2 Person Tents

Whether it’s a camping holiday with your best mate, your boyfriend/girlfriend or a dog, your adventure is incomplete without a 2 person tent to keep you guys comfortable and protected from the elements. The choice is huge, and you need to pick up a 2 man tent that will best suit your needs and lifestyle.

What to Look For in 2 Person Tent

Looking for the best 2 person tent? It can be a really tough job to study all the specifications, weigh the pros and cons of each product, and make sure you’ll get the best value. Here’s some advice to make your choice easier. Let’s jump right in. 

Don’t economize on your best 2 person tent

Hunting for camping tents should always start with a question: “How much am I ready to spend on the tent?” You might be short of money right now, but our recommendation is to prioritize quality and be ready to spend the few extra bucks to buy the best camping tent you can afford. In the long run, a good quality tent will save your money. You may save a little money by buying a cheaper option now, however, you might be very disappointed if your camping tent doesn’t survive even a couple of fair weather trips. 

Decide which category of a 2p tent you’ll need

Two person tents can be divided into two basic categories: backpacking and camping. 

If you plan to carry your tent on or in your backpack, then you need a 2 person backpacking tent. It is lighter, yet it’s less spacious than a camping tent. Camping tents are heavier, however, their weight doesn’t really matter as they are typically taken out of a car and pitched within a short walking distance.

Consider the weather you’re going to use your two person tent in

If you intend to use your tent mostly in the heat of the summer, ventilation should be your primary concern. However, even if you want to camp in cold weather just occasionally, it’s a good idea to pick up a 2 man 4 season tent.

Choose the tent design

There are several different kinds of tents. Basic designs include A-frame, dome, cabin, and tunnel tents. Speaking of 2 man tents, they are typically dome or cabin tents. So what's the difference between the two? A cabin tent has a ceiling that slowly descends from the center point, allowing for more headroom inside of the tent. With a dome tent, the ceiling slopes down more sharply from the center, leaving you less headroom.

Explore our best 2 man tent options

We offer a choice of two person camping tents. Select the best design and tent dimensions that will make you feel comfortable in your wildlife shelter. Our camping tents are 4 season tents, so you’ll be able to use them in any weather conditions. Each of them has a hole for the stove pipe and fire-resistant protection to ensure safe cooking and keeping you warm in the cold weather. For comfortable summer trips, we’ve taken care of mosquito nets and vents. Hope you’ll choose your perfect 2p tent: our camping tents offer plenty of comfort and weather resistance without compromising on weight. 

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