How to Shower While Winter Camping

How to Shower While Winter Camping
Pavlo Lysyy July 12, 2022 4 mins read time


How to shower while winter camping

Regardless of how fascinating winter camping is compared to summer trips, it’s also much more challenging and trickier. What is more, showering in winter outside can also be dangerous: make you sick at best, or even be lethal in some scenarios. That is why you should always plan your hygiene maintenance, consider the ways to clean and heat the water, as well as find out where you can wash and dry the clothes.

Though it might seem hard at first, it’s still possible to keep your body clean during winter camping trips, and in this article, we’ll cover that!

Proven ways to clean yourself during winter camping

Whether you’re planning a short trip or else going to travel for a few weeks, considering the ways to maintain your personal hygiene is simply a must. Not only should you prepare the bag with all the products needed, but also ensure that you won’t be puzzled with searching for a place to wash your face and refresh your clothes before sleeping.

Let’s now review the easiest hacks on keeping yourself fresh during winter trips, that are traditionally used by experienced campers.


#1 Get a shower tent for camping

Probably that’s the first and most convenient way to feel fresher! These gadgets are not obligatory but can make your self-care routines more comfortable, private, and much warmer in winter.

Though some people do claim these can add more weight to the bag, they’re still one of the best solutions for winter bathing. So, if you’re regularly planning winter trips, it is worth spending extra bucks on it.

#2 Find the best bathing spots

If you’ve decided to bathe outdoors, it’s essential to select the proper place not only for sleeping, but also for your hygiene maintenance routines. Ideally, it should be an equipped place with a water heating system (for instance, generated with solar energy, gas, or battery), or any other place you can bring the warm water to.

Even if you’re good with the hand-made methods or sponge baths, it’s still worth considering a private place with a good amount of sunlight and protection from wind to keep your body warm even on the coldest days. What is more, this is important to prevent hypothermia – the medical condition in which the body temperature falls lower than normal.

Great examples of bathing spots: between rocks, small spaces surrounded by tall trees, and more.


#3 Keep your body warm

Getting extra-warm clothes from your bag can be one of the best ways to keep yourself warm and protected from extremely cold temperatures, which is exceptionally important during the winter season. So, try to remove the water with a dry towel and wear fresh clothes immediately after the bathing. A great tip here will be to bring all the products and necessary stuff and to always keep them at arm’s length, even if you’re a bit sleepy.

#4 Take a sponge bath

We all know how it works, but only a few are aware that this method can be suitable for winter trips! A sponge product is accessible, and your bath doesn’t require going all-naked and can be made anytime and anywhere: inside a van or tent. Finally, it’s one of the quickest and most resource-effective ways to maintain personal hygiene during cold days: all you need to keep in your bag is a soft sponge, a pot of warm water, and a bit of time to feel fresh again!

Also, don’t forget to use resources effectively: save the water supplies unless you can bring and renew them from the running stream of water, and use the other products stored in the bag really carefully while camping!

Best tips for winter showering

Having discovered the best hacks to keep yourself clean during winter trips, it would be also useful to remember the other alternatives for winter showering in cold weather:

  • Wet Wipes & Dry Shampoo. This approach is usually used for short trips and can be the perfect fit for small children if you have to spend an extra day on the winter campsite and don’t want to make yourself freeze during outdoor cleaning. Thus, don’t forget to put these items into your bag.
  • Lake Swimming. This method should be used carefully, only during relatively warm winters. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to get rid of the sleepy feeling in the morning! But please, remember to put on the warm stuff once you’re out of the water to avoid hypothermia.

So, there are many effective methods to maintain personal hygiene during winter journeys. Choose the way that fits you best and get ready for the fascinating camping trip!


Other camping hacks that make your trip easier

While traveling and sleeping in a tent, hygiene is one of the trickiest aspects that can ruin the entire trip. Regardless of the season.

Thus, considering the accessible and convenient ways to clean the body is simply a must for any traveler. This not only benefits the personal hygiene and your wellbeing, but also helps to feel fresher and more confident anytime and in any situation, leaving you more time to enjoy your trip!


🏕  Do I need to buy a shower tent for my winter camping?

  • This traveling gadget is not obligatory, especially for one-time travelers. However, if you plan to go for winter journeys regularly, it can make the process of cleaning yourself with water warmer and much more convenient.

📦  How can I get myself clean while camping during cold seasons?

  • The easiest hassle-free method to keep yourself fresh is to take a sponge bath and always keep a pack of wet wipes and dry shampoo in your bag. Also, there are some good alternatives such as tent showering.

💡  Can I go outdoor bathing in the water to keep myself clean in winter while camping?

  • To avoid hypothermia, it’s recommended to take a bath only during warmer seasons and in case the weather is not extremely cold – during mild winters. In other cases, it’s better to choose alternative methods to outdoor water bathing.


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