5 Person 4 season Tent for Unforgettable Camping Experience

Choose your perfect 5 person tent with stove jack
$0 – $1000
$1000 – $2000
$2000 – $3000
24 lbs
35 lbs
51 lbs
53 lbs
68 lbs
69 lbs
84 lbs
88 lbs
2 pieces
4 pieces
5 pieces
1 piece
2 pieces
3 pieces
Diameter of smoke pipe hole:
1 hole - 2.76”
1 hole - 3.54”
2 holes - 3.54”
for 3-6 person
RBM All-Seasons tent
$1,709.00 $1,899.00
for 2-8 person
RBM All-Seasons tent
$1,965.00 $2,069.00
Cuboid 4.40
for 2-6 person
RBM All-Seasons tent

Get to know our 5 person hot tents better

"UP-5" "Cuboid 4.40" "Pentagon" "Hexagon"
Seasonality all seasons all seasons all seasons all seasons
Tent design Dome Cabin tent Dome Cabin tent
Length 178" 174" 138" 184"
Width 178" 87" 138" 184"
Height 87” 75” 83” 83”
Weight 73.85 lbs 88.18 lbs 77,16 lbs 97 lbs
Window 2 piece 4 pieces 4 pieces 5 pieces
Entrance 2 pieces 2 piece 2 piece 3 pieces
Capacity (maximum accommodations in sleeping bags) 8 7 7 8
Capacity with tent stove (for winter camping) 4 4 4 4
Recommended Tent stove "Caminus M" "Caminus M" "Caminus M" "Caminus M"

To stay active and positive it is mandatory to give yourself a rest, and the more diverse it will be, the more strength you’ll find to move forward. And what can give a human more power, than enjoying nature while staying in a spacious tent?

Take your friends or family on a journey and don't worry about where to stay, as with a tent for 5 persons everyone will have a space!

Which 5 Person Tents to Choose?

You may find different 5 man  all season tents, which have various forms.

Some of the popular 5 persons tent frame designs are:

  • ➔ 5 person dome tent — dome tent has a ceiling that slopes down from the center height sharply, thus you may have less headroom. But, dome tents give you more strength and wind-shedding, which is very useful during storms and high winds.

  • ➔ 5 person cabin tent — cabin tents have center heights and stand upright, which provides you with additional space. This cabin style makes it comfortable to spend time together in the living area or the vestibule, especially for taller people.

Best 5 Person 4 season Tent for both Convenience and Recreation

Comfort during camping is the best way to make your recreation a wonderful experience. With the roomy tent, you will feel like you are at home during camping. Thus, it is worth excluding anything that may complicate your activity. With a 5 person instant tent, or any other pop up tent, you can quickly set up your shelter for the next couple of days, and then start doing something more exciting, as you are camping to enjoy your life, not to be confused with how to set up a tent!

5 Man Tent for All Seasons

Camping tents are not only about the summer, you can also enjoy outdoor activity every time of the year, with the best 5 man tent for all seasons.


🏕  How much space inside the tent is enough for 5 people?

You may need 20 square feet in the sleeping area and 30 sq ft for other activities per person. Thus, 168 sq ft would be well enough for 5 people.

📦  How big is a 5 person tent?

Commonly 5 person tents are nearly 120”x94” and 87” head height.

💡  What is the best waterproof tent available?

For 5 people, our tent "Pentagon" is the best option. It is waterproof and spacious.

🔦  How do I keep my tent warm in winter camping?

You can use a wood stove with fire-resistant glass to keep warm inside.

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