Top 5 Best Camping Wood Stoves for Cooking

Top 5 Best Camping Wood Stoves for Cooking
Andrii Kovalenko February 21, 2022 5 mins read time


Comfortable Camping with the Best Wood Stoves for Cooking

Every camper knows that during travel, fresh air and physical exercises provoke hunger, and any food cooked right under the stars is the most delicious. So, when preparing for camping, it is necessary to pay attention to the organization of the cooking process on a hike.

Of course, when you are going on a short trip for the weekend in a good weather season, it is possible to take enough food with you. However, when it comes to long backpacking, it is necessary to cook in field conditions. Moreover, when you are on a hike, you spend a lot of energy that can only be replenished with fresh hot food. So, to ensure comfortable camping, you need to get a wood-burning stove.

The choice of a wood stove allows you to avoid transportation of propane canisters, which are used for propane camping stoves and camping ovens. Hauling such canisters is not just a difficult process, but it also could be quite dangerous.

The wood-burning stove helps to create a full-service cooking space. Moreover, this equipment is lightweight and more durable.

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How to Choose a Perfect Wood Stove for Your Backpacking?

When you are looking for a wood-burning stove for your camp, you need to pay attention to the following features:

  • Size. Choosing the size of the cooking gear, consider how many persons you need to feed and what kinds of meals you are going to cook. Make sure you will have enough space for all kettles, pots, etc. Also, consider that there are models having removable side wind flaps, thereby increasing the working surface. All dimensions are noted on the packaging and indicated in the instructions for use.
  • Weight. If you are planning to go on a long solo hike, you will definitely prefer lightweight cooking gear. However, take into account that more often, lightweight stoves are compact and do not offer much cooking space. So, if you are planning to travel with multiple people, you can choose bigger and heavier equipment and share transportation responsibilities.
  • Ease of use and additional features. Usability is an important feature for any backpacking gear because, on a hike, you do not want to spend your time and effort exploring instructions. So, select equipment with a clear mechanism and structure. Additional features like an extra pot stand or phone charger make the camp gear more valuable.
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Top List of the Best Wood-Burning Stoves

Your camping will definitely be perfect with the following gear models:

  • RBM Medium Wood Stove With Fire-Resistant Glass “Caminus M”
  • TOMSHOO Camping Wood Stove Portable Backpacking Stove
  • BioLite CampStove Campstove
  • TOMSHOO Camping Backpacking Stove
  • Camp Chef Alpine CS14 Heavy Duty Cylinder Tent Cabin Stove
  • Bad Idea Pyro Cage 16″ Portable Fire Pit Camp Stove

RBM Medium Wood Stove with Fire-Resistant Caminus M Glass

The unique feature of this model is that the material used for side walls is heat-resistant ceramic glass. The quality of this glass is much higher than that of the usual steel. So, the RBM camping wood stove not just allows cooking meals during your hike but also warms and illuminates the tent space. The temperature of the glass heats up to 1382° F. So, this RBM product is perfect for winter camping.

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The apparatus is safe because you are protected from the fire by four metal shields.

There are three sizes of this model: small, medium, and large. So, you can choose a dimension appropriate for your travel plans.

TOMSHOO Camping Wood Stove Portable Backpacking Stove

This TOMSHOO model is a collapsible camping stove, which burns wood. This TOMSHOO product is known as compact equipment, which you can transport in your backpack. Nevertheless, such a small tool can help feed a company of up to four persons.

Moreover, it could be appropriate for adult companies only because of the opened burning chamber, which could be dangerous for kids. The cooking tool is made of stainless steel, which makes it wind resistant. The apparatus allows cooking with pans and pots of different sizes up to 3.8 inches.

BioLite CampStove Campstove

This BioLite model is famous for internal ventilation, which puts the smoke of the fire out. Additionally, it has a lot of extra features like the conversion of the fire into electricity. It is possible to get energy through the USB cable. So, with such an apparatus, you can stay in touch with your family even when you are in some wilderness.

This model also allows controlling the fire strength and regulating the ventilation work through a display with a dashboard.

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TOMSHOO Camping Backpacking Stove

One more compact product that can be easily transported in a standard camp backpack. The TOMSHOO apparatus differs from others with the availability of two fuel options: wood and tray, which could hold solid alcohol fuel for using it as an alcohol stove. The product is collapsible, made of stainless steel, and has a stable stand.

Camp Chef Alpine CS14 Heavy Duty Cylinder Tent Cabin Stove

This appliance is appropriate for those who prefer a stationary camp. This model of q wood-burning stove is too heavy and big to be transported. It is necessary to use a car to deliver the product as its weight is about 80 pounds. However, the apparatus has a large space; so, you can cook a lot of meals for big companies.

This wood-burning apparatus allows regulating the fire strength to assure perfect conditions for different meals. This camp appliance also offers additional spaces for kitchenware.

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Bad Idea Pyro Cage 16″ Portable Fire Pit Camp Stove

This product is considered a compact apparatus as it is up to 16 inches. The durability of the model and protection from the fire are assured by the use of high-quality steel. One of the best specifics of this model is that it has originally angled airflow slots, which make the construction more rigid and allow using it in windy weather. So, it is perfect for camps on ocean beaches.

Although the apparatus is compact, it is quite heavy; so, it is not appropriate for long-distance trips.


🏕  What Camping Wood Stoves Are the Best?

The list of the most popular wood-burning stoves includes:

  • RBM Medium Wood Stove With Fire-Resistant Caminus M Glass
  • TOMSHOO Camping Wood Stove Portable Backpacking Stove
  • BioLite CampStove Campstove
  • TOMSHOO Camping Backpacking Stove
  • Camp Chef Alpine CS14 Heavy Duty Cylinder Tent Cabin Stove
  • Bad Idea Pyro Cage 16″ Portable Fire Pit Camp Stove

📦  What Features to Pay Attention to When Choosing the Cooking Apparatus for Camping?

When searching for an apparatus used to cook meals on a hike, you need to pay attention to the following peculiarities:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Ease of use and additional functions

💡  Why Choose Wood Stoves for Camping?

These apparatuses are perfect for camps because they allow cooking meals, heating and lighting the tent, and are much easier and safer than classic field ovens, which need propane canisters.


Richard Clark

Richard Clark said:

Caminus stoves come in different sizes btw. Don’t forget to check which one will suit your tent best

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Cooking on a camping trip is awesome

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My friends and I always arrange for a BBQ whenever we go camping

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Don’t forget to stay safe though, be careful with stoves

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Rizwan Esquivel said:

Wood stoves are much better for cooking than propane heaters if you ask me

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