11 Person 4 Season Tents For Camping

Choose your perfect 11 person tent with stove jack
$0 – $1000
$1000 – $2000
$2000 – $3000
24 lbs
35 lbs
51 lbs
53 lbs
68 lbs
69 lbs
84 lbs
88 lbs
2 pieces
4 pieces
5 pieces
2 pieces
4 pieces
5 pieces
Diameter of smoke pipe hole:
1 hole - 2.76”
1 hole - 3.54”
2 holes - 3.54”
for 2-8 person
RBM All-Seasons tent

Get to know our 11 person hot tents better

Seasonality all seasons
Tent design Cabin tent
Length 184"
Width 184"
Height 83”
Weight 97 lbs
Window 5 pieces
Entrance 3 pieces
Capacity (maximum accommodations in sleeping bags) 8
Capacity with tent stove (for winter camping) 4
Recommended Tent stove "Caminus M"

Camping is always more fun with a group. And an 11 people 4 season tent is a great option to make it real, as with large tents with a screen room, all of your companions will have a place to sleep and put their luggage (gear loft or front screen room).

Stay Like at Home With 11 Man Tent

With a full coverage tent floor to house campers and luggage, an all season 11 man tent has a spacious interior and useful features (like water resistant fabric, included room divider, fully enclosed screen room, or advanced vent) to make your camping an amazing experience with good memories and comfort during a camping trip, as nothing will limit you both in the sleeping area and screen room, so you can feel just like at home!

11 Person Tent For Different Weather Conditions

Made of water resistant fabric with an advanced venting system (for cool air in and hot air out), an 11 people 4 season tent may equally be a choice for warm summer nights and also camping during spring, fall, or winter. As there will be a comfortable climate inside the tent. You may also consider an 11 person winter camping tent if you are a cold-weather camping enthusiast.

Best 11 Person Tent | Camping Tents for a Group

When buying quality and spacious 11 person hot tents, you will get a great camping experience with all of your close ones! Commonly, by providing a big tent floor, nice screen room, and a separated private room with a room divider, 11 person tents are the best option.


🏕  Which camping tent is best for 11 people?

11 person cabin tent is an option when it comes to a large group of people, as it has a straight wall design and central height, which gives the interior cabin maximum space to feel comfortable.

📦  How much does a good tent cost?

Cost for quality camping tents (for 11 person tents particularly) may vary in the range of $500-2500, depending on tent fabric (water resistant materials), tent poles and tent stakes, advanced features (extra room, adjustable ventilation), etc.

💡  How big of a tent do I need for 11 people?

You can consider an 11 person tent, which sizes may take nearly 19 x 10 ft and 6-7 ft in height.

🔦  Are 4 season tents warm?

As these camping tents (made of water resistant fabric) are designed for various external conditions (heavy rain, high winds), and sometimes can be equipped with wood stoves, 4 season tents are great to keep the warm inside.

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