Premium Inflatable Tent
Koala Air Tent 7

$2,499.00 $1,999.00

Koala Air 7 Tent is the perfect glamping solution for those seeking spaciousness, ease of use and durability. The shelter can accommodate up to 10 people in sleeping bags.

Components and materials

Made from a waterproof 210gsm T/C fabric that will keep you dry and protected from mildew and condensation.


Your shelter will be ready in a matter of minutes: inflate the Koala Air 7, using a special pump.

Structure and capacity

Sturdy and spacious, designed to fit 2-10 people. Rooms can be separated with the help of a special divider curtain.

Weather protection

Ultimate camping companion for different seasons. With its sturdy construction and reliable stove jack, you can rest assured that you'll stay warm and cozy even if it is chilly outside.

Protection from insects

Effective protection from insects and bugs. Windows are equipped with mosquito nets and the groundsheet fabric is firmly attached to the ground.

Koala Air Tent 7 is a 3-season tent, which is suitable for camping in summer, spring and fall. Whether you are planning an outdoor trip in the hot summer, or need a shelter to protect you from rain and snow in the fall, Koala Air Tent 7 will always be the perfect choice for you. Koala Air Tent 7 can maintain a comfortable temperature inside the tent if the outside temperature is 41°F or higher.


The set of packages includes the main tent, ropes, storage bag, and hand pump.


Width - 3,60 m (141.73")

Lenght - 4,80 m (188.98")

Height - 2,20 m (86.61")

Ceiling height - 2,10 m (82.68")

Internal usable area - 17,2 m2 (185.14 sq. foot)

Net weight - 66,00 kg (145.00 lb)

Gross weight - 72,50 kg (159.00 lb)



🏕   Who will enjoy this tent model the most?

Premium Inflatable Tent "Koala Air Tent 7" is a spacious and cozy tent, which is perfect for camping with your family. So, if you are planning a family camping trip, then Premium Inflatable Tent "Koala Air Tent 7" is definitely the right choice for you.

📦   Is there any ventilation inside the tent?

Premium Inflatable Tent "Koala Air Tent 7" is equipped with five-layer windows, which can be used for additional ventilation. However, if you want to make sure that the tent is thoroughly ventilated, you can always check out our camping fan. It is a great accessory that will help you maintain even temperatures inside the tent.

💡   How can you transport Premium Inflatable Tent "Koala Air Tent 7"?

Premium Inflatable Tent "Koala Air Tent 7" is a great choice if you travel by car. However, if you want to install it in a more remote area, you’d need an ATV or snowmobile.

Dimension packaging:

Box 1

Width - 0,87 m (34.25")

Lenght - 0,64 m (25.20")

Height - 0,50 m (19.69")

Weight - 56,00 kg / 123.46 lb

Box 2

Width - 0,60 m (23.62")

Lenght - 0,32 m (12.60")

Height - 0,23 m (9.06")

Weight - 16,50 kg / 36.38 lb

Inflatable Tent - 1 piece

Hand pump - 1 piece

Rain fly - 1 piece

Windows PVC - 4 piece

Front wall PVC/Canvas - 1 piece

Ropes - 1 set

Ground nails - 1 set

Storage bag - 2 piece



Capacity - up to 10 (10 in sleeping bags)

Seasons - Four-season tent (not lower than 0 °C (32°F))

Tent color - Beige

Floor color - Beige

Tent material - Canvas

Bottom material - PVC

Air tube material - PVC

Number of windows - 10

Number of doors - 1

Number of Windows PVC - 4

Front wall PVC/Canvas - 1

Stove jack diameter - 10 cm (3.93")

Air pump type - Hand pump

Recommended pressure - 6-8 psi

Warranty - 1 year

Premium Inflatable Tent "Koala Air Tent 5"
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Max. Capacity - 2-8 (8 in sleeping bags)
Pitching Time - 9 Minutes
Useful Space - 146,39 Sq Ft
Windows - 8
Doors - 2
Air Tubes - 1
Color - Earth Yellow
Roof Window - 2
Weight - 105.82 lb
Medium Wood Stove With Fire-Resistant Glass "Caminus M".
Premium Inflatable Tent "Koala Air Tent 7"
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Max. Capacity - 2-10 (10 in sleeping bags)
Pitching Time - 10 Minutes
Useful Space - 185,14 Sq Ft
Windows - 8
Doors - 2
Air Tubes - 1
Color - Biege
Roof Window - 2
Weight - 123.46 lbs
Medium Wood Stove With Fire-Resistant Glass "Caminus M".

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