The best stove for cooking food in the field conditions

The best stove for cooking food in the field conditions
Pavlo Lysyy May 02, 2022 6 mins read time

Having a snack is an extremely important need and can take campers by surprise, but there is still a chance to prepare for this in advance and not worry about difficulties. Buying a camping stove for a camp is an alternative for those who don’t like cooking over an open fire.

For using it easily, you will need to spend a little time studying the features. Each of the suggested options has its disadvantages and significant advantages, so it’s quite difficult to decide on one of them.

You can avoid the agonies of choosing by discussing it with other camping fans. Many tourists can tell a lot about the modern novelty. Having “consulted” with friends, it will be much easier to make a choice.

Choosing a stove for camping: what to pay attention to

Camp planning requires a responsible approach to the restrictions applicable in certain states. Pay attention to whether it is allowed to use a stove working on propane and butane and make a choice depending on the requirements. Stick to the “Leave no trace” rule and your camping will become easier.

Amateur tourists, as well as experienced campers, can stick to a few simple tips to make a decision:

  1. How many people go camping? One burner won’t be enough for cooking food for a large company, so it makes sense to consider options with a larger cooking surface. Keep in mind that the overall stove weight can be divided between a few backpacks.
  2. The road to the camping area. Planning a camping requires paying close attention to the total backpack weight. The longer you have to walk, the less space your stove should take. When it comes to opportunity to get to camping area by car, this requirement is no longer important.
  3. Weather conditions. Strong wind will prevent you from starting a fire and keeping the burner functioning. You shouldn’t erect a self-made protection against wind, because a propane cylinder may simply explode. In this case, you should choose a powerful stove with a few burners.

Don’t forget about the need for frequent maintenance either. Equipment maintenance is mandatory, so don’t avoid regular inspection. To maintain stove workability, you should study the manufacturer’s requirements and clean the burner on time.

Damaged hoses may lead to a propane leakage. Before going on the next trip to the camping, you should check them for flaws. This precaution can save your life and provide the necessary comfort level while cooking food.


Coleman: mobile camping equipment

The classic camping stove makes it possible to come up with culinary masterpieces in comfort. Its efficiency secret is two burners, which can be used for cooking numerous dishes at once. Regardless of the number of companions, you will easily feed all your friends.

Classic wind protection is available for this tent. The flame won’t go out or flare up from wind blows, and you will be able not to worry about the equipment and camp safety. Propane is used as fuel, and the adjustable burner power makes it possible to use it more economically.

The list of advantages includes several points that make taking care of the cooking surfaces and the stove in general significantly simpler:

  • removable chrome grate for removing dirt with soft cleaning agents (without abrasive particles);
  • aluminized steel is a cooking surface material that is resistant to corrosion;
  • the equipment can be disassembled to distribute its weight among all the campers.

The only drawback of this equipment produced by Coleman and working on propane is its significant size. In this regard, you may have problems during long-distance camping. Its ability to provide a full meal for a group from 2 people and more plays a major role. It’s up to you to decide whether to put up with it and purchase this bulky device.

Camp Chef Tahoe Deluxe for cooking and grilling food

By purchasing this stove, you will solve the problem of cooking a full meal for a few families who have decided to go camping. Camping in comfortable conditions will require connection to a gas propane tank. You can use a portable trailer grill, but you have to take care of a significant fuel supply.

The new product’s advantages include such important aspects as a special technology for protecting the burner from wind. The manufacturer patented this invention and gave you an opportunity to cook any dishes in the open air. The stove with propane is suitable for use by several cooks at once.

It’s a perfect choice for large companies or family camping. You won’t have any problems since the brand has taken care of the necessary comfort for users. Burner is equipped with a monitoring device for high and low temperatures to ensure maximum safety in camping conditions.

Three independent burners make it possible to spend propane economically in camping conditions. After the purchase, your family camping will be much more pleasant. The large size and power are worth the money spent.



The set includes a transportation bag for easy placement of the removable legs. The number of additional accessories is quite large, so the owners will be able to purchase everything they need. However, don't count on walking comfort when using the Camp Chef Tahoe Deluxe. Caminus M for heating and cooking food

Winter camping fans won’t be able to resist buying a functional assistant. There is everything necessary for using the stove conveniently: ceramic glass for fire monitoring, a deflector for improving smoke release and an air damper regulator.

Gas butane or propane are not used as fuel. To maintain the comfortable temperature, you just need to find the required amount of brushwood. The stove can be used not only for cooking food for a large family, but also for heating the camping without propane in the cold season as well.

High-quality materials are used to manufacture this camp equipment. Heat-resistant glass withstands harsh temperature conditions, and additional sealing prevents the smoke from appearing inside the tent. The case is made of stainless steel, which can endure high temperatures.

The high-tech invention for camping makes it possible to get rid of the need to use wind protection when camping, not to stock up on butane, propane or other gas cylinders, as well as to cook food in comfortable conditions. The stove warranty period is three years, which is just another proof the brand’s confidence in its product quality.

Etekcity – a compact option for camping solo

Single camping attracts those tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty alone. In this case, it is impossible to divide the device weight between several partners, so you should choose lightweight but efficient equipment.

To use it, you will need a mixture of gas (propane and butane). Economical fuel consumption is due to the small distance between the dishes and the burner. The set includes removable legs to ensure stability. 

You don’t have to do anything smart for ignition, since the stove is equipped with  piezoelectric system. A limited number of functions made it possible to reduce the device size for convenient storage in the provided case, which is included in the set.

Its compact size, mobility, and economical consumption of gas (propane, butane) makes it easy to go camping without having to carry a heavy backpack. The modest weight is due to the lack of additional equipment for wind protection or power regulation.

Gas ONE GS-3900P – a dual-fuel innovation

Experienced tourists won’t be able to miss a chance to use two types of fuel at once for cooking food. The choice of propane or butane is due to the fact that gas cylinders tolerate low temperatures in different ways and can become the source of additional weight of the backpack.

You can take care of using it comfortably in the camping, taking weather conditions and the camping duration into account. For camping in the cold season, you should choose propane. The gas tolerates frost better, but the cylinder is much heavier than you would like it to be. You should choose butane when the backpack is too heavy, and there is no forecast of any temperature drops.


The portable camping device is equipped with special protection against wind, which will make it possible to notice advantages of this high-power burner. This camping device’s legs are rubberized, so the stove won’t slide under any circumstances. The following functions are also provided for easy use:

  1. A temperature control knob. Adjusting the burner power is extremely important since otherwise it will be impossible to control the gas consumption. The heat-resistant knob will help to avoid burns and other troubles when cooking.
  2. Piezoelectric ignition. There is no need to use matches or other devices to ignite the stove. You just need to use the offered function for your convenience.
  3. Security. The locking lever, the gas cut-off system (propane, butane) and the ejection of cartridges make possible to protect the owner from injury caused by wind.

Owners of this powerful device will have to put up with its only drawback: the cooking surface is limited, which means that it won’t be possible to use large-diameter dishware. Otherwise, you should pay tribute to the brand, which has done its best to ensure comfort during camping.

A wide range of camping goods makes it possible to choose equipment depending on the fuel used. Propane is resistant to severe frosts and is widely used in the field. For the owners’ comfort, the number of burners and weight are worth paying attention to as well.


🏕  What kind of fuel is suitable for cooking in camping conditions?

A stove that makes it possible to use propane as fuel is extremely convenient. This gas is resistant to severe frost and retains its characteristics. It is much easier to camp when you have a few gas cylinders, so camping fans prefer this type of fuel.

📦  What do you need to prepare for camping?

For camping, you will need to prepare a stove for cooking. Propane is the most common fuel. There are fewer of other equipment types, but you will still be able to make the right decision


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