you just need to provide enough space for it, as well as an opening for the smoke to escape. To clean, disassemble and assemble your stove, you need thick mittens.



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