Heat for tent on winter trips: best ways to keep yourself warm

Heat for tent on  winter trips: best ways to keep yourself warm
Pavlo Lysyy November 06, 2022 6 mins read time


The word camping means outdoor tourism with accommodation in comfortable tents, which are placed in the woods or special camps. This allows you to enjoy many beauties of primitive nature. This is the only way you can get a break from the metropolis and feel the uniqueness of our planet.

There are two types of camping:

  • comfortable, officially registered campsites near the infrastructure;
  • equipped by tourists themselves with a minimum set of conditions.

Camping is ideal for family, corporate or youth recreation. 

The advantages of such a vacation:

  • saving money;
  • no need for reservations;
  • maximum unity with nature;
  • an ideal holiday for families with children (use of gadgets is minimized, active games, a lot of new information are a priority);
  • mobility (tourists are not tied to the service, they create it themselves);
  • accommodation is not subject to strict restrictions (you can have a rest with animals).

However, besides the admiration of the surrounding nature tourists expect some difficulties: the preparation of equipment, buzzing and biting insects, cold weather conditions. Overcoming them, you will be able to fully enjoy the hike. It is important to understand that the quality of camping depends largely on the quality of the tent. How to choose a heat tent? After all, the state of your shelter in the greater degree depends on the satisfaction of rest in nature. 

You can choose waterproof heat tents capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, piercing wind) by clicking https://hot-tent.com/. Quality products will be indispensable helpers while traveling. The e-catalogue offers a wide range of heat tents, heaters and useful accessories at affordable prices.

Winter tents are equipped with double walls, which provide better protection in bad weather. There are easy-to-carry single models for those who prefer to enjoy winter landscapes on their own. They are easy to set up thanks to the convenient design with a fireproof opening, which allows you to install a special stove.

For camping with friends, we recommend buying a larger heat tent. For example, the Cuboid 2.20 can accommodate three people. The tent has two entrances and two windows. The high ceiling allows you to put a bunk bed.

Are you thinking of having a family camping trip outdoors? It is not a problem! Premium heat tents UP-2, Cuboid 4.40 can accommodate up to four people in cold weather. Products have a waterproof floor, a hole for the chimney, equipped with mosquito nets, which provides a comfortable stay inside.

The largest heat tent, designed for cold weather, is also available. The Hexagon is 135.63 square feet and can accommodate up to six people in sleeping bags and a stove. Without the heater, the number of people can be increased to eight. Innovative materials were used in the construction of the product, allowing you to shelter from the weather with maximum comfort. Uncomplicated methods are used to keep you warm and comfortable in the heat tent in cold weather while camping. You can use hot rocks, warmers, bringa special camping heater for keeping warm.

Tourist camping is very popular today. You can find more information about how to heat your tent in cold weather below.

Heat for tent

Heat tent is an important factor that affects the health of travelers living in it. Proper insulation will maintain the necessary temperature inside in winter and summer.

Today there are various ways to insulate the tent. For example, you can use a reflective tarpaulin on the outside: it can reflect the cold air and retain heat inside the tent at the same time. You can use special covers or raincoats.

It is recommended to place insulating materials inside the tent to keep warm. Warm blankets are the most budget-friendly option, thick towels can also be used.

Cold air tends to seep into the ground. If you install a heat tent, the airflow will rise inside through the floor. Consequently, it is necessary to equip insulation at the bottom. Mats, karemats, sleeping pillows, blankets, towels or tarpaulin are used for this purpose. It is recommended that you sleep in sleeping bags. If electricity is available, electric sheets are a real lifesaver.

With proper insulation, the tent will protect you from the piercing wind, and there will be a comfortable temperature inside.

Camping in winter

Winter camping has a lot of advantages: no insects, less people around, the beauty of winter landscapes. It is extremely important to insulate your shelter during this period.

Important condition for winter camping is dryness and warmth. You will enjoy camping if you have special equipment.

As an option, you can use hot stones: they are heated in the fire and placed inside the shelter. Heat tent is warmed up as quickly as possible, the heat is retained for several hours. Read more about it below:

  • collect stones of large and medium size (two or three are enough for a one-person tent, five or six for a two-person tent, and so on);
  • make a fire;
  • when the fire burns out, place rocks next to it;
  • it is recommended to turn the stones near the flame more often;
  • check carefully to see if the stones are hot;
  • carry the hot cobblestones into the tent using gloves, towels, or a piece of tarpaulin;
  • you can place the rocks in the center of the heat tent, near the sleeping area, or in the corners;
  • zip up the tent.

The heat inside will be maintained for several hours, after which they should be heated again. This method has been used by people for centuries. However, you should be careful: the stones must be stacked in a safe place so as not to get burned. 

Not all campers want to warm rocks or use other insulation materials to warm the shelter. You can maintain a comfortable temperature inside the heat tent by using heat for camping tent. If you have taken this device with you during camping, you do not have to do extra work to keep warm. There are quite a few modern models available that are designed for tent use:

  1. Electric heat for camping tent with temperature control (the best option for campers with an electric connection, and completely useless if camping is planned in the middle of the woods). It is not recommended to use in a heat tent of small size or made of flammable fabric. All items should be removed from the heater and its wires.
  2. Gas heat for camping tent (butane or propane). When organizing a camping trip, it is recommended buying only certified products, such as a heater from Mr. Heater. Such devices are lightweight and safe to use. The maximum operating time is about three hours. At 4,000 Btu, it burns 0.044 gallons per hour; at 9,000 Btu, it burns 0.099. Additional features allow it to shut down in case of malfunctions. Keep in mind that storing flammable objects near the heating pad is prohibited. Also, you should not spray aerosols in the tent. If you choose this product, you will need to take propane or butane on the road in a special container. The gas should be stored outside the tent.
  3. Using lanterns and candles. During camping, lanterns are indispensable for looking around and illuminating the inside of the tent. They can also help with heating the small tent on chilly evenings. The method is quite simple: when you light a candle lantern, its flame releases heat, which slowly heats the air inside the shelter. To achieve the most comfortable temperature, it is recommended using several candle lights. Unfortunately, this method does not work if you have a large tent.

Each type of heater has its own advantages and disadvantages. By studying the characteristics, you will be able to choose the best option for you. It is best to have a reserve burner in addition to the main burner in case it breaks down.

Proper caloric food and hot tea during the day will keep you warm on winter evenings in a heat tent.

Camping means being creative. In order to protect yourself from the piercing wind, you should set up your tent in places with natural barriers, equipped with windbreaks. As a rule, these are rocks and trees. Keep in mind that ventilation is the main condition for maintaining an optimum temperature regime. Otherwise, condensation will form during the contact of warm and cold air, which will cover your dwelling with moisture.

Buying a quality tent and accessories, getting a good heater and following simple recommendations, you will turn an ordinary camping trip into a romantic trip or an unforgettable family vacation.



🏕  How to choose a heat tent?

When choosing a heat tent for camping, it is recommended that the hiker pay attention to the following factors:

  • the number of people to be accommodated in the heat tent;
  • the presence of functional elements will significantly improve the conditions of the camping;
  • what material is used to make a heat tent;
  • dimensions (height, weight);
  • the availability of ventilation.
Having studied the technical specifications, the customer can easily determine the choice of the product for camping.

📦  How to make camping comfortable?

Is it possible to consider camping a comfortable form of recreation? Without a doubt. Following simple recommendations, you provide yourself and your loved ones an unforgettable vacation:

  • a complete union with nature;
  • the opportunity to relax at any time of year;
  • spend the night in a comfortable heat tent;
  • songs with a guitar around the campfire.
Camping will help to diversify your relationships, to get closer to your colleagues. It is an interesting way to communicate with children without the use of gadgets.

💡  Who is camping suitable for?

Camping as an outdoor recreation is becoming very popular today. It is for those who love active games and travel. What can be better than a good time at the campfire and spending the night in a comfortable heat tent? When organizing such a trip, you should stock up on dried rations, thermos, heaters and warm things.


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