4 Person Tents

What on earth can be more enjoyable than a couple of days spent outdoors with your friends or family? Each of us needs a small escape from the busy city life, and spending time somewhere where there’s no internet, no traffic, and no crowds is the best way to reload. Undoubtedly, the number one gear that you guys will need for an amazing adventure is a reliable 4 person tent. Stay with us to find out what you should focus on while selecting from the whopping great range of 4 man tents.

What You Should Consider While Choosing a 4 Man Tent

Here are our top three tips which will help you choose your best 4 man tent.

1. Consider how you’ll use your tent

It’s important to figure out how you will use your tent. For a backpacking adventure, you’ll obviously need a 4 person backpacking tent. They are more lightweight so you can carry such a tent on your back or in your backpack. Still, be ready that they typically offer less space: a four person backpacking tent will be most likely able to accommodate exactly four people in sleeping bags, with the minimum elbow space.

If you prefer car camping, go for a camping tent. It will be more spacious, however, it will have larger weight and size than a backpacking tent with the same capacity. But does it really matter if you are going to take it out of the vehicle?

2. Think of your comfort

While choosing your four person tent, always pay attention to its dimensions and estimate how much elbow space each option offers. Imagine that it’s raining and all of you are staying in the tent. Therefore, go for a tent in which you will feel comfortable. Consider the height of the tent, as it’s undoubtedly more comfortable when a person can stand straight inside. If this feature is important to you, keep in mind that a cabin tent is better than a dome tent in this respect, since dome tents have the ceiling that slopes down from the center more sharply, leaving you less headroom.

Next, for your extra comfort, many stores offer additional accessories to the tents, like a vestibule, a footprint or a stove for comfortable winter camping, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of these offers.

Finally, it’s great when your tent has more than one entrance. Firstly, you won’t have to bother other people when you want to go out, and, secondly, extra entrances work well as additional ventilation.

3. Figure out when you will use your 4 man camping or backpacking tent

Our last tip concerns seasonality. If you’re going to camp in the spring, summer and fall, you can choose from 3 season camping tents designed for mild weather conditions. However, if you plan even a few winter trips, you should definitely buy a 4 man winter tent, which will be your best shelter from intense winds and heavy snowfalls. 

Choose the Best 4 Person Tent

Explore our products and choose the 4 man tent that best responds to your needs and requirements. We use top quality materials for our tents, and your safety is our primary concern. You’ll love easy setup and the feeling of comfort no matter the season.

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