5 Best Instant Camping Tents For Easy Setup

5 Best Instant Camping Tents For Easy Setup
Andrii Kovalenko February 21, 2022 5 mins read time


5 best automatic camping tents with quick set up

Beginners who want to go hiking with an overnight stay in nature often face difficulties when laying out a tent. Simply put, installing a tent is a complicated procedure for a new tourist, which takes a lot of time. In this case, an instant tent for camping which can be laid out within a few minutes, will come to your rescue. It's a useful trekking accessory, especially if the traveler doesn't want to bother with setting up a place to sleep after a grueling hike.

Prices for instant tents differ depending on the brand, materials, number of people they can accommodate and other features. However, the cost of such accessories is quite low. In this article, we will focus on great options for instant camping tents.

Ozark Trail 8-Person Instant Cabin Tent

This instant tent is designed for 8 people. This accessory can boast not only of its impressive size, but of its auxiliary functions too. At the entrance to the tent, you can see a separate room designed for traveling with a large family. Children can sit down to rest on one side, while adults can relax on the other.

Such a great piece of camping equipment is suitable for a large group of friends who want to relax together. Light weight and compact dimensions allow you to move quickly on your hike without inconvenience.

Mesh windows and roofing make it possible to contemplate the stars at night, which creates a romantic setting for couples in love. The mesh itself allows you to protect tourists from insects or regulate the light. The lid can also be used as a rain cover that prevents the penetration of moisture in adverse hiking conditions.

Despite the fact that this instant camping tent is created for eight people, if you wish, it can also accommodate 11 people. This is easy to do, especially if most of the tourists are children. Also, such a tent can be set up almost without any difficulties, in just a few minutes, and has an acceptable price.

All-Season Outfitter Wall Tent Hexagon

A popular brand has created the newest tent called “Hexagon”. Its great unit can accommodate up to 8 people. Due to its impressive space, the camp dwelling resembles a full-fledged apartment in its comfort. One of the walls opens onto a roof with mosquito nets. This is quite convenient, because you can use the space to make a dining room. One of the important features of the camping equipment is a wood-burning stove that allows you to warm up the instant tent from the inside.

An all-weather tent protects its owners from the scorching sun and winter cold. The innovative Oxford PU4000 material prevents water from penetrating even during the heaviest downpour, and thanks to the all-metal frame, the module endures adverse weather. Doors and windows have mosquito mesh and reinforced fasteners. The floor is made of solid materials that prevent the penetration of moisture. This is a great option for lovers of winter fishing. The price of such a product for camping is $2,299.

All-Season Outfitter Tent Cuboid 4.40

best instant tent

This is a great new product from a popular brand that accommodates up to 6 people. The impressive area of the residential module, comparable to a small city apartment, will make you feel at home. One room can be used as a kitchen, and the other one for relaxation. One of the walls opens to the top with mosquito mesh, which allows you to make space for a dining room or a terrace. This all-season instant camping tent can protect its owners from any natural surprises, be it rain, cold or heat.

One of the main features of this camp housing is the high-strength alloy with which the frame is made. This allows it to quickly recover from serious loads, so that the tent is not damaged by strong winds. It also has the following features:

  1. The wall is located at a safe distance from the furnace, which minimizes the likelihood of a fire.
  2. The furnace is protected by special shields that prevent the occurrence of fires.
  3. The hooks of the tension cable are equipped with reflective elements to prevent accidents.
  4. The presence of PVC layers in the windows provides ventilation.

There are zippers on the floor. Thanks to this, insects, snakes or moisture will not be able to get inside and interfere with people's rest. Hurry to buy hiking accessories at the best price.

All-Season model «UP-2»

instant camping tents

This is a great instant tent for camping, featuring increased reliability and extensive functionality. The simplicity of the tent’s design will allow you to lay it out in just a couple of minutes without much effort. The unit can accommodate 2 people.

This tent is small but roomy. Its main feature is that it’s light. Thanks to this, people can take it with them on hikes, transforming the design into a backpack.

The UP-2 model endures all weather conditions due to the good performance of the stove and innovative materials on the walls and floor. Doors and windows are equipped with mosquito mesh. This product from a well-known brand is fully consistent with its price, and everyone can feel great in it.

All-Season Tent with Stove Jack Sputnik-3

instant tent setup

Sputnik-3 is also a great solution for those who do not want to spend a lot of time organizing a camp overnight stay. This instant tent will make your camping trip as comfortable as possible with the following features:

  • five-layer windows providing high-quality ventilation;
  • mosquito mesh on doors and windows;
  • door and floor with a zipper;
  • chimney made of fireproof material.

Such an all-weather module can accommodate up to 3 people in sleeping bags without camp beds and a stove. This product from a popular brand is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and comes at an affordable price. You can lay it out in just a couple of minutes, which will allow you not to delay your rest after an exhausting hike.


🏕  How many persons can fit in an instant camping tent?

Tents with automatic installation can accommodate from 2 to 8 people. However, if desired, more people can fit in residential modules – 5 or more. This will allow you to organize a comfortable place to sleep after a long hike, when everyone is tired.

📦  What determines the price of an instant tent?

The cost of these tents may vary. It depends on several factors – the number of people that it can accommodate, the material of manufacture, the main or additional functionality and the brand. As a rule, all tents are reliable and perfectly tolerate adverse weather conditions.

💡  Why instant tent is the best solution for outdoor activities?

This is due not only to the all-weather tents, but also to the ability to quickly expand them in a few minutes. Even a tired beginner after an exhausting hike will cope with this.


Jack Perez

Jack Perez said:

All rbm tents are super easy to set up if you ask me

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Scott Donald said:

Instant tents are great for beginners

Rob Erickson

Rob Erickson said:

I love how many options there currently are on the market

Tobias Montoya

Tobias Montoya said:

Tent accessories are 100% worth their price

Silas Monroe

Silas Monroe said:

UP-2 is my favorite tent, it’s universal

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