15 Best Tent Heaters in 2022

15 Best Tent Heaters in 2022
Pavlo Lysyy May 02, 2022 7 mins read time

Top 15 Best Tent Heaters for Your Comfortable Camping

What could be better than staying  warm after a long day in cold weather? Fortunately, today, it is possible to experience this amazing feeling even on a hike, when warmth spreads through the body while it is snowing or raining outside. A quality tent heater is all you need to provide comfortable camping. 

What is more, heaters are important not only for convenience, but also for your health. Rest assured that your body will not be thankful for the influence of the wind, moisture, and dampness.

The market offers a multiplicity of different apparatuses, which help to heat the camping tent. Presented appliances have various sizes, shapes, prices, and other features (electric or gas), which make it possible to find a perfect heater that will suit your individual preferences and requirements.

The top list of tent heaters includes 15 options:

  • Mr. Heater Little Buddy 
  • Texsport Portable Outdoor Heater 
  • Martin Portable Gas Catalytic Heater 
  • Mr. Heater Buddy 
  • Camco Olympian Wave 
  • Mr. Heater Big Buddy 
  • Zodi Outback Gear X-40 
  • Mr. Heater Tank Topper 
  • Tooluxe Butane Heater 
  • APG Portable Butane Heater 
  • Dura Heater Kerosene Tent Heater 
  • Sengoku HeatMate 
  • Stanley Electric Heater 
  • Honeywell 360-Degree Electric Tent Heater 
  • Lasko MyHeat Heater 


Mr. Heater Little Buddy

Mr. Heater is a trustworthy brand, which provides a portable tool to heat camping tents. Little Buddy is a model functioning on a 16-oz propane tank. The item can work for five hours without interruption on high heat using only one propane tank.

tent heater

The weight of the device is only six pounds. Since it is a portable apparatus, it is not so big, but it’s efficient enough. However, Little Buddy puts out 3800 BTUs of heat, which is sufficient for the space up to 95 square feet. Additionally, it is possible to purchase extra hoses to connect the apparatus to a bigger tank.

Mr. Heater Little Body is great for indoor use because it does not provide a lot of carbon monoxide emissions. 

Keep in mind that the device is not appropriate for work at high altitudes (above 7,000 feet) because of a low oxygen sensor.

Texsport Portable Outdoor Heater

The Texsport Portable Outdoor apparatus is an ideal option for those who are looking for a small and lightweight heater. Thus, its weight is one of the smallest on the market – only one pound. Nevertheless, regardless of such a small size, the heating device provides more than 2,800 BTUs. 

The appliance runs on a typical 16-oz propane tank. The reliability of the device is assured by the material it is made of. Stainless steel is used for the burner and aluminum –for the dish.

Take into account that this model does not have a tipping turnoff feature, but it is still very easy to tip over. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to use the device inside a tent. 

tent heaters

Martin Portable Gas Catalytic Heater

One more portable lightweight device is provided by Martin, which is valuable for fuel-efficiency. Its unique feature is the use of catalytic technology, which is flameless and transforms more propane into heat than the majority of flame models.

The apparatus can function for seven hours without interruption on a standard 16-oz tank. The Martin Portable Gas Catalytic appliance puts out 3,000 BTUs. Of course, it is not enough for large tent heating, but it is definitely appropriate for one- or two-person tents.

Safety is one of the main features of the appliance. Thus, if the fire goes out, the device shuts off automatically, thereby preventing the escape of gas from the bottle. In addition, the Martin apparatus has a tipping-over turn-off switch.

Mr. Heater Buddy

Those who think that Little Buddy is too small for them will be definitely satisfied with this model. It is also lightweight but more efficient . On the market, Mr. Heater Buddy is called a universal device, which you should choose when you do not exactly know what you need.

The weight is 10 pounds. Efficiency depends on the settings. The device has two settings: the low one puts out 4,000 BTUs, and the high – 9,000 BTUs. 

The provided heat is enough for the tent with an area up to 225 square feet. When the apparatus runs on the high setting, it can function for three hours, and when it runs on the low one, it can work for six hours. 

Mr. Heater Buddy has a low oxygen sensor, which makes it impossible to use the device at altitudes above 7,000 feet. 

Camco Olympian Wave

All Olympian Wave heating devices run on petroleum gas. Olympian Waves heaters are available in three sizes. Of course, size impacts efficiency. Thus, some devices that put out 3,000, 6,000, and 8,000 BTUs. Due to the variety of sizes, it is possible to find an appliance for different tents with a space from 100 to 230 square feet. 

A beneficial feature of the apparatus is the use of catalytic technology, which increases effectiveness.

Olympian Wave does not provide a typical spot to screw in a gas canister. So, it is necessary to hook up to the gas line convenient for RVs. However, it is not the best option for a standard tent.

tent buddy heater

Mr. Heater Big Buddy

The authoritative brand Mr. Heater offers one more sample –Big Buddy, which can gurantee  heating a large space up to 400 square feet. 

There are three modes, which put out from 4,000 to 8,000 BTUs. Consider that such efficiency is available in spite of the middle weight, which is only 12 pounds.

Big Buddy has a great safety system, which includes a tipping-over shutoff and a low oxygen sensor.

Consider that the device is not appropriate for camping at high altitudes (above 7,000 feet).

Zodi Outback Gear X-40

Do you prefer to camp in large groups? Then, Zodi Outback Gear X-40 is exactly what you are searching for. 

It has one of the highest  efficiencies and can put out up to 40,000 BTUs. 

The heating technology implies that the device heats the air outside and pumps it into the shelter through a separate tube. This outside air heating method reduces the risk of carbon monoxide emissions and increases ventilation.

The appliance works only with a full-sized propane gallon and a 12-volt energy source for the fan.   

Of course, the apparatus is quite expensive because it can replace several efficient devices. 

Mr. Heater Tank Topper

buddy heater in tent

If you need a very powerful heater, this model is a great choice. Thus, Tank Topper puts out from 29,000 to 45,000 BTUs. It is possible to regulate the intensity by using the adjustment knob. What is more, the warm air is provided in all directions, which makes it possible to use the device in large tents. It is also a great option for outdoor activities like ice fishing or construction project.  

Such features as a tipping-over switch and low oxygen sensor are available as well. 

Tooluxe Butane Heater

The Tooluxe Butane appliance can warm the space very quickly due to the burner made of ceramics. It puts out up to 5,000 BTUs. 

To use the device, you need to have a special adapter, which is required by a small butane canister used on camping stoves. The device has a pressure sensor that turns off the heating mechanism when the pressure is changed.

APG Portable Butane Heater

The model is a great backpacking option due to its small weight (only 11 ounces/320 grams). Though, it still is quite efficient and provides 45,000 BTUs. 

Since the device is lightweight, it can be bent and dinged up; so, you should be careful. 

This device does not have a good safety system either.

buddy tent heater

Dura Heater Kerosene Tent Heater

It is probably one of the heaviest models as its weight is 27 pounds, and the height is 27 inches. So, it is definitely not one of the portable samples.

It works on the energy of the kerosene and puts out 23,800 BTUs. The appliance runs without interruption for up to 12 hours. 

However, consider that kerosene is less accessible than other fuels. In addition, it produces harmful vapors. So, the device could be recommended for use inside a tent or any indoor dwelling.

Sengoku HeatMate

One more kerosene heater on the list. Due to the use of this fuel, the device can put out up to 10,000 BTUs. It can warm 380 square feet due to the use of a 1,2-gallon (4,5 liter) kerosene tank.

However, consider that Sengoku HetaMate is heavy and large:  the weight is 20 pounds, and the height is up to 2 feet.   

Its safety features imply protection grills and a tipping-over shut-off switch.

Discrete settings typical for propane devices are replaced with the adjustable knob.

Because of toxic kerosene vapors, it is better to avoid using it inside a tent.

Stanley Electric Heater

Stanley is a great representative of electric heating devices. It is compact and easy to transfer. The weight is only 3,8 pounds. However, the small size does not influence the efficiency because the device provides up to 5,100 BTUs.

Moreover, stable construction makes the appliance resistant to any weather conditions; so, you can use it outdoors. 

The apparatus requires electricity, but it frees you from worries about gas emissions. However, although there is no fire, take flammable materials away from the device.

Honeywell 360-Degree Electric Tent Heater

The model puts the warm air in all directions. The heated space is up to 443 square feet; so, you can warm tents of diverse sizes. 

It is a great portable device as it only weighs three pounds. The apparatus provides up to 1,232 BTUs and functions on 1,500 Watts.

A tipping-over switch is available as a safety feature.

Lasko MyHeat Heater

This appliance is a great option for camping in warm seasons as its efficiency is not enough for cold weather. It provides only 682 BTUs. 

However , its small  weight makes it ideal for backpacking and small tents. Moreover, the device does not require a propane tank, and you do not need to deal with a flame. 

The device uses only 200 Watts and turns off if it gets too hot.



🏕  What Kinds of Tent Heating Apparatuses There Are?

It is possible to distinguish heaters by size (small, middle, and large), weight (light (up to 5 pounds) and heavy (up to 27 pounds)), used materials (stainless steel, ceramic, etc.), and used energy (electric and gas). Gas appliances are divided into propane, kerosene, and butane devices.

📦  Is It Possible to Use Heating Devices Inside a Tent?

Yes, it is possible with the majority of devices. However, apparatuses without safety tip-over turn-off switches and devices running on the kerosene are not recommended to be used inside a tent.

💡  What Apparatus to Choose to Heat an Outside Event?

Zodi Outback Gear X-40 is a great option for an outside event or a large shelter as it provides 40,000 BTUs.


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