9 Person Tents For a Large Group

Choose your perfect tent with stove jack
$0 – $1000
$1000 – $2000
$2000 – $3000
24 lbs
35 lbs
51 lbs
53 lbs
68 lbs
69 lbs
84 lbs
88 lbs
2 pieces
4 pieces
5 pieces
1 piece
2 pieces
3 pieces
Diameter of smoke pipe hole:
1 hole - 2.76”
1 hole - 3.54”
2 holes - 3.54”

Get to know our 9 person tents better

"Cuboid 4.40" "Hexagon"
Seasonality all seasons all seasons
Tent design Cabin tent Cabin tent
Length 174" 184"
Width 87" 184"
Height 75” 83”
Weight 88.18 lbs 97 lbs
Window 4 pieces 5 pieces
Entrance 2 piece 3 pieces
Capacity (maximum accommodations in sleeping bags) 7 8
Capacity with tent stove (for winter camping) 4 4
Recommended Tent stove "Caminus M" "Caminus M"

Designed to be something like a mobile house, a 9 person tent has a well-planned tent structure. With easy access, zipped doors and windows, storage pockets for gear, and usually included room divider to create separate living and sleeping spaces, a 9 people tent can replace a home for a group of people during a camping trip.

Instant 9 Man Tent

A 9 person instant cabin tent allows a stress-free set up within minutes. Thus, you don’t need to spend extra time preparing everything. Once you find a great location, just pop up an instant tent and enjoy your camping!

9 Person Tent For Every Season

Camping is not only about warm summer nights. You may also plan your trip for winter, fall, or spring, without worrying about weather conditions. All-season tents (9 person) give your group everything to enjoy camping whether it's raining, cold, or heat. With advanced vents, which use adjustable air intake vents to take cool air from the ground, and a large mesh ceiling, which allows hot air to escape, you will feel comfortable during all seasons.

Best 9 Person Tent

9 person tents commonly are made of rainfly fabric with heat sealed seams and waterproof doors/windows, which allows you to feel protected in many cases. Also, together with a spacious interior and advanced venting systems, a tent like that will give you the best camping experience.


🏕  What is instant setup tent?

Instant tents are designed to quickly pop up in a couple of minutes. You can try a 9 person instant tent to understand how convenient they are.

📦  Are instant tents waterproof?

Instant camping tents are made of water resistant fabric, but you can also set up a rain tarp for better protection, as instant tents are not designed for extreme weather conditions.

💡  Are 4-season tents suitable for rainy weather?

Yes, as these tents are made from rainfly fabric to withstand various seasonal conditions.

🔦  What size tent should I get for 9 people?

It is worth considering a 9 person cabin tent, which may take 14 x 9 ft. and 6 ft. in height.

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