Net Vestibule for "Cuboid 4.40" tent

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The Net Vestibule will allow you to increase the usable area of a Cuboid 4.40 tent.

The net vestibule is an additional space for the Cuboid 4.40 tent for any season. Designed for installation along the perimeter of the folding tent wall.

The Vestibule is made of Oxford fabric and a mosquito net.

The Vestibule weight : 9 lbs.

The Vestibule is attached to the wall of the tent with Velcro.

The front of the Vestibule has zippers and can be lifted up. The entrance is also zipped. The Vestibule consists of 3 separate mosquito walls, which can be fastened separately and in a monolithic structure. 


🏕   What is the Net Vestibule used for?

It offers additional space for your tent in any season and allows you to increase the usable area of your tent.

📦   How is the Net Vestibule installed?

The Net Vestibule is attached to the wall of the tent with Velcro.

💡   Is this Net Vestibule suitable for me?

It depends on which tent you own. This three-layer floor is the right fit for owners of Cuboid 4.40 tents.

Bear in mind, actual product may vary slightly from the images.