Top 5 Best Camping Stoves For Outdoor Cooking

Top 5 Best Camping Stoves For Outdoor Cooking
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Best tent options for camping of a big group

Outdoor recreational activities are always a pleasure, especially when it comes to gathering with a group of friends. Already at the first stages of planning, there is a question of whether it is worth taking separate tents or accommodating everyone in one? There is no single answer, so you should focus on your feelings and the proposed foot height options.

The availability of tents for four allows us to highlight several obvious advantages of such a trip:

  • spending time with friends is much funnier than alone;
  • a huge amount of space will allow you to place the necessary equipment on foot floor for camping;
  • the price and weight of items for several persons are not too different from single options.

However, it will be possible to ensure comfort provided that several rules are observed. First of all, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the chosen option, including dimensions of floor and material. In addition, don’t forget that tents differ from each other, and their height is only the beginning.

Buying the right camping equipment is very important, so you shouldn't forget about the floor square measured in foot. To facilitate the search for comfortable apartments for camping, study the best existing options on the market.


Coleman Sundome for a group of 4

It is worth exploring the Coleman Sundome not only because of its reasonable price but also because of its other attractive features. Adequate quality of performance adds some points to the tent, so you should definitely take a closer look at it.

Among its shortcomings, it is worth noting the extremely small dimensions of floor space compared to other options. But as for the benefits, there are much more of them:

  1. Weight. It is worth paying attention to this parameter if you are going to hike. It doesn’t hinder movements, and this is definitely an advantage.
  2. Waterproof. Polyester and polyfibre are used for making tents. This material provides reliable protection from atmospheric precipitation, so travelers will spend time comfortably.
  3. Air permeability. Fresh air enters through the windows and the ventilation net at the height of the tent. Thanks to this, it is comfortable to be inside the tent in the summer.

Low ceiling (about 5 feet) doesn’t allow standing inside full-height. However, the warm season for which this model is made, doesn’t require constant stay inside. Additionally, the manufacturer has provided connectors for accessing the power source.


Cuboid 4.40 for winter camping

If you want to sleep to your full height, you should consider buying the Cuboid 4.40. It has enough space to accommodate 4 persons in sleeping bags and to use a stove.

For convenient use, there are several ventilation windows at ceiling height, as well as two holes for the stove. Thus, it will be much more convenient to use the tent, because ensuring the removal of gas from the stove protects against the accumulation of carbon dioxide inside the tent.

The next advantage of such a purchase is the ability to divide the free foot area into two parts. The manufacturer has provided a special "wall" that can be easily installed if necessary. Pay attention to the fact that you will need two entrances in those situations when it is necessary to divide the space.

Don’t be afraid of rain and other unpleasant surprises of nature. The modern cloth Oxford 300 model is designed for use all year round, and the double walls provide protection from strong winds, heavy rain and sudden snowfalls. Its dimensions are large enough and allow you to maintain comfort in difficult conditions.


KAZOO — waterproof model for groups

It will be possible to accommodate comfortably in a new tent by the KAZOO company. The manufacturer has taken care of free space and cozy stay for four adult persons. The interior is spacious enough to place four sleeping bags or two air mattresses.

The special polyester floor ensures the protection from rain. The materials used for this tent are polyester and polyfibre, which protect against moisture inside. For your comfort, there are also:

  1. Ceiling net. For good air flow, a tent should have a hole in its upper part, which is what the KAZOO brand did. The breathability allows you to use the tent in the warm season.
  2. Two doors. Your stay will be comfortable thanks to two different entrances. In addition, you can store your belongings in the hall and not disturb your neighbors when camping.
  3. Solid construction. Protection from strong gusts of wind is achieved thanks to the reliable design with high-quality supports. They support the frame well to avoid accidents.

Breathable polyester, moisture protection on every inch and excellent ventilation are the main advantages of the new model. The light weight of the tent also cannot be ignored, although the dimensions are quite solid (95x86 inch). This KAZOO product is a great option for outdoor activities, even if you have to walk a lot.

Eureka! Jade Canyon X4: accessible fantasy

 The model has the shape of a cockpit and looks quite nice. A lot of free space (floor area is 8x8 feet) allows you to relax in a comfortable environment. You don't need to worry about finding space to accommodate your travel gear.

For making this tent, the brand chose very solid materials: polyester, steel, fiberglass. Thanks to this, it was possible to ensure high structural strength and convenience during use. A special feature of the four-person tent is that one person can easily install it.

The vent system is thought out to the smallest detail. The manufacturer suggested using mesh walls for each inch and a door for better fresh air supply. There is no need to be afraid of unexpected rainfalls during your camping, as the brand added an extended canopy to the tent.


Coleman Evanston Shielded Dome

Camping fans who prefer to get to their destination by car will appreciate this brand's offer. The first thing that is hard to ignore is the huge free space. The 10x9 foot cabin easily accommodates inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags for the whole group.

It is also possible to create an extra bed by using a polyester screen. In addition, on the upper makeshift floor, you can store your personal belongings away from doors and windows. Installation takes about 15 minutes because you will need to ensure the stability of the tent.

Modern moisture-proof technology means you don't have to worry about buying a new screen protector for every inch of the tent. The brand has provided everything you need and created a product that is reliably protected from precipitation thanks to:

  • glued corners;
  • inverted seams;
  • the correct form floor.

The solid surface protects against strong wind gusts and allows you to spend time in the fresh air comfortably. For camping of a big group of people, choose tents that are able to provide the necessary comfort. Of course, the availability of transport increases the number of options, and it is quite difficult to compete with Coleman Evanston and its height of 5 feet and 8 inches.


🏕  How to choose a suitable tent for camping?

Gathering in a large group requires careful attention to the tent size. Every inch of floor counts when it comes to accommodating adult persons in the same tent. Height at the highest point, fabric and excellent ventilation are the most important things.

📦  What does moisture protection depend on?

To maintain comfort during rainfalls, pay attention to the seams, the shape of the floor and the quality of the gluing of corners. A tent for a large group must meet the requirements and protect against the rain.

💡  Tent for winter and summer stay: what's the difference?

Tents for comfortable winter camping have openings for stoves, as well as a dense floor. Pay attention to the height of the chimney and count each foot for more convenience.


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